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Inconvenient Truths

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One thing I've realized recently about intuition and I don't want to view this as a downside but depending on the person it can be, is that often times, that intuitive spark can be rather inconvenient.


I like to get things done when I want it done and how I want it done. Turns out that I'm a bit of a control freak. Well shucks. <_>


Today for example I just want to get where my family needed to go and just be there (rushing to relax as some say) but my son I realize was trying to tell me something and I was not quite present. At one point he was nagging and having a tantrum because he wanted to back track for ice cream. My husband thought we should when we head back for dinner but he really just wanted to go in that direction. A part of me thought listen to him. And since my husband, who was getting peeved, spoke for him I missed what he was really trying to say. He was hungry (hypoglycemic), thirsty and overheated. When we finally sat down he was just about to pass out at the dinner table before my husband forced him to drink ice cold lemonade. Within a minute his eyes opened more. Within minutes he was happy and in a better mood. Phew, disaster averted.


Another thing I ignored was my intuition telling me to pack cough syrup. It's the one thing I debated bringing as I was thinking that coughs don't happen often and that I had enough toiletries. Well, he got a cough on the very first night and every night since. It's all mucus and we just hope that it's just build up from dehydration during the day in the hot humid air.


Have you been ignoring your intuition's Inconvenient truths?

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I have most trouble with ignoring my intuition with people... I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'll go to lengths. Sometimes my intuition tells me "Don't get involved with this person," or "Don't trust what they say, they're not sincere." I've learned that when my intuition says as much, it's 80% correct. That's good enough odds for me to wait a bit with people; test the proverbial water, if you will. Just remember that your gut feelings are saying something for a reason!

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Yes I think that is where I usually make an error. At the moment I don't feel as though I have the time to listen to my intuition and then lo-n-behold exactly what my intuition was telling me happens. And EAM for me it's not so much as reading people, I think I follow my intuition on that without much thought to it. Although now I'm using my ability to read people on my son. I can feel from another room when he's about to get frustrated and hurt his sister. I remember telling my husband once, get Rose, Isoz is getting frustrated although it wasn't visible and there was no reason for it. He ignored me and then while I look away for a min Z is pushing his towards the edge of the step for the sunken living room we tell him to stop but he ignores us and then *boop* face first into the floor tile. I of course was livid. Rose was thankfully okay. But from then on I started to really pay attention to my intuition.


For me the ones that's been difficult to listen to are the events my intuition is trying to alert me to. Some examples from just a few days ago:


While on vacation I told myself that I'm going to try my best to listen and act on my intuition. The morning we were to leave for the airport my husband wants to take the kids for one last swim in the pool. I say okay if that's what you want but in my mind I had already told myself I'm going to finish packing, fix my hair etc. But then he reminds me he can't really take two kids into the pool. I say, oh right of course. I look at my watch and notice that there isn't much time for it but he tells me it'll be quick. Nothing is ever quick with kids.


After the pool time is a little tight but I think that since my husband is available and my daughter is asleep and my son is pretty self-sufficient i can do my hair quickly. I get it done. I hear my husband telling our son that his lovey and blanket need to go in the bag but Z insist that it needs to stay with him. My husband gives in. I think to myself okay, gotta double check that. I finish packing up and our ride to the airport arrives almost 10 minutes early. I go to wake Rose get her ready and yell down to my husband did you get everything he said yeah lets go the cab is waiting. So I look in the kitchen and notice my son's blanket and lovey on the counter. I grab that (disaster averted!) and ask again. I think "go back in for a quick look" and ask "what about the laundry?" as I'm heading back into the house. He says "yeah lets go!" As I'm carrying a heavy bag I look in the back of the van see our luggage and notice that theres this big empty space. I think I could put my bag there but it doesn't need that much space so I take it up front with me. I climb in and ask again "we got everything?" "Yup" is the answer.


Well we we arrive at the airport. I'm managing the kids while my husband and the driver unload the car and the fee is paid. As the van pulls out I ask my husband "Where's the stroller?" and like a twit he's like "what stroller? Oh man..." Like as if he hadn't been using it for a week! So I"m like :o "#$@*! Here! Grab the baby" and Cut across the airport lawn and chase down the van. I catch up to him and turns out we didn't pack it but he said that he could pick it up and he'll come back in 45 min because he needs to bring someone else to the airport...


While we wait I realize that my husband grabbed all the other sun hats but not the stroller, my baby carrier and my brand new sun hat that was directly underneath the stuff he grabbed. He bascially left behind $300 worth of merchandise saying "that it was like a blank spot. I seriously could not remember even seeing that stuff." And I of course felt like a twit because my intuition was telling me. "Go back into the house. Look there's something missing." Thankfully the driver was able to make it back with stroller AND carrier. But no hat :( It was such a cute hat that I bought there... I told myself. "That's it, I'm Listening! From now on I'm listening!"


When we get back to NYC after a long trip and after an initial hour delay on a tarmac with a screaming toddler we ready to hop in a cab and head home. My husband turned to the left and I thought "wait a sec, he wants to take a bus and a train home with all this? He must be crazy but o..k..." Turns out i forgot the other cab pick up station. As we get ready to board and my husband already loaded the suitcase suddenly Z screams "No! I'm not getting in that cab. We're walking!" I immediately thought "STOP." and calmly asked him what's the matter. He said he doesn't want to get in the cab. He'd rather walk." So I thought okay what is he picking up now? And I just felt space, a weird vast emptiness. There was no emotion in it. No dread, no fear. Just space. I thought for a moment. The option was either get in a bus that has to go cross town during evening rush hour traffic and then board subway that will be packed with the same or get in a cab that will take us directly home. The former was clearly more inconvenient but a cheaper option. So I chose to just follow the original plan and take the cab since I didn't feel like it was going to be "a horrible mistake.". Well thankfully no accidents outside the vehicle but my son, after doing so well with his motion sickness finally couldn't handle sitting in traffic and just let it all go. Thankfully I was able to grab a baggy that I had stowed in stroller pocket "just in case" and we evaded a major mess But then unfortunately it turns out that our daughter has motion sickness too :( So we told Z that he was following his intuition. He knew it wasn't going to be good for him to be in the cab and we apologized for not listening.


Time! Oh time, I tell ya it's the one thing that'll get ya.


Sorry for my long winded story.

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