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Hello (again!) from Lenky

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Hello to old friends from thousands of days ago, and also to new ones. :)


Back in about 2006 or so I was quite active here on the forum boards and it was a wonderful time. And then, as often happens, there were changes in my life and I was led in a different direction. But I have never forgotten my days here. It was a time of great learning, personal healing and sharing. As some might recall I did some readings, either via Tarot or just directly. Maybe I helped some folks, but the chances to explore these realms helped me as well.


I have not returned to seek or offer services as a reader and want that to be completely clear. But because some of you would know that I did them at times, I'd just like to say that for now, because of circumstances within my own life, I would rather not be asked to do any. Instead, either ask those who offer to do them as "practice" or seek the help of our Guild professionals here.


For now, I'm happy just to meet new people and get to know some of the "old" ones that I knew years ago. We all go through changes in life and it would be very boring if we didn't, so I'm hoping to share a little on that basis.


With best regards,


Lenky. (But you can call me Mike if you wish, seeing as that's my name IRL.)

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Thank you both for your welcomes! :)

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Thank you, Alex. And also Angel Soul :)


Welcome back.

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