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Guys I'm getting frustated with love life

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You know these things when you're head spins and your heart aches. I'm getting that now. It's really irritating that I don't like it but at the same time I like this feeling. It started just three weeks ago.


I'm just going to break it down with a long story, short. It about my boyfriend, M who I'm with for over 2 years. We have a few things in common and we have good chemistry too. We've been through alot together.


I like him but I'm not sure about my feelings for him anymore. I knew now that I don't feel happy with this relationship and I feel that a future with him isn't an option for me. I already told everything I felt and that I consider breaking up with him for the better. He really didn't want to break up with me and he wants us to be together although we had some struggles.


Almost during the same time when I was upset with him and we didn't talk for almost a week, I was on training for my new part-time at the cafe. It was the first day of work that I saw my co-worker, D. He wasn't working at that time but hanging out and we didn't talk at first. I had a simliar feeling that I actually felt when I first met my boyfriend.


That strange feeling I felt was a little scary but at the same time alluring. I always felt afraid of guys in general but there's this occasional feeling that I'm drawn to which I sometimes I think is terrifying.


While I'm learning, D has been teaching me how to make coffee drinks and stuff. I have been seeing D at my new workplace sometimes and he's very nice to me. He's the most niciest guy I met especially within a short period of time. Also carefree, goofy and stupid sometimes. I was little mean to him but he's pretty forgiving. He really makes me laugh. One of the supervisors even told me once that the closest person at work would be D.


I found out recently that I might have a crush on him because I knew now that I look forward in seeing him and I do flutter when he said something nice or compliment me. Last night on after my 9th day working, when I hanged out with him and a few other co-workers for dinner, he really does stand out to me.


D already knows that I'm dating my boyfriend, M. D even knows that I'm considering breaking up with M sometime after New Year.


I know that D is only nice cause I'm working with him and M is trying to make up with me now. My problem is that I'm somewhat afraid of falling in love especially if it's with someone else. I don't want to make more problems than I have to but I don't know what am I doing.


I really want to let this feeling towards D go away quick and I know there are crushes don't last long. I try to ignore this feeling but seeing and thinking about D makes me happy and M does make me feel safe inside too.


I really hate being confused with how I'm feeling cause I like to express my feelings so freely and they're sometimes hard to conceal. As much as being honest, I think I'll need some insight about this. Both good and bad.

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You need some distance and time away from your boyfriend right now so you can think clearly.



Don't continue to string your current boyfriend along.


You two are right, just now we had a heated and stupid arguement. I got upset and he did admit that he was wrong after a few minutes. I told him being with him is a 'no' for me and now I'm trying to get time away from him.


I'm not sad about it but, I know it's a good time for myself to focus on other things.

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