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Guest Moopurple

Why do you think you don't relate to so many people?


Do you truly think that you've had it worse than most? Because you're wrong. You've certainly had it worse than me, but I know people who have experiences on par with yours or worse. The fact of the matter is, ~60+% of people I've met have experiences emotional, physical, sexual abuse, poverty, and warfare to name a few (or combinations of these). So, I don't know about the average folk from your country, but you're certainly among them as far as Americans go. I know you said that you don't want to hear that people have it harder than you did, but that's reality. You can't ignore it for the sake of trying to rationalize your own reactions to circumstances.

It's not a contest. There is no accomplishment in having the most detrimental life experiences. Individuals will also deal with those experiences differently. We don't all have the same cultures, minds, or biological makeup. The comparisons are honestly offensive to me. Why do you think you can lump up these people and say "what they experienced is not so bad"????


In my opinion, you're just handicapping your own progress if you continually believe that people don't have it as bad as you. From what you've shared, I know people who've experienced far worse and recovered. Granted, a few of them have been in therapy for 10+ years and still completely shattered at times, but they are recovering. There isn't the excuse of being so far into the pit that you can't get out.

But there really isn't anything anyone can say to convince you of what you refuse to believe.


Also, I get the feeling that you are trying to further weaken yourself by admitting that you care what others think.

I don't really know what is going on in the minds of those who apparently don't care what others thing of them, but it's a part of human nature. We would not live in social groups if we didn't care about others' opinions of us. We would also lack any form of empathy, guilt, anger, shame, pride (I think those are all the social emotions). Oh, also...we would have no language capabilities. So, you are definitely not alone in the fact that you care about what others think. I believe it's the recovery from rejection is what varies among individuals.

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