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Cancer Mom empty nest

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Any ideas on for a cancer mom to deal with empty nest? I have a really hard time dealing when my kids aren't around and I haven't figured out how to make them 3 years old again :)


Sun Cancer 13°16'12 in house 4 direct

Moon Scorpio 5°48'20 in house 7 direct

Mercury Gemini 24°16'23 in house 3 direct

Venus Cancer 17°21'04 in house 4 direct

Mars Cancer 9°23'08 end of house 3 direct

Jupiter Virgo 3°05'41 end of house 5 direct

Saturn Aries 24°38'19 in house 1 direct

Uranus Virgo 25°33'28 in house 6 direct

Neptune Scorpio 24°00'16 in house 7 retrograde

Pluto Virgo 20°29'33 in house 6 direct

True Node Aries 14°19'02 in house 12 retrograde


Ascendant Aries 22°32'12

2nd House Taurus 27°52'57

3rd House Gemini 21°10'55

Imum Coeli Cancer 11°29'02

5th House Leo 3°44'36

6th House Virgo 4°16'11

Descendant Libra 22°32'12

8th House Scorpio 27°52'57

9th House Sagittarius 21°10'55

Medium Coeli Capricorn 11°29'02

11th House Aquarius 3°44'36

12th House Pisces 4°16'11

my chart.pdf

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What makes me happy is my kids. Honestly, doing things with them. Everything I've done has involved them. Everything I enjoy is because of them. I like gardening but my kids are the motivation behind it so they could see how fruits/vegetables were grown, avoid pesticides, work with the earth, learn basic genetics (crossbreeding columbines for instance), and just to stop and appreciate what is around them. My son and I joke sometimes that I've spent too many lifetimes as a man so this lifetime I gave myself some extra estrogen and placed cancer very heavily in my chart to balance it out.

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