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Super strange dream last night.

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I don't remember everything that took place but I do remember the really weird things. I have never had a dream quite like this.


So here's what happened. Short and to the point.


I dreamed that my 16 month old daughter was crying in her room. I had a feeling that something was a midst in her room. In my dream we were using a nanny cam in her room or like a video monitor. We don't use one of those. We don't have any kind of monitor cause her room is super close to ours. Anyways, when I heard her crying I looked at the monitor and she was levitating above her crib and was being spun around. I rushed in her room and scooped her up and fled. It was like I was dreaming about a ghost. I was very upset and terrified in this dream. It really bothered me and still does to be honest. I have never dreamt of anything scary paranormal like ghost. I very rarely have any type of nightmare but I do dream every night and always remember the basics of my dreams upon waking. My daughter was actually staying with her grandmother last night so she wasn't even in the house. Just wanted to share. Maybe see if anyone has any input as to what it might mean if anything. It really has me baffled and I have been struggling to make sense of it all day.

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I believe you need to put a block around yourself and your child to protect yourselves. I say this due to an experience my son and I had. I will explain. While I was pregnant with my son (which was many years ago, he is 24 now) I began having nightmares wherein an evil presence of some sort was saying he was going to take my baby. At first I thought it was simple fear of a young woman being pregnant for the first time. But these nightmares continued after I had him and for the next few years until we moved from the house that we were living in. The dream was often different, but basically the thing was trying to take my son. I would be fighting this thing literally in a tug of war with it for my son. During this time my son refused to sleep the entire night in his own room. I would return him to his bed several times with him crying and begging not to go. He would always find his way back to our room. Years later when he was a teenager I was talking to him about that old house when we discovered that we both were experiencing the exact same nightmares the entire time we lived there and they stopped for both of us the moment we moved. I thought that was the end of it because I thought this thing must be attached to that house since it stopped after we left, but recently during a session when my son and I were talking with a spirit we stopped in the middle of communicating with the spirit and had a brief discussion about this other evil spirit that we had experienced. When we continued on with what we had been doing we suddenly found ourselves talking to this thing. We immediately stopped. I ordered it to go away and prayed for protection from it for me and my family. I envisioned a shield of protection around us. It has been successful. We are not being bothered by it anymore.

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You may just have linked into a scary dream your daughter was having and came to her distress in the dream....this has happened to me with all of my daughters at one time or another...and actually even a puppy that was having a bad dream....I was dreaming she was having trouble getting her head out of a bag...or jar or something...when I woke she was whimpering and paddling, twitching...I projected a calm and reassuring alternate dream and she calmed down and stopped stressing.


Another disturbing dream (which I wont go into) that my youngest was having (I feel she was having) was enough to wake me abruptly and go into her room immediately, I am positive it was a telepathic distress call that I was able to address.


I have also had messages from...(I know not whom?) whilst in my own dreams...particularly when it feels there is no escape from fate.....these say "Get out.....get out of here....it's just a dream"....the dream then stops immediately.


I find this a comfort, I hope you do too.


Kindest Regards Neleh. :)

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Thank you both so much for your replies. I find both of the view points very interesting. You have both given me something to think about.


Khep, I think you are right about needing a block around us. The last few nights have been okay but more recently before this dream my daughter who has always been a great sleeper started waking up and refusing to go to bed. She would really like clinch on to me when I would try and put her in her crib. I didn't like it I had a bad feeling something was happening but not sure what. We though it was maybe just cause her teeth have been hurting but now especially after this dream I feel it is something more. I don't like this house I have wanted to move for awhile and hope to soon. Although, the night I had this dream she wasn't even in the house.


Neleh, you really have me thinking. That is a really interesting observation. I know what you are talking about I have had a similar situation with a horse I had several years ago. I didn't even think about this possibility. Her grandmother said she slept great through the night over there but this is something for me to think about for sure.

Thank both very much again.


There is something else I think it could be. I have a picture. It is very very old it was given to me by my grandmother. It is of a baby that I share some relation with but I don't remember how we would have been related. Anyways, I was told when she gave me this that the baby had a twin. There is another picture of the other baby and it belongs to another distant relative in my family. The story that my grandmother told me about the baby was that both the babies had eaten some prunes or something and they got very very sick and both died shortly after these portraits where taken. I have never thought much of it but my husband hates it. He says it is creepy and he is really afraid of it. He has even been afraid to go in any room it is in. Well that picture was hanging in her room before we took it down to make the nursery I didn't have anywhere to hang it back up and so it is actually being stored in her closet at this time. I am starting to wonder if this picture my some how have some bad vibes after all. I have never felt threatened by this child. I love the portrait and have always felt a good connection with the child. Like an Empathy for him. I am just wondering if this could some how be the problem. Maybe it is kind of crazy but maybe this child feels jealous of my daughter or something. Not sure what I should do with it. Hang it back up or get rid of it all together. I don't think I could part with it as it is kind of an heirloom but I will if I have to.

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