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So, I asked for signs off the Angels, went online and there was a free masterclass in bending reality, so I took it, identified what I wanted to do, wasn't sure of details, so searched on Google and found a discounted Spiritual Life Coaching course.


When I had my reiki practice, I used to do this, but didn't really call it that and will feel more confident with the qualification behind me.


I'm going to build this up gradually whilst keeping my day job.


This was triggered by an event at work which stressed me.....which is a clear sign I'm not doing all I should be doing from the universe....its a reminder there is more I can do, other skills I can put to good use, but I heard clearly I had more work to do there.


My job has made me resilient if nothing else. So I'm grateful for that.


Resilience, I believe will be the first thing I teach to others when I become a spiritual.life coach.angel.gif

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