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Guessing the Color of the Card

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I like practicing with playing cards guessing if the card is black or red. I haven't yet tried the suites let alone the numbers. I notice though, I'll be on a good run but once I get one wrong it screws me all up and I tend to get most of them wrong from that point on. It almost feels like when you lose your words in a song it's hard to find your place again. Is this normal and I just need to focus and practice more, or is it just a coincidence that I'm getting any right at all?

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I would try something where it's more of a challenge than a 50-50 chance. I think you're just testing your ability to logically predict right now.


A lot of members on this board think everyone has psychic abilities. I do believe we're all hooked up to the same universal energy system and that's what allows psychic communication or prediction (analogous to an electric grid for a city or something). It's just that some people aren't open to it.


Do you ever meditate? Those states can really open up the mind to that connection. Also, doing other games where it takes a bit more intuitive thought than guessing like that is more of an exercise in my opinion.


Feel free to bump any of the psychic game threads that are open and add to them or come up with your own.


I do association exercises where I match a person to their personality based on objects and the personality I would give to those objects (I am one of those oddballs who categorizes inanimate objects into personality types...haha).

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