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Humor & The Living Impaired!

Humor & The Living Impaired!!!  

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  1. 1. Have you experienced humor from the crossed over?

    • Playful Spirits.

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There are some serious & troubling cases brought up on the forum and it's a good place to discuss these unusual topics away from our day to day culture.


However I have been made aware of many upbeat stories that make me smile and laugh at some of the signs, occurrences & messages received from our friendly spirits.


In the last week where I work (a 140yr old Winery/Restaurant in the heart of a wine region here in South Australia) we have been experiencing a playful entity.


When I showed up for work last Sat morn my confused boss asked if we knew what was going on with the expensive bar stools being left in an unusual display outside on the front steps at the entrance of Cellar Door...Eg: no 1. Tallest of the metal stools which weigh approx 7kg each placed on top of the pillar brickwork each side of the steps.??? (definitely NOT THERE when Judy and myself left work last night!!)


eg: no .2. Boss asked if my colleague poured herself a glass of water & left it in middle of a table as she walked outside to prepare outer tables & seating...answer.."No?"....Well it wasn't there before.(only three of us there...we would remember if we had!!!).


eg: No..3. I was facilitating a group wine tasting an hr later when one of the young girls walked behind me to return some paperwork upstairs.... only to see three hats which...must have...or..."May have"...fallen off the display seconds after she had walked past...in an EXACT straight line.... same angle, same position and as far as I could see...exactly the same distance apart...I have no idea why I looked up...as there was no importance as to the whereabouts of our young trainee on an errand....it was as if someone was trying to get my attention.


There has been a lot of activity in that area....4 weeks ago a metal ice-cream stand came clattering down of it's own accord while I was talking to guests...just behind one of my other colleagues who had just walked past it (It's placed high up @ shoulder level on the ice-cream display counter ....very difficult to brush past & knock off accidentally!!!)


One of the guests who visited last year with a gift has been shown around the site and saw a faded figure of a gentleman in the corner of the stairs leading from the Tasting Den up to a landing further leading into the restaurant...this is where I had a bad fall due to rushing too quickly with large loads of crockery...2 seconds before I fell I heard a voice in my head...(or so I thought)..saying"Slow down Neleh!!...or your going to have an accident!...I even remember thinking.."yep...ok I know, but I really have to be quick"...then up flipped the rubber mat catching the other foot and "BANG"...down I came....the 30X guests down in the Den went dead quiet...two little frightened voices said..."Are you alright?"


Being in shock...because I had come down with an absolute horizontal thud..that my teeth just braised through the lower lip and a small shard of glass in my left hand....no other injury whatsoever...amazing....!!


All I could do to let the audience know I was OK was to hold my hand up behind the partition high enough to wave.....hysterical laughter & a victorious roar came from the crowd..."SHE'S ALRIGHT!!!!!"....after finding out about that gentleman standing there...there is no doubt in my mind I had been looked after. (Most kind of him...I am grateful).


I'd love to hear of the lighter side of our living impaired friends...if you have any??


:) Neleh

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I'd love to hear of the lighter side of our living impaired friends...if you have any??


:) Neleh


What an amazing experience, Neleh! Have there been any recent events?




I have seen a few astral travellers lately: my daughter's Burmese cat drops by to have a snooze in his favourite lounge chair frequently. His presence is so palpable I look twice!

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