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Readers use the tarot as a divination tool to help guide them through their life.

You might seek out a tarot card reader to help you learn more about what’s happening in your life right now so that you can use the foresight to smooth out your journey. Maybe you seek out a tarot reading to help you to make important decisions or understand why something is happening to you so that you can approach the issue appropriately and effectively.

Most people like to have a tarot reading for all sorts of reasons such as:
  • When they need help and guidance romantically.
  • Family and friendship issues.
  • Infidelity issues.
  • To deal with grief and loss.
  • For guidance during a challenging time.
  • To get financial advice and forecasts.
  • When they need career advice.

This is by no means an exclusive list though!
A good rule of thumb to determine if you would benefit from a tarot reading is to remember that If you have a question about anything in life, a tarot reading will help you.
The tarot is a wonderful, powerful divination tool.

Are Tarot Cards Safe?

Tarot cards themselves have no power; they are just a deck of cards. They cannot harm you and there are no spirits hiding amongst the cards! The power of a tarot card lies in its wisdom which is attained through the process of divination.  

A  tarot reading harnesses energy and the spiritual law of synchronicity to help you to ‘talk’ with your higher self and ‘read’ the energy surrounding you. Tarot helps you to see the woods, even though you are lost amongst the trees.  

The tarot’s messages will always be in your best interest, and for your highest good – even if sometimes you don’t want to hear the messages you receive.  

The tarot is like a good parent. One who annoyingly knows what you need even when you don’t, and will tell you when you are not helping yourself!

Where Did Tarot Cards Come From?

Records dating back to the late-14thcentury depict images of card games using a tarot deck. Historians believe tarot cards came to Europe from Egypt. But it wasn’t until around the 1750s where records show tarot as a divination tool. Since then, millions of people worldwide have consulted the tarot for guidance and insight.

Is The Tarot A Good Fortune Telling Tool?

You must understand that a tarot reading is not intended to tell your fortune or your future. The tarot, like the IChing, is intended to guide you, give you insight, and above all, help you to resolve your life issues yourself. 

Tarot empowers you to access and rely on your Higher-Self.  Although the tarot can give you insight into potential outcomes.  For example, whether the outcome looks to be beneficial or challenging depending on the decisions you make.

What’s In A Tarot Deck?

The number of cards as well as the images on the cards can differ in a tarot deck depending on which tarot deck you choose to work with.  Interestingly, each different tarot deck delivers a different reading experience for the tarot reader!

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is one of the most popular decks. It has 78 cards in total with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, divided into four suits (Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands). Most other decks follow a similar format but usually contain different images.

The Basic Structure Of A Tarot Deck


The Major Arcana

There are 22 Major Arcana cards, they always refer to important unavoidable issues and life lessons.  If the major arcana is present in a spread the querent will experience its energy.

The Minor Arcana 

The rest of the cards in the pack relate to the everyday aspects of life, they fill in the details.  When the minor arcana is present, it relates to superficial issues and energy that will not last for the long term.  The Minor Arcana is also home to ‘The Court Cards’.

The Court Cards

(Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) can refer to actual people in your life, or to you. They can also highlight issues within yourself that you may, or may not be aware of. 

And then there are reversed cards:

When a card is upside down in a reading, it’s ‘reversed’. There’s a lot of debate around the implication of reversed cards. 

How a tarot reader deciphers those is entirely up to them. They may see it as highlighting that somebody is holding back, or they may read it as being the negative or opposite characteristics of the cards’ meanings. 

A Personal Choice

I personally choose to view a reversed tarot card as blocked energy.  Reversed cards highlight the things that the querent needs to address and work on so that they can change the energy.

It’s interesting that the tarot responds to the tarot readers intentions, which is why there is no wrong strategy when reading reversed cards.  It just needs to be consistent.

Why Tarot Does Not Predict Doom And Gloom

Drawing a reversed card is NOT doom and gloom! To me, when I do a tarot reading, I see it as meaning that the person could be holding back for some reason, that there could be delays, that the time is not yet right, that you might need to make some changes … things along those lines. 

The Tarot does not predict doom and gloom because tarot does not predict your future or tell your fortune.

Oh, and BTW, cards like Death, The Devil, and The Tower are not scary. The names of the cards and the images might sound and look scary, but they refer to life situations, NOTto actual death and destruction. Always remember that a real tarot reader won’t frighten you or leave you feeling upset after a tarot reading. Anyway, true death is in the hands of The Divine, not in the hands of regular people or The Tarot.

Okay back to the tarot card deck:

The Tarot Card Suites

Each suite of cards contains 11, starting with an Ace (which is one) and ending at ten. The cards (ace to ten), represent a progression starting with new beginnings and great potential (an ace) to a conclusion (ten).

Each suite also carries symbolism:

  • Cups: Emotion, nurturing, self-compassion, creativity.
  • Wands: Energy, passion, action, spirit.
  • Swords: Intellect, communication, ideas, mental energy.
  • Pentacles: Earth, nature, material matters (money, home, and health), manifestation.

Tarot cards ace to ten mean:

  • Ace: new beginnings and potential.
  • Two: choice, decision and/or balance.
  • Three: the beginning of actual results.
  • Four: stability and solid foundations.
  • Five: unexpected change or challenges.
  • Six: re-established stability and continuation.
  • Seven: a brief rest to plan the next step.
  • Eight: material stability, like money or assets.
  • Nine: the last step before the conclusion of all the preceding cards.
  • Ten: conclusion and the base for the next step or cycle.

During tarot readings, only some of these cards will come up for you. Each reader has their own card spreads that they prefer, as well as spreads used for specific situations.A reader might choose a number of different spreads in tarot readings, or use only one. It all depends on your situation and the tarot reader’s style.

What’s a Tarot Spread?

A spread in tarot reading is a system of laying tarot cards out to get specific information. Each reader has their own style, and there are many options for spreads.  Although The Celtic Cross is probably the most common (and versatile). Here are a few types of tarot spreads you might like to explore:

1. Celtic Cross Spread

Provides insight into complex situations and your role

2. Creative Process Spread

Provides insight into projects and the processes

3. Cross & Triangle Spread

Offers insight into difficult situations (one of the most popular spreads)

4. Fourfold Vision Spread

Helps in finding an alternative perspective.

5. Hagall Spread 

Reveals your path of spiritual growth in a difficult situation

6. One Card Reading

Provides a quick take on anything; also used for daily guidance and meditation

7. Relationship Spread

Brings insight into the interaction between two people (romance or business)

8. Shadow Truth Spread 

Gives insight into your attitudes and hidden feelings (when you can’t face-up)

9. Three Fates Spread

Offers insight into the progression of past, present, and future situations

10. Twisting Path Spread

Insight into the path ahead and choices you’ll have to make.

These are only some of the tarot spreads that you can find, and many tarot readers devise their own spreads for different situations.

Now that you know the basics of a tarot reading you can see that there’s nothing suspicious about the readings or readers at all. Real tarot readers can seriously help you and save you all those wasted hours of stress and worry.

What Are The Best Tarot Readings You Can Find Online?

We’ve found you the best deals too (yes there is a difference!). After lots of research, analysis of fees and checking out all of the tarot sites around we found that there are two stand-out telephone psychic sites that offer the best deals by far who are both highly credible too.  


So without further ado, please allow us to introduce;

THE BEST DEAL BY FAR; Free Tarot Readings Worth $94 with Keen!

tarot readingSounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is absolutely true!  You see, Keen offers a deal where they promote 10 MINUTES FOR $1.99 (which means that if your favorite reader charges $1.99 per minute then you get 9 MINUTES FREE!).

Here’s the thing though …

When you look at the readers on Keen you’ll see that the advisor rates differ hugely and this is where you can get a great deal.  

You can choose a reader with a higher rate for those ten minutes and only pay $1.99!

For example, check out The Truth Messenger; a highly rated advisor on Keen whose fees are $9.66 per minute at the time of writing.  If you only had a ten minute reading with her (which is ample time for a strong message) THAT’S A FREE READING FOR $94!

And all you have to do to get this free reading is register with Keen, add funds of at least $1.99 (I’ve tested this and you can just add this tiny amount) and your free ten minutes will be activated. To get started just click here.

Tip!  If you want to enjoy a longer reading but don’t want to pay $9.66 per minute just end the call with that reader after ten minutes and choose a different reader with a lower rate.  Which leads me on to the next reason why Keen offers such a great deal …

Keen Offers Some of The Best Deals on Tarot Readings Up to Twenty Minutes

tarot readingTwenty minutes is usually plenty of time to find out what you need to know, trust me, I know; I used to read for people!

Here’s how to grab this deal

It’s easy.  When you’ve finished your bargain call and enjoyed ten minutes for $1.99, choose a tarot reader with a fee of $1.99 per minute and stay on the phone with them for ten minutes.  

This means that you’ll pay $21.89 for twenty minutes but you’ve enjoyed ten of those minutes with a high-value, top-class psychic and saved $94!*

*If you have chosen a reader with higher rates, such as The Truth Messenger for the free ten minutes.

And if you don’t want to be faffing around switching advisors, just pick one for $1.99 per minute and stay on the line; you’ll still save $17.91.  Or keep on reading for the best deals on 30-minute readings and longer.


tarot readingMost people always associate the requirement for a small payment or credit card details before you can take a deal as a scam. But think about it, it’s not a scam, it’s a CONDITIONAL OFFER.

There’s a reason why big sites offer deals like this and it’s to get you to try their service in the hope that you’ll enjoy it and become a customer.  It’s not easy to get people to try things and make a small commitment these days.

The small payment, registration process, and card information are all usually to seek some kind of commitment from you before they give out such great deals randomly.  

And to reassure you further, the regulations that these sites have to adhere to are intense and there for your protection. Plus all tarot readers are verified before they represent the site.

More Reasons To Try Keen Out

  • One of the oldest, most reputable sites around.
  • Easy to use
  • Honeypot for the best tarot readers because of their deals and reputation.
  • They have a risk free guarantee to make sure you are happy with your reading. 

Here’s more information on The Truth Messenger and one of our favorite lower-priced readers so that you can head over to Keen right now and take advantage of one of the best deals for quality tarot readings around.

Our Favourite Keen Tarot Readers:

tarot reading Sister YvonneThe Truth Messenger

The Truth Messenger is a seventh-generation psychic who is particularly skilled in helping you to find out the secrets and mystery that surrounds you.  Whether that be from other people’s ill intentions, your competition, relationships or the secrets that you hold within you that are yet to be revealed.

Expect frank and honest discussions with The Truth Messenger, she’s focused on bringing you clarity without compromise.  You won’t waste your minutes hearing things that appease you with this reader you’ll get what you need. This means she’s a truthful soul who can really help you right now.  

Why not get started now and enjoy a reading with The Truth Messenger?  To do so, click here:

tarot reading

Sister Yvonne

Sister Yvonne has a lot of pleased clients, and after reviewing any that were not so favorable, I can see that the feedback is more about the expectations of clients rather than Sister Yvonne’s ability.  Which means that she’s legit!

She’s fast, accurate, warm and concise with her messages, you’ll find no wishy-washy words that you don’t understand or relate to from Sister Yvonne, which is exactly as it should be.  Her energy radiates from her profile, and I have to say, it really is quite lovely!

Sister Yvonne demonstrates that she ‘gets’ the problems we face in the world and can support you without any judgement. She will give you practical advice on how to move forward.  She’s also ‘Straight’ and ‘LGBT’ friendly; everybody is welcome.

She’s an interesting reader who is well worth exploring.  

To book a reading with Sister Yvonne click here 

The Best Deals For Tarot Readings Of Twenty Minutes And More With Psychic Source

tarot readingPsychic Source is another fantastic site. It might be a little less famous than Keen but it is certainly owning it when it comes to providing you with high-quality tarot readings at realistic prices.

So What’s The Deal?

Well, Psychic Source offers a simple deal that means that they consistently provide their readers with good value and the best deals for longer readings.  

Here’s why …

It’s all about the rates of the advisors…

If you head over to Psychic Source right now and register as a new customer, you’ll see plenty of readers who are reading for only $1 per minute and that’s a bargain!

tarot readingYou can get:

  • 20 minutes for $19.99
  • 30 minutes for $29.99
  • 40 minutes for $39.99 

 We haven’t found anything cheaper.

The good thing is they promote the good readers with this offer and also the new readers too you really can grab a fantastic deal.  

For example;

Psychic Arthur is available for $1 per minute at the moment but his regular fee is $8.75 which means that you’ll get $232 worth of free value by booking a 30 minute reading with Psychic Arthur now! This is just one example of many offers available.  

Psychic Source Boasts A Leading Guarantee Which Removes Risk For You  

They are so confident in their readers’ abilities to give you a one that you’ll be delighted with, that they offer a money-back guarantee.  If you pay for your psychic reading, and you are not happy with it, they will refund your money!

Now that’s confidence for you.  

Why not book a reading now and take advantage of these fabulous deals!  Here are some of our favorite readers:

Our Favourite Psychic Source Readers

Raina Ext:3342

Raina is an Empath, Medium, Reiki Master, and Psychic with over 20 years of professional experience.  She’s the real deal.

This experience ensures that she knows how to help people from all walks of life, with any kind of issue and has the tools to help you. 

Whether you need some healing, loving advice, honest wisdom, or some general guidance, Raina is a good all-rounder and is definitely worth connecting with.  


Seraphina Ext: 9123

Seraphina’s energy radiated from the screen when we were searching for psychics. She’s five star rated and people seem to love her! 

She claims to experience visions and perceptions that were not of this world from a very early age.  Seraphina works to clear blocks, repair toxic relationships, and can also remote view. 

Seraphina is also an assertiveness life coach which means she’s going to be a great help for anybody who finds it difficult to speak up, or needs to learn how to tone down their approach to others.  


Matthew Ext: 3075

Matthew was also a ‘staff pick’ when we discovered him, and we can see why.  His kindly face and piercing, knowing eyes are enough to convince us that this guy is going to be a great psychic. 

Sometimes you can see the psychic ability in the eyes!

He has over 26 years experience, and is described by customers as ‘magnificent’.  What more can we say?!

He’s psychic, empathetic, works with animals too and uses his gift to bring hope and positivity to his clients.  He’s also a tarot reader and also uses Astrology, Numerology, and the Crystal Ball to make the most of the energies that surround you.  If you want honest, loving direction, Matthew is your guy. 

Note:  To book a reading from any of the psychics mentioned above, head over to Psychic Source by clicking here, and then search for the psychic’s extension number which is noted next to each psychic’s name.  

Where Else Can You Get Online Tarot Readings For FREE? 

You can also find free tarot card readings online. 

Free tarot reading are great for fun, or for a little bit of guidance.  They are not great for solid advice though because the card descriptions are usually limited and you will have to translate them yourself.  Even a professional tarot card reader has difficulty with reading tarot for themselves. We are often blindsided, and will naturally seek the answers we want rather than need – thanks to our cognitive biases.

They are fun though, you can usually find:

  • One card tarot readings – which are great for decision making, learning to read tarot and ‘yes’ or ‘no’ tarot readings.
  • Full Tarot Readings – you’ll find plenty of free full spread readings to, which are fun to do.  Most of these readings will include the Celtic Cross Spread which is great for learning tarot. But there are also other options available too. 

To find these ‘free tarot readings’, either check out our Tarot Page, or do a simple search in Google for ‘free tarot readings online’ to find a plethora of options.  But watch out, it gets addictive!  

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Tarot Reading

Quieten Your Mind

Even if you are experiencing a turbulent and emotional time, try to find some emotional and mental space to quieten yourself.  Meditation is the perfect way to do this but if you can’t manage that just take a few deep breaths and try to still your mind. This will help your tarot reader to connect into the energy of you rather than the stress of a situation and will result in much clearer results and even actionable steps to help you move forward.

Choose A Quiet Place

Don’t call for a tarot reading if you’ve got children surrounding you and requiring your attention, instead wait until after your children have gone to bed before you call for a tarot reading – you’ll find that tarot readers online are available 24/7.  Even if you don’t have children you need to be alone where you won’t be disturbed for twenty minutes to make the most out of your tarot reading.  

Write Down Your Questions

This is a great strategy to help you to create some order out of your situation and ensure that you don’t forget anything you need to know.  The fact that you’ve created order will help the tarot cards to prioritise answers for you too.  

Have a Pen and Paper Handy

You won’t remember everything during your reading, so it helps to make notes so that you can see how the tarot’s message work out in your life. 

Be Prepared For Honest Advice

Sometimes the truth hurts and you need to be prepared for this if you plan on having a tarot reading.  You won’t receive any troubling news of impending doom but you will receive honest advice. If that guy is bad for you, the cards won’t lie and a good tarot reader won’t edit the message!

What Should You Expect From A Tarot Reading?

You might be surprised to learn that you’ll probably feel uplifted after a tarot reading, but there are also a few other things that you should expect;

  • Honesty and integrity.
  • The truth.
  • Kindness.
  • To feel the energy shift immediately in some situations.
  • The realisation that you need to adjust your mindset.
  • Prompts to face hard facts and support to help you do so.
  • Control over your situation.
  • The strength to smash through any blockages you might experience.
  • Love and compassion from your tarot reader.
  • A reality check.
  • Empathy and understanding.
  • Newfound courage or resolve to help you move to better times.
  • Realistic hope.
  • Release of pent up emotion.
  • Tiredness.
  • Relief.

What Are The Pros and Cons of A Tarot Reading?


  • Tarot readings are versatile, they can help in so many different situations.
  • Gives you clarity on a situation and helps you to make better decisions.
  • Find advice to help you move forward in your life.
  • Helps you to see the things you are blind to in a situation.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to develop your self-awareness and intuition.

The Tarot is an outer oracle of which the inner oracle is the source – Philippe St Genoux


  • You can’t learn your fortune, you can only recognise potential outcomes that can change in a split second.
  • Some tarot readers don’t have the courage to tell you the truth, especially if they realise you don’t want to hear it.
  • Look for those readers who say they are honest no matter the cost and you’ll find a good tarot reader.
  • You still have to practice discernment in your life.
  • A tarot reader may project their own thoughts too much.
  • Tarot readers are easily impersonated (check out our reviews to spot the scams).

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