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Guest Nasurudeen Shah

In a tough situation, Need prayer help

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Guest Nasurudeen Shah

Hi all,


Firstly i'd like to thank you all for opening up my thread in the first place. The reason i have posted this thread is because i am currently in a bad situation. I have been under the effects of a spirit attachement for the past 2 years of soemthing that is extra-dimensional and is essentially attempting to control my behaviour and me. It essentially has made my life miserable for the past 2 years and now i am fighting toward clearing myself of it, however, recently things have gotten worse and its viscious nightmare attacks have become so real that i have had trouble discerning from the trauma in reality. I am currently doing everything that i can to rid myself of this but since i live in a country that is very small and not so versed in such fields, i am very much stranded alone against this issue. (I have consulted a few spiritual healers[traditional] and a professional cleanser). Only a good friend's mother who is a medium by trade had pinpointed the source of this problem which is essentially a open dimensional gateway in my mind; A idea that has resonated within me for a long time. Nonetheless, i will cut this short and stop blabbering on. Simply i would appreciate if anyone would so kindly send me their prayers in this period that i am going through, and jointly any advice would be extremely significant.

Thank you so much for your time and concern,

Yours lovingly


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Nasurudeen Shah,


I am happy to send prayers for you.


I wish I could help you further, I'm afraid I am not experienced in this kind of field, it sounds to me like you are doing all you can in a proactive way to ensure your safety and health on the matter and I feel confident you will overcome these difficult tests.


Prayers, light warmth and protection to you and your family.


Kindest Regards Neleh :)

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