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Wondering of siblings

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I have 3 sisters. I have an older sister and two younger siblings. I've been wondering for a long time if they have a "gift" of some kind like me. I know my older sister doesn't have it but I'm really curious about my younger sisters. They are ages 11 and 9. They don't seem to have any experiences with the paranormal or say or do anything out of the ordinary. I know I started having experiences at age 6. My youngest sister has such an old soul. I love it. I'm not sure about my 11 year old sister. She's not very ummm worldly. Granted I know she's 11 but she just doesn't ummm know things she should know at 11 years old. She's too innocent I guess. Being an innocent soul is great but being to innocent I think is a problem. More likely to get stung by life and people. I'm just thinking I have three sisters I thought one of them were going to be like me but I'm not so sure. Why would I be the only one?

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You may not be. They're still young. I believe everyone has these abilities to some extent. Animals have them. They were necessary for our survival as a species. There are also some who are stronger than others. Your siblings are very young yet. They may become stronger as they get older or they just may not know

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