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Did my love spell cause this?

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I fell in love, they were my everything but they lived three hours away from me. They would tell me about how lonely they were regardless of being in a relationship with me. They claimed to love me. I decided to cast a love spell. Not to force him to love me but in hopes of sending him positive energy and showering him in my love. I felt it a very powerful spell and was satisfied. However things took a turn for the worst. He began to become cold with me treating me more as he would any other person and not like a lover. On valentines day when I wished him well he basically gave me the middle finger, he started falling out of contact with me until finally on my birthday which he did not recognize he disappeard. Five months later he resurfaced back into my life and told me he had a new boyfriend. He never even marked an end to our relationship he just ..disappeared :l

I want to know if its possible that my spell backfired and I caused a new love to enter his life and effectively making him forget me accidentaly?


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I'm going to say no. But I don't believe that spells work. However, others may have different experiences and I've never experimented with them.


But I think it might just be that the relationship had run it's course because of the distance. It's HARD not to have a person you can really see and be around. It ruins a lot of relationships. The way he went about it was awful, but it does sound like the natural progression of how a relationship goes when one party doesn't feel like they're getting what they want out of it.

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I have heard you should never do love spells,they always go wrong.



I agree, unless the "spell" is on ones self.


I am working on clearing my own energy and ask the universe that a suitable soul mate who has similar clarity of energy is being made known to me now.

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