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Hi Everyone,


I am happy to have been guided to this forum and hopefully I give and receive as much as I am supposed to. A little bit about me.


I am 29 and have been told in the past that I am quite psychic. I used to sense someone in the room when there was no one there, notice somethings in the corner of my eye and feel cob web's on my face sort of thing. I met a psychic in a club who spoke to my grandmother in orb form and she explained, that the cob web feeling was spirits trying to get my attention. Anyway this was about 10 years ago and she told if I wanted to develop my gift I could start with Tarot cards. I went out and purchased a set of cards and the thought seeing anything scared me so I got rid of the cards and suppressed the thoughts. It was not until 2005 when I was in Bangkok traveling on my own that I got my first fright, weather it was supernatural or not but I remember reading the newspaper and the locals seeing people on the beach after the tsunami and that night I awoke and I couldn't move and felt tingle sensation on my arms. I shouted and willed myself to be ok. The TV was static and when I picked up the phone that was also static. To sayI never packed so quick is an understatement!


Fast forward to 2011 and one night after seeing the same psychic from 2004 (this time for a actual reading) I got the same tingling from 2005 while lying in bed AND heard a voice say "Get Ready". I looked down past the covers as there was 3 I can only describe as spirits in the room. One was a woman with blond hair in her early 30's and the other was a man standing in the middle of the bed and the third I cant recall now. But I found this all surreal and especially as I was brave enough to see where it led, so I reached out and the man reached out also and our hands joined. But I felt him bend my hand back so I said no and kicked out of panic at the space where he was and they all disappeared and when I "woke" my arms were all cold. Again I put everything to bed again and 6 months after that I told the same psychic and she gave me and old pack of Tarot cards as I had got rid of the last ones.


Sorry for the essay but I have being dying to explain it for years as only know I am slowly thinking of the idea of spiritual development. Can anyone explain the sightings? No one had any faces. I think there is a family gift as there are stories of my Granddad having a visit during the war and my cousin and sister have seen people in the past. No one has passed away in the house as my sister could never recognise the people she seen. Although they were interfering with her sleep so she stopped.


If you have gotten this far. Thank you.


Looking forward to talking with you all.



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Thanks everyone,


There is so much information and great communication on this site. Spent last week going through the Vault to have a look at old posts before I tackle the other sections.


Baby steps Ben, Baby steps.


Ben :)

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Guest Moopurple

Welcome. If you find something in the vault that you would like brought back to the discussion forums that you don't need to make a new topic for (or don't want to), just let me or another mod know and I think we can put it back in the appropriate place for discussion ;)

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