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i am luna love. thats the name i go by, though its not my birth name.

im 18 year old turning 19 in march

i live in canada


ive been automatic writting since about the age of 13 and started meditating then as well

im starting to experience clairvoyance

i do cartomancy and tarot


i love learning as much as i can about the psychic world and spirituality

i believe in a vast variety of things



i dont know what else to say

but im excited to have found these sites and grow spiritualy here

so hello to all!

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Guest CosmicEgg

Welcome! Glad to meet you. Wonderful ability, automatic writing. I've tried it for so long but I only ever end up with fractals all over the page. Not a single word was given. lol


As far as the rest of it goes, I just found and signed up to this thread to do a bit of tarot experimentation. Sounds like fun to me. If you want to give it a go, just add your reply there. :)


Put your thoughts out in the threads. Don't hold back. We need to learn to believe in our own thoughts but as well to consider and explore the thoughts and concepts of others too, freely and without judgment. Curiosity and expanding awareness are on the path forward. :) Be brave!


Again, welcome!

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Welcome Luna!ove! I hope you find what you're looking for here :D

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