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So last night I had a dream I was pregnant with this guys baby. I have been messing around with him for over 2 years now.

in my dream I called him to tell him I was pregnant and it was his child too and he said okay good for you and I guess the phone lost connection. I tried calling him back and his phone was out of service. After that I never heard from him again.


My stomach hurt so bad like my torso was ripping apart. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in a dream. Like I could almost physically feel it in my body and not in my dream. I was only pregnant for like 3 days and I had the baby. Now it's weird because I was at home and my sister and her fiancée brought home my son and named him for me. Apparently I had coded and they had to shock me a couple times after I had him. They showed me pictures of me giving birth but I had no memory of having him in my dream.


My sister and her fiancée named my son because obviously I couldn't. They named him Attell Roy Lewis and I thought they gave him my brother in law's last name and I guess they tried to but I never got to hear his last name. I was so mad they named him Attell. Like why?! He was such a beautiful mixed baby though. He was light skinned and oh my gosh. Just beautiful. I was so in love.


Anyways, he was a newborn baby but he was bigger than a newborn and he was starting to speak. He only tried saying find. It was just mumbles though.


This dream has me so out of whack today. I don't know if it's a warning or what.

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Hmmm? That is a weird dream. I think I can see a lot of things in it though but first I want to tell you I make no claim to know what I am talking about. This is just my personal opinion of how I would interpret it. Okay, I have had dreams where I have given birth before and they are always the strangest things. I even dreamt I gave birth to a cat one time.


Anyways, birthing a child is a very significant piece of a dream. Although it rarely has anything to do with actually having a child. Sometimes it is an indication of a new birth or beginning in your life somehow. In this case maybe it is your relationship with your guy friend. Now just maybe your sister and her fiancee bringing the baby home is significant too. Here's my take on it and I will try to get right to my point now.


You don't mention this relationship your having with this guy as being a real serious thing but maybe you are actually seeking something more committed. I say this because in the dream you call him and tell him but he isn't really there for you. That might be your fear that he won't feel the same. Then you give birth to a beautiful child. This child may represent a beautiful passionate close relationship. Although, your sister and her fiancee bring the baby home to you and have already named him. I think this might have something to do with the fact that your sister has a "Fiancee" so she is obviously in a committed relationship which is what you might be subconsciously longing for. You may see her as being in the idea relationship or something She is the one bringing home this child to you. The child represents a new beginning of a deeper committed relationship. Maybe something that she is showing you in her own actions. IDK?


Okay I don't know if that makes any sense or not that is just kind of what I get from what you have told me about this dream and of course I don't know your current circumstances or anything so maybe you already have a committed relationship or this is completely wrong but that is just what my first instinct would be about interpreting this dream. Like I said I make no claim to know what I am talking about. Just wanted to give you my take on it. Take it for what it's worth.

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Thank you! I get it.


What I didn't say is that my siser is pregnant now. lol. 5 months actually. Their relationship is good but they fight constantly. There's no way I'd want a relationship like hers.


We're not serious at all. I have feelings for him but I don't want a relationship with him but I do want a committed relationship, just not with him. He's not any good for me. I tend to like bad boys and he is definitely one bad boy. Lol.


Thank you for your input. It has shed some light on a few things. Thanks again! :)

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