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An empath's guide

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First step is recognising you are an empath.


As a child

You may have been told you were a born worrier

That you are too soft, too sensitive.

You may have discovered early in life that when you fight back you feel worse than if you don't.


As an adolescent


You may have felt overwhelmed by others feelings. You may have found being in a large group at school overwhelming.


As a young adult you may want to help others

Be wise for your age

Listen to people's problems and feel responsible to help them solve them

Attract the wrong relationships


On the whole, over time you get in the habit of keeping everyone happy. This isn't selfless, because calm energy becomes necessary to you, otherwise you can become very overloaded.


As a mature adult you may be drawn to energy healing, or even mainstream healing.


You may actually start to feel others emotions, physical pain and even think their thoughts.


But when you start to feel responsible for the behaviour and actions of others, you really need to learn to switch off.


Learn to own your own stuff and nobody else's stuff.


The ironic thing is that learning to do this actually equips you to help others when it is necessary.


It's not always necessary because often they will learn best for themselves.angel.gif


How do you switch off from others energy?

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Starting to learn this, I get pushed and pulled around a lot in this manner. I know it's there and it's happening, but I lack the power to control it, all I can do is sense it, I've tried to manipulate it....not easy. Today at work, I was at the register people started talking and I was put in a daze, all I could do was ring the people up while they talked to my co worker and I needed a lot of assistance, like my mental presence was wiped away...

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