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any ideas which type dr to see

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This started several years ago but its rapidly progressed in the last six months. It makes it almost impossible to work as my job is primarily intellectual. I've been to my regular doctor a few times and have appointments pending with an opthamologist and neurologist. I'm just going to list the most troubling things There are other weird symptoms like not needing to shave my legs or armpits anymore. I know we're not doctors but I'm hoping that instead of shuffling from specialist to specialist I can get an idea. Mri and blood tests, including A1C have all been normal. So any hints or clues would be very helpful and appreciated.


I can't remember things even simple things like I was going to eat supper after I'd already fixed my plate.


My brain won't work, I can't perform simple math or write reports Math was always a strength for me and I've had some of my writing published.


I say the wrong words. Like "under the sink" instead of in the cupboard. This used to just be verbal but is happening more often now and now also includes written


I've been doing things I don't remember at all.


I sometimes don't recognize things like landmarks or my favorite store and go right past even when I was looking for them


I don't always comprehend what someone says and have to continually rewind the tv because I can't figure out what happened.


My vision becomes intermittently blurry for hours at a time so I can't see


My hands, fingers, toes, and feet get extremely cold and turn blue. They also go numb for no reason


I sweat excessively. If I walk around the block by the time I'm back where I started I look like I took a shower with my clothes on.


If I stand for a couple hours my legs swell, turn dark, and there's a vein in my hip that hurts.

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Circe, the impression I am getting is that your brain is telling your body to revert to a child-like state. These are the symptoms of memory loss and mixing up words etc.just like a child experiences. The numbness, sweating and leg swelling is where your body is fighting back to prevent this reverting to childhood from happening. The reason why your brain is doing this, I am sensing, is because of some old unresolved issue from childhood. The brain is forcing you to revert to a time when you had undergone such a hurtful experience that your mind closed off to it to protect you, making you forget it rather than deal with it. But your brain and intuition are now telling you that it is time to face this issue, to confront and heal this old problem because you now have the strength and wisdom to do so. You need to remember the experience - it is probably evident in your relationships or how you live your life (eg. any negative recurring patterns or behaviours)- and fully understand, forgive, heal, and move on from it. Then all bodily ailments (clues/signposts to deeper emotional problems) will no longer be necessary.

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i just caught the replies- keeping track of time is another issue- hours/days/weeks can go by and I don't realize it - I have to set an alarm on my phone for everything and still can't remember what day of the week it is (Monday, Tuesday, etc). Vit I sent you a pm. I took a recent picture since I tend to avoid the camera and all the ones before were before this got worse. I didn't want a random picture of me floating around on the internet (especially a less than flattering picture). i can email you one though.

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Well,what did your Neurologist say?

You can try a symptom checker like the one on webmd.com

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