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Has someone done black magic on me?

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I don't know if anyone could help me out with this, but the past almost 10 years have been extremely difficult for me.


If I were a selfish and terrible person then it would make sense, but although I am a human and have many flaws, I am generally kind, hard working, persistent and considerate towards others.


The things that have happened to me have put me in difficult and weird situations that keep affecting my life to this day (perhaps it's just karma, and I was the biggest jerk in a previous life). If these had not happened to me and I heard them from someone else I would probably misjudge them (just like it happens to me now with the people who aren't close to me, because those close to me actually can't believe how resilient I have been and can't believe my bad luck, and feel sad about it because they know me to be a good person).


In particular, this has affected my career, although romantic relationships haven't been so favorable to me either, but specially I am affected at the career level right now.


My question is, is this due to black magic from someone who doesn't like me?


An ex from 10 years ago has a sister who didn't like me and he has told me that she is into magic. He has also gone through a lot of bad things in the past 10 years, very undeservingly, and bad things that don't happen to the average person (that's when he told me his half sister and step mom were into magic and he thinks the step mother might have done magic on him).


So whether this is due to magic or karma, when will the bad luck spell end? And how can I start turning things around?


Also, does anyone see good things finally happening and things stabilizing soon? I'm just so fed up at this point and I just want a break... if even for a few years, but I just feel like so disappointed, mistreated and cheated out of life, even with good intentions and as much as I try to be persistent and have a positive attitude.


Thank you!

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Hi Angel Soul,


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I don't think my question was clear based on your answer, even though I know it was a well-intentioned, positive answer.


I mentioned these women because after feeling a little down the other day, i was thinking, "am I cursed or something?". I don't really believe in amulets or superstitions and I pretty much just pray to God and put my life in his hands completely, accepting his will and trusting him. I know, that sometimes that means enduring hardship rather than prosperity right off the bat. Not as a means for punishment, but as a means to learn by experience (we can grow bitter during difficult times or we can actually become more humble, less judgemental, more compassionate and learn to be more patient).


When I formulated my question, I tried to think outside the box, to the point of questioning if perhaps my bad luck has been caused by factors that I hadn't considered before, and that's when I thought of black magic when I saw the "Spells & Rituals" section of the forum. Nevertheless, it's not something that really crosses my mind and the only people that I could associate with magic were those ladies (the rest of the people I know are atheists, Christians, or secular Jews, who do not really talk or believe in magic). Other than that, they've never truly crossed my mind.


So, I just wanted to know if there was the possibility of someone having done some black magic on me, and your answer, which in one word was "no", makes perfect sense.


However, as for the rest of the answer, I generally look at the good things in my life too, and place a lot more emphasis on the positive things than the negative ones. I pray to God to thank him, to get to know him, to ask for wisdom and to ask for blessings for the ones I love, but I rarely ask for anything else (I don't pray for a husband as I believe that is up to God, I don't pray for a job, I don't pray for prosperity, but perhaps I do indirectly pray for health when I thank him for it and lately I do ask him for a break if it is his will or to give me strength and understanding). That being said, I don't really think my problems are due to an ungrateful and negative attitude. I admit, I feel quite a lot of peace at home, this is the biggest blessing God has given me this year, but when it comes to work, I currently work for some people who are very negative, critize everything, never give positive feedback to any of the employees (and it's only 7 people in the office), they mumble good morning when they get to the office and don't smile, and put a lot of pressure without providing appropriate training, offering guidance or answering questions. My compensation is fair (nothing astronomical or jaw dropping though) and this year I got an excellent raise after only 8 months in the company. Even then, my boss explained how I would never get positive feedback because what was the point of telling me that I was doing something right, when truly only the criticism was important for "improvement", and he also believes that the more hours you spend at the office the better (even when there is nothing to do, he has imposed long hours and loves to give projects during the end of the day). Even though I dont have financial troubles (a combination of luck and organization), i am not rich and i dont make anything crazy, but I feel extremely happy and content with my current compensation, and even if i made tons of money or 6 figures, I'm not crazy about money as long as I can have a good and safe home to live in and food to sustain myself. I don't like to shop, I don't really wear make up, and I am a rather simple person. I just feel miserable most of the time at this job, and being that as an adult I spend so much time at the office, it's hard not to notice it.


The thing is, I keep falling into weird jobs like this one, in another job, my boss kept harassing me telling me that I was too good for the job and that I should start looking for a new job because I wasn't going to get a raise or promoted if I stayed there because there were no opportunities in the company, when I didn't look for a new job, then she started looking for ways to criticize my job and sabotage it (she was not the person who hired me, the person who hired me was promoted and 3 months into the job this crazy boss got hired and she started telling me these things since the first week she was in the position). So I've never had money troubles (even though I've never been rich), but I don't see most people ending in a line of weird job situations one after another (now I look like a job hopper and even if I get a new job, I have become extremely cautious because I definitely want stability and don't want to end up working in toxic environments anymore). Perhaps i was actually too naive and positive when i first started in this career, which actually led me to fall into these situations, and the experience has actually made me become more analitical and careful when i take my next step.


Also, when it comes to personal relationships, I have been very lucky in the sense that i have been surrounded by good people, but things just haven't worked out and I always end up being with people in the weirdest of situations. For example, my ex (not the one related to the ladies who did magic), he ended up having a terrible accident, broke all of his facial bones, was unconscious in the hospital, and since we were married at the time it was a huge responsibility for me to endure. I was 25 and I was responsible for him, my job, the bills, a mortgage, school, etc., for almost an entire year while he recovered (he is still my friend and now leads a good healthy life, I am glad I was there for him when he needed me, but it was a lot of hard work and difficult for me to endure).


So is there anything besides just being positive (which I already practice)? Is it that I need to be more cautious? Is it simply a test from God to strengthen my character? Will the coming years be more stable and peaceful? Was I a jerk in a past life and is this simply karma getting back at me? I mean this actually seems comical to me when I think about it abstractly, maybe I ask for too much, I don't know what to think.

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Thank you Angel Soul,


I appreciate you sharing your beliefs with me and explaining the work that you do. Also, just taking the time to answer to me, read my story and try to understand where I'm coming from.


I think that the exercise of writing 5 positive things daily can be very helpful to keep us focused on the positive side of things and be even more thankful. This can definitely help us get through our daily routines feeling better than if we were focused more heavily on the bad things, and over time, I can see how this can result in developing more gratitude, patience and even lead to better decision making because you are in a clearer and more positive mind set.


I also think this exercise can be used by anyone regardless of creed. I have experienced and defined God in a different way (we both seem to think of God in a loving and positive way, and I also understand God to be the spirit or energy of love and wisdom, our interpretations of God don't seem too different, although I don't see him/her as abstractly, but more like a being). From my perspective, this exercise goes in line with what God would want me as a human to do. So I will definitely give it a try, I think it can help me grow and be a better person and help me with my relationship with God.


I will try it out :)

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Some things are random chance, some we create ourselves. While there are malicious people in the world, it is doubtful that one anonymous person has decided to make you miserable. More likely that this is just about the survival game that we all face. Instead of worrying about magic and curses face the world as best you can.

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Posibilities, I read your post wrong, thought you said 'look what you have written here".. So I listed the positives just before getting an email that is a bit bothersome. I've continued to list them all day lol.xx


Lol - no I just loved/liked everything you wrote in this thread x

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