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Hi, Everyone!


I am really enjoying reading through the posts in the forum. I have, of course, been drawn to the forum because it has many topics in which I am interested but primarily I am finding its an interesting mix of people from all over the world bringing different views and experiences. I am already learning much.


I really like how the senior members and moderators treat everyone and take the time to post frequently. I am sure they have many other things to do other than working on their typing skills!


I am not a professional psychic (meaning, I don't get paid to do readings) but I do readings for a handful of people who, interestingly, are professional psychics, astrologers and energy workers. Go figure!


Professionally, I am a corporate dealmaker and entrepreneur though I have been on hiatus for a couple of years since many of the major economies crashed except for some board of directors positions and some advisory engagements. Its hard to fly a kite in the storm! Plus, my psychic friends told me to get out for awhile! (I've done many things work wise but mostly around building companies, doing deals and investing).


Most of what I do now is consulting work to asset managers, lawyers and accounting firms. Much of it is strategy and economic analysis but what they really bring me in for, whether they know it or not, is to find out who the bad guy is in the deal. I figure that's part of my service to society!


I look forward to reading more of the posts and mostly look forward to all of that I will learn!

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Welcome PhilosopersGate! I find it so interesting how those interested in this subject work in so many different fields. How fantastic :) I hope you've been enjoying your time here ^_^

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