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Angel Messages in connection to dad?

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As always I come here to rant lol!


Dad came to visit last sunday, along with mum and my sister...he seemed very much depressed and in a week I have seen him like 'shrunk' from the shoulder area. Even husband noticed this.


This morning a series of messages caught my eyes, and I didn't quite like the message I got from them...


Firstly the 40 sign caught my eye, and just opposite of it there was a car with the number SEP018. I had been noticing this sep018 number plate these last couple months, but this time it was just opposite the 40 sign which means a lot to me.


Same instant a thought flashed in mind, indicating the last day of my dad being September 18th...my heart skipped a beat and I thought OMG could this really be? Could the angels be giving me all these sequenced messages to prepare me for the worst? Another thought swept into my mind, seeing dad swallowing pills to die.


Just as I thought this, a car rushed from the same street I was in, with the number plate YES100...knowing myself I asked for another sign, a number which could mean or confirm the same thing...next number I saw was 906, a number in which the meaning of it mentions the following: "The recurring Angel Number 906 is a message from your angels that something in your life is about to leave to be replaced with something better and more suited"...needless to say I got speechless.


I walked home, and knowing I had only 20 minutes before having to go out again to see little one during sports day, I was about to sit down by the kitchen table and browse a magazine which has been posted that morning, but something told me to switch on the TV on a particular station (Reality TV)...Once I did, The Incurables was running, and a young lady was talking about an experience she had with depression, where she swallowed a lot of pills to kill herself.


Needless to say all these messages in a 10 minute time period made me feel somehow terrified that dad could really think about taking his life on the 18th of September...I tried to wipe that off my mind, thinking dad would never think about doing that, and another voice whispered in my ear, "remember, you DID think about doing that as well when you were depressed and on anti-depressants, as thoughts get crowded", and it's true.


Though I'm terrified, something else inside me is keeping me calm at the same time, and I keep hearing the words, "Everything happens for a reason", and stuff like, "you taking control of these messages and healing abilities at this time is not a coincidence", and "somehow you can do something to stop this from happening".


Something I didn't mention before, two nights ago at around 3am Malta time I sent some Archangel Raphael healing to a dear friend and a dog I know needs healing, I tried doing the same for dad afterwards, but I felt as if Archangel Raphael told me something like "the only way to help your dad is doing hands-on healing", I still tried to send healing to dad, but it seemed like something else was needed, like I believe Archangel Raphael said to me. I also did a health reading for my dad (without telling him) and it also showed that hands-on healing is needed.


Thing is I don't feel ready to talk about the Archangel Raphael hands-on healing I do on me and the kids. I'm afraid it would worry my dad even more (him being extremely religious), or make him self-pity. I'm praying God and Archangel Raphael to fill me with courage so that I can do hands-on healing next time dad visits, next sunday.


Would really love your insights on this. Actually sometimes I feel like,"am I going mad??" (maybe you reading this could have easily thought it), but every time I do, another number message pops up in sight, which means I'm on the right track etc and to keep doing the same lightworking I am doing. That said I feel much more in tune spiritually and with the Universe, and I feel all this has renewed me into a better person.

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Claire, something tells me that you will be, if you are not already, a great spiritual and mental healer. Keep this in mind as events occur within the coming months.

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Thanks Tommy that makes me feel better :) I actually seem to attract those in need of emotional and physical healing. I only started to notice lately but its happened all my life. I may seem all bubbly here but believe me, I have always felt like I dont fit in and that Im somehow different...life has been taking a new meaning for me only recently and I believe it has to do with my soul purpose or stuff like that.


I do live my life praying to God and angels to lead me into the path of those whom I can help in any way I can and I feel its working somehow :)


Claire, something tells me that you will be, if you are not already, a great spiritual and mental healer. Keep this in mind as events occur within the coming months.


I need to add something quickly as Im replying from my mobile...today the angels have provided me with a series of songs which helped me deal with the sadness that washed over me cause of my dad. He has spent 2 days in bed feeling sick all the time and wasnt even eating. He ate something just this eve.


The angels gave me a ray of light through a message...a number plate MRI111...111 grabs my attention as a frequent angel number I get, and searching MRI I got that it is sometimes used to detect colon cancer and is an alternative to the usual painful colon cancer tests, so will be checking if it is done in Malta...


Thank you angels for always supporting me xxxxxx

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Awww thanks Angelina12 :) that was so much needed! You're my angel on earth :) xxxxx



Watch this song. :)

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