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Dow phantom crystal with some green and red deposits

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I bought this quartz crystal which is a dow , phantom and also has some green and red deposits like a pyramid inside the crystal. It has about 3 to four rainbows. I have read about each characteristic separately on the internet... However was wondering if any of you experts could put all this into perspective. I use it as a master crystal in the reiki grid. It has a fantastic energy. It takes me in yo deep relaxation when ever i sit to meditate with it. Can anyone here let me know about all the things this crystal is capable of?


PS: I was shopping for a master crystal, i almost picked something else, however, this crystal kept pulling my hand towards it till i picked it up. :unsure:

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I am not an expert on crystals. however I feel that this crystal works for you, was meant for you. I think you need to experiment with it and see exactly what is capabilities are.


It sounds beautiful....I think it reflects your beautiful soulangel.gif


Thank you chamuel for your response...mi dont know the beauty of my soul, howevere, your name and the angel corresponding to it are truly beautiful.

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