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The past three nights I have had some intense dreams. It's just non stop.


Last nights dream was that I has a bike and I was doing BMX tricks with it. Which I don't know how to do any of that. lol. Then I rode around for a bit and somehow I ended up driving my car to a house. My cousin was there and I was putting my stuff in her room and we were about to go to bed when her sister said that someone had tried to break into the house the night before. It freaked me out.


That next day I had went to the gas station, where I am currently trying to get a job at, and this girl told me yesterday, in real life, that they were just waiting on my background check and it'll take about two weeks. So in my dream the manager had went up to me and asked me if anyone had told me if I got the job or not and I said no, because she didn't. I told her that she just told me that they were waiting on my background check and it was going to take two weeks. Apparently that was wrong of her to do because she fired me on the spot. She said that it was against there policy for an employee to tell someone who was applying the process of it all.


I was crying like a baby, I had been trying so hard to get this job and it was taken from me instantly. The General manager was there and he was talking to me and I had just decided to walk home so he walked me halfway and he had felt really bad about everything that had happened.


Now I do not know if that was a sign or what but I woke up like huh? lol. It was weird. These dreams have been getting intense, more than usual. It's starting to almost freak me out a bit. Like my sub conscious mind is going insane or doing really well in helping me. lol

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