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So happy you are getting Brett's book. You will love it!


Reiki flowing for your friend and sister-in-law. wub.gif



Thank you so much xxx :angel: :wub: :angel:

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VW what are your thoughts on self-attunement vs being attuned directly by someone?


I did Brett's self-attunement and while I didn't feel anything during that process. I don't really feel anything during a self healing session ( I start the session and wake up 45-60 minutes later with my hands still in position) once it did seem as though my palms were warm with a odd sensation. I just have to assume that I am attuned to reiki 1. I am seeking someone who can do an attunement for me, as I read multiple attunements just build the strength of what you have.


or should I just move on to the reiki 2 with the symbols to strengthen the flow?


what are the reiki pyramids you speak of?




I didn't feel anything from my first reiki attunement which was done in person. My second attunement from Brett Bevell's book knocked me off my feet for 20 minutes. I felt like my physical body and my energy body had separated slightly and slowly integrated back together. I feel there is no difference between an in-person attunement, a distance attunement, and a self-attunement. The attunements all come from the same source.


I personally don't feel reiki when I flow for others or when receiving reiki. A huge disappointment in my life. However, I see and feel the results.


A second degree reiki attunement opens your body's energy channels a little more than with first degree reiki. Of course the symbols now become available to you. What strengthens your reiki, in my opinion, is using it often. Flow reiki for a plant, a tree, your neighborhood, your garden... anything you can think of, just flow!


Reiki pyramids should be addressed in Brett's book. If they are not, they are in his Reiki for Spiritual Healing book. Your higher self creates a reiki pyramid over a person or situation at your request. That's a lot of reiki!

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Vw, can you tell us a little more about reiki pyramids. I would like to use one.xx


Your higher self needs to be attuned to reiki to create a reiki pyramid. This is addressed in Brett Bevell's wonderful book, Reiki for Spiritual Healing. Once your higher self is attuned, you simply tell your higher self to create the pyramid over a person or a situation. The pyramid will stay in place for as long as is needed. I find reiki pyramids to be very effective.


I could give instructions to do the higher self attunement, but I don't want to violate any copywrite laws. Brett's books are under $20 each.

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