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I am that age come Monday, so why does my friend need to stick her nose into my relationships and tell me what to do!

And comment on my pics I need to find someone else?


She's in a different country. She's never met the guy. She's not even on his friends list!

(Mr Sweden).

I am in New Zealand, she's in Brisbane, Australia.

Too stupid!


Seems as though she thinks he's too good looking to stay single, so I should move on!?

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Guest Moopurple

Does he show any signs one way or the other? I mean, most important would be if he expresses any sort of commitment to you. How is your relationship with him? You can only decide for yourself what you want to do. If you really think it's worth it to wait until you two can be together, then wait. If you think he might decide to date someone closer to him or you want a relationship with a person closer to you, best to move on so you don't drag your emotions along.

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Thanks, Moopurple.


I think the main thing is I am happy!

So it doesn't matter what my friend thinks! :)


And I guess she was well meaning, even if it did annoy me.

I'm already over it.

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