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Hello forum :)

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Hello everyone,my name is Lilly. I am here to learn. I am going to take things very slow. I may or may not be very active depending on how comfortable I feel. I have had many bad experiences at forums so,I am very scared. However,I am reaching out again because I really want to develop my psychic abilities but,I need a patient and kind teacher. Who can give me some guidance and direction. I am interested in developing my intuition,telepathy skills,and healing ability. I already seem to see and hear spirits. Not all over but,I have seen and heard some in my room. We believe they are my Great Grandma and my mother's Uncle. So,if anyone would like to be my teacher I would really appreciate it! :)

I am a huge animal lover and I like to spend time communicating with animals but,someone told me that basically it was probably my imagination so,I haven't done that in awhile. I mostly talk with my guides and angels. I have done that since I was about 10 years old but,never really knew who I was talking to.I think I started talking to her one night when I was in my bed. She was helpping me to be able to sleep without my night light. She told me there was nothing to be afraid of and that it was alright. She would stay with me and talk with me if it would help. It provided great comfort because I was always the outcast at school and have never had many friends.

Anyway,that's enough about myself. If anyone has any questions for me,feel free to ask. :)

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Guest Moopurple

Welcome to the board.


I am sure different members can give you advice on all of the skills you'd like to develop. There is also a classroom area which you may want to look at. And feel free to browse the forum and reply to topics that interest you.

You can also start your own topics on whatever you want to!

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Nice to meet you Lilly!


Ditto what Moopurple said and to add that we have had folks who talk to animals. Definitely a topic to explore.


Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself here :)

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