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I am REALLY struggling here. I cannot seem to get a job. I have done everything I can and have filled out sooo many applications. I don't know what to do. I am going hungry and I am not sleeping anymore. This is severely stressing me out. I need something.


If anyone could see a potential job or job offer I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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I can not answer your question but I will tell you that you should be careful with what you think. Your thoughts can affect your job hunt. I was told a few years ago that your words (spoken, written, or thoughts) become manifest. Therefore, stop thinking that you can not get a job (you wrote that in your post) for that is what the Universe brings back - more of that experience. I know this seems to not be of help when you need a job asap, but once you clear your mind of these thoughts, your situation will start to improve. BUT you must erase any belief, thoughts, and especially any fear that you will NOT find a job (or CAN'T find a job). Keep your focus on what you WANT (a job, having all your needs taken care of) and stay positive.


In the meantime, if you need food, go to a shelter, food kitchen or other nonprofit that works with low income or unemployed populations. Some provide free meals or food that you can take home. I would also look into your local Social Services office. They have job placement programs.


Good luck.

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Oh wow ! This is really distressing. Not enough money for food ?


I am not living in the USA or else I could do a money transfer to you.


Anyway, sending some positive light to you and hope that your situation will improve.

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Are you still looking for acting jobs, Ginger?


I know it's hard, but I think you need to not look on what happened, and not worry about what happens tomorrow, but just do the best damn job you can for the present day and believe that (I don't want to say God because I'm Athiest, but I've been influenced by the words of the books I've been reading) God will reward those who are honest and work hard for what they want.


Because I quote from google books

when I interviewed film star Merle Oberon, she told me that she refused to worry because she knew that worry would destroy her chief asset on the motion-picture screen: her good looks.


"When I first tried to break into the movies," she told me, "I was worried and scared. I had just come from India, and I didn't know anyone in London, where I was trying to get a job.....

For two weeks I lived on nothing but crackers and water. I was not only worried now. I was hungry. I said to myself, 'Maybe you're a fool. Maybe you will never break into the movies. After all, you have no experience, you've never acted at all - what have you to offer but a rather pretty face?'


"I went to the mirror. And when I looked in that mirror, I saw what worry was doing to my looks! I saw the lines it was forming. I saw the anxious expression. So I said to myself, 'You've got to stop this at once! You can't afford to worry. The only thing you have to offer at all is your looks, and worry will ruin them!"


Dale Carnegie books have more examples of how some actor/actress succeeded in securing a job.


But maybe right now it is a good idea to look for some other way to feed yourself, here's a trick I used to land a summer job before, maybe it'll help.

I went to the restaurant I wanted to work in the morning before they officially open, so the manager was the only one there at the time. I asked him about job openings and he gave me a form to fill. I asked if I could call his cell phone to find out what my phone number is :).


So when I didn't hear from him, I called him on his phone and asked him if there is any news. And he told me to start working on the next day.


So if you are open to find a job right now, I suggest a little bit of trickery like that and get a hold of the manager/owner's phone number. I imagine lots of people apply to these jobs, but few of them follow up. If you can just remind them once in a while, it might give you a higher success rate.


Good luck, and try to stop worrying.

I do see the balance of things are being broken, but they will be restored soon.

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