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OK, lots of people want to know from psychics what to expect from the new year. And they can certainly be told what to expect, based on their present course. But it may not be what they WANT. Because life is not about waiting for your fate - it's creating it. The Universe is waiting for you to tell it what you want and, if you don't, it can only keep giving you the usual fare, the same old, same old or what you have come to expect from your life. And that may not be all good.


Instead of wondering what 2015 will bring you, tell the Universe what you want to happen to you. Otherwise, how will the Universe know what it actually is you desire? Sit down and mark on the calendar what you want from each month. Say, you want January to be your big month for money. Write that on the calendar in full expectation of your wish being granted. Then move on to February - great new working conditions? OK, write that down and expect it to happen. March - how about a wonderful new relationship...and so on! The world will not be yours if you wait for it. Ask for what you want and know that you are not helpless or powerless, that you do deserve and can create miracles yourself.


Create - don't wait for - what you want. Let that be your first, and only, New Year's Resolution!

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Can I ask the Universe on this thread..?


A smoother road ahead at work until I transition into becoming self employed at the end of March. Thank you Universe, thank you Angels and Thank you higher self for making this possible...


And thank you captain for your wise words x

Chamuel, what has inspired you to go on the self employment path so soon?

I know it has been something you have been pondering and questioning for a while.


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It's a great idea to add your wishes here for the Universe to see and manifest for you.


I want January to be my BIG money manifesting month and I have already saved a lot of money on an expense I was dreading (dentist bill).

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