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Allow me to introduce myself

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Hello and G'day to everyone


So many questions I want to ask, so many things I want to learn about. Well I'll start with I have no psychic abilities that are oh wow your psychic. when I was lm my mid-late teens I was interested in spirits, paranormal activities. played with a ouija board, there were some negative spirits that came from that. I knew so little at that time although I made myself feel more secure or safe by believing that I was so full of "Good" and white light that i was stronger and safe from the negative spirits... lol the innocence of youth. Looking back I was just lucky. Although it was around this time that I learned what a spirit close to me feels like.


Then for the next 30 years or so just the normal intuition, hearing your name called from the other room when you get there no one said they called for you. seeing a movement out of the corner of your eye, feeling like theirs something there when there isn't. But I thought that was all my imagination.


About 9 months ago I was at that point where I had no more answers didn't know what was the right direction to go in, so Looked to the sky and all of my heart and faith asked for help and direction. God, Creator, Jesus, Spirit Guide, Budda, I didn't matter where the help came from, I just knew I didn't have the answers.

A hundred or so you tube videos and web sites along the way lead me to here. That path started out with alternative energy source for my greenhouse I would watch and pick up ideas and then ohh.. lookie there a shiny video... I better watch that one... what a windy path.


Now I'm here and over the weekend while recieving a lesson in patience I got hooked on using a pendulum. ordered one online and while waiting just made one..

so I'll be making a post in the just learning section below and hope fully ask questions and it will be a fun time..


to sum it up I've learned enough to be dangerous to myself, so I hope I don't ask so many questions you all stop reading my posts.I am just starting on this journey to higher self and the truth about all things spiritual.if you want to know something just ask, I'm open minded.



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