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Can I ask that you send thoughts and wishes for an easy journey for my dad please?


He has been in and out of hospital since we arrived and was admitted again 2 days ago very ill. His kidney function is deteriorating and his liver is in severe distress. The complication of this is a state of utter confusion and delusion. It is heartbreaking to see him like this. He has moments of clear thinking and then total hallucinations :(


All I wish for fpe him is an easy journey. Whether it be to recovery or the world after this one. But seeing him suffer like this is incredibly hard. Our daughters are SO worried about their Oupa but I can't take them to see him in this state.. he went from perfectly sane to delusional in a few hours..


My brother is on his way from Australia and my sis arrives in 2 days (unless he deteriorates more).


I am still grateful to be here. As difficult as it is, I am grateful :(

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