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Hi, I'm glad I found this forum; I've been reading a lot about developing psychic abilities in books and online, and i find the topic very interesting. I would love to meet others that share my interests, and this seems like a very friendly and inviting community.

And I have been wondering, I'm not completely sure if you can predict in your dreams? I've found that lately my dreams have been accurate about future events in the day after. Thanks^^

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Welcome Olen-roga!


I hope you enjoy your time here.


Your ability reminds of the Tv show Medium. Loved that show. We have a blogging area in case you want to keep track of your dreams or your psychic adventures :)


Looking forward to seeing you around.


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Guest Moopurple

Howdy! And welcome.


Yes, I absolutely think you can have dreams about future events. I have had them.


Now deciphering what's what...that I have not figured out yet. But it has been about a year since my last precognitive dream. They're becoming so infrequent for me, I can't even experiment with figuring it out anymore.

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