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hello, can anyone help me?

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hi everyone, i'm new in here, i actually need help, is someone can have answers to these weird things


Is a ghost a dead celebrity contacting me?he's been dead for years before I was born but I'm in love with him since a year ago, after I called or talked to him, these weird coincidence happened few hours after i callled and talked to him


1. the song i played in windows media player didnt stop, although the player is off but I still heard the song from my laptop, around 3am in the night

2. a black and white cat reminded me when i forgot my purse twice, weird thing is this celebrity used to be cat lover

3.i talked to him, if it's you, please let me know with something i understand, then i withdrew money from the mall and got to supermarket, suddenly i found out the money was not enough, weird because i counted it already, it was rainy and i was all wet,pissed and mad, returned to mall again, then i heard his song, normally they play hop hop new song, but i that time his song, really old one

4. i felt something touch my hair or head around 2am

5. an album picture in windows media player or other player when song is playing missing some part, the ring worn by the singer gone, really weird because it was there, and i compared with same picture of that album cover from internet, the ring is there, but in my picture it was gone

6. i heard his song again when i almost passed out while about to do blood test and fasting, that made me strong again

7. i talked to him about a guy at work that i didnt like, after that, that guy didnt reply when i text him, i was worried because i needed him, after few hours, i told this ghost again, i regret what i said and i like that guy, and he replied me again


it's just feeling that it's him and always something weird happened after i called or talked to him, can he hear me?serious reply please, or at least any answers, thank you

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Welcome to the forum..

I don't really have any answers for you but,when you ask a question please only post it in one section.

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