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Is my interpretation of the cards I pulled correct?

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So I tried to practice tarot readings and stumbled upon a relationship spread and here we go.

I tried it on myself first, here's my interpretation, feel free to tell me what you think of the way I interpreted it.

I will give you background on the situation after I get some replies. I will also try to offer to do this spread for other members.


1. Question: How they see me?


7 of wands


Answer: He sees me as a strong person that is a fighter-survivor and who's not afraid of being different.


2. Question: How I see them?


Knight of Swords


Answer: An impatient person who is constantly in conflict with others, but who I thought would stand up for me.


3. Question: How they think they feel about me?


4 of cups


Answer: He thinks he feels unhappy, or he feels that he's emotionally distant to me.


4. Question: How I think I feel about them?


6 of wands


Answer: I feel defeated by the situation and need a few words of encouragement.


5. Question: How they really feel about me?




Answer: is this about him trusting me, or him having some fears that he needs to overcome or is it about him feeling dominated by me?


6. Question: How I really feel about them?


9 of swords


Answer: I feel really guilty, uneasy and confused. I am really sorry for annoying him and it's running through my mind a lot.


7. Question: Where I want the relationship to go?


King of Coins


Answer: She wants him to take control, and she wants him to be friendly and practical.


8. Question: Where they want the relationship to go?


Queen of Coins


Answer: He wants her to take care of home, her surroundings and give advice. He wants her to be maternal and nurturing.


9. Question: Obstacles


4 of Coins


Answer: Someone's controlling the situation and stifling creativity and expression.


10. Question: Next few weeks


King of Cups


Answer: Calming down of the situation. Peace, no excitement, no quarrels.


11. Question: Next few months


6 of swords


Answer: Calm, consistent, undisturbed, slow.


12. Question: Where are we heading?


Knight of Cups


Answer: We are moving closer to each other. It's going to be creative and romantic and he might ask me out?


13. Question: Will we end up together?


The Hanging Man


Answer: MAYBE


14. Question: What will happen if I tell them I love them?


6 of coins


Answer: he will look deeply into the matter and weigh the situation and where he stands and the pros and cons


15. Question: What will happen if I ask if they love me?


3 of Cups


Answer: He will say he's just got friendly feelings?


16. Question: How will they know I love them?


8 of Coins


Answer: Through patiently studying the situation?


17. Question: How will I know they love me?


The Fool


Answer: I will be given insight beforehand whether they just want to bed me or whether it's something more.

[i already know that the person does not want to bed me... they'd take advantage of the situation already, but I don't quite know what to think of this card?]


18. Question: What is hidden that I need to know?


10 of Wands


Answer: I will be left shouldering all the blame?


19. Question: Outcome


9 of Wands


Answer: Don't give up, you're almost there?

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