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I'm not even sure where to start here. I believe I know what is going on but I'm looking for confirmation from someone less biased. A past boyfriend entered my life the first time at a very difficult time for me emotionally. My dad died when I was younger, I'd recently had an abortion and was basically an emotional mess. We dated for two years. We broke up once for a couple months that all I did was cry. He couldn't handle the separation either so we got back together. When we broke up the second time I literally ran away, several states away because I couldn't handle it and knew it would just get worse if I was physically near him. I also knew that at that time I could not be who he needed me to be so I had to physically leave. That was almost thirty years ago. While we were together one of the things he said repeatedly was his goal was that if the relationship ended I would still be better for it. There was never a time period since then that we haven't talked and there's never been anything we couldn't say to each other although there are a lot of things each of us know we can't say to others or they'll misunderstand or take it wrong - not things about us but about the universe or the way we perceive things or things we wonder about. Sometimes a few years go by but communication has never been shut off and there's never been a time I have not been in love with him. He's always had perfect timing. He knew just how long to let me be angry. Or when life really threw me for a loop when to call or just stop for a visit and we don't live near each other. He's generally not empathetic or like that with anyone else, just me. I have to force myself to walk away from him when I see him in person it's like every ounce of my soul is screaming no stay there, stay with him but there's another part telling me this isn't the right time yet. Generally he's very logical while I'm more emotionally driven. We are both married to other people and wouldn't do anything to endanger the relationships with our spouses. In fact just the thought of him doing something that would cause issues in his marriage sort of makes me panic, even if it would be with me. Recently he reached out and we just talked but it was different. He was more loving than he's been since we broke up (nothing inappropriate for two people married to others) . Here's what I'm thinking is going on. Please tell me if you agree. It's hard having gifts because then you're unsure if you're right or just believing what you want. I think he's my twin flame/soul and in this life plan we knew I'd need him every once in awhile to recharge (I took on a lot this time around) . I also know whether I'd live to see my youngest graduate is iffy. So what I think is going in its one of us is going to pass shortly (most likely me) and in that life plan we both knew we'd need a moment or two right before that happened for whichever one that was left. Not that we won't be able to communicate after but if he's the one left I'm going to have to scream really loudly for him to hear me. So what does everyone think?

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Hello Circe,


welcome to the forum.


As you are aware of the forum rules I won't give you a reading. In fact, regardless, I don't make predictions about death. I do want to say, however, that the 'death' you are anticipating is more likely to be symbolic.


There is a life-changing event close by and the 'death' figuratively speaking will herald a new you.


You are right about there being a connection between you two.


You are also right to recognise that if one or both people involved in this type of situation is attached (married, living together, committed for example) then it is not the right time for you two to establish a relationship.


Your friendship has the approval of the divine but there is a warning attached: there is something going on at a deeper level. Do not assume that should the liaison be revealed, the partners will understand and be relieved that there is nothing as you said inappropriate.


You will be asked to go deeply within and to ascertain what your true feeling are and then act carefully.

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