Gemini Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Gemini at a Glance
Element: Air // Mode: Mutable & Changing //Colour : Yellow // Planet : Mercury // Keywords : “I Think”

Getting to know the Gemini Man 

Gemini men are like quicksilver – fast moving, exciting, clever and always in a state of change. They are some of the cleverest folk around and if you are looking for a man who is going to stimulate your mind, look no further! These men are fantastic at wordplay and their quick humour and intelligent wit will have you giggling and laughing most of the time.

Gemini men are sharp, and bored easily – their curiosity knows no bounds, and they are always looking to learn something new. This makes them the type of people who know a little about everything, yet they can lack constancy and reliability, for as soon as they learn the general way something works, they move on to the next thing. Their minds have to be engaged at all times, and they are usually highly rational, preferring logic over emotion any day. They are brilliant problem solvers and fast talkers.

Gemini men sometimes have a very nervous energy due to the mental build up of information, and the best way to release this tension is through exercise – it is not unusual to find these men running marathons, surfing, swimming and whatever other sport they decide is good to discharge that powerful mental energy. This can make them great companions for both mental tasks and physical challenges.

Having a Gemini man around is a lot of fun – they are endlessly youthful, have a dark sarcastic wit at times and are always up for anything!

How the Gemini Man Loves 

Above all, Gemini men need a lot of stimulation – they are very restless and quickly bored, and so even in love, they like to be around someone who will challenge them each day and be a little bit new and exciting. They will first look to be mentally engaged, and whilst a pretty face will appeal to them in a detached kind of way, they are really drawn to people who will spar with them intellectually. Brains win out over brawn any day, although they will also enjoy someone who can at least join them for one of their favourite sports (as they usually have many).

Gemini men are not known for their empathy and desire to get into the emotional side of things – they can be quite removed from their emotions, but they are wonderful when it comes to problem solving and talking something through. They love long conversations and will sit for hours analysing any problem.

Gemini men will commit and settle down with someone who gives them their freedom to pursue their many interests in life, and they will be true to the person who honours their desire and need for change. Even if they stay in the same job forever, they will need stimulation in other areas of life, and so will get quite bored if made to do the same thing day after day.

The Gemini man loves someone who can discuss the latest book with them, who can give them a run for their money mentally. The Gemini man will not be dull – they will show a new side to them every day, and will make you laugh like no other. Their charm is usually irresistible, and once they decide they want you, there is no stopping them!

The Gemini Man’s Sexuality

Gemini men are bored easily – in love, life and in the bedroom. Sexually, they need variety or else they become less interested. To begin seducing a Gemini man, you have to first seduce his mind – he finds clever, intelligent woman irresistible, and once his head is engaged, the rest of him follows.

This talkative man loves to extend the conversation to the bedroom, and may love to use words and language as one of his sexual tools – you may have to learn to develop an appreciation for naughty words and be open to saying things you may have not pictured yourself saying before.

Gemini men will enjoy role playing and even acting – this will satiate their desire for something different every time. If you can shift roles, from demure female, to dominating seductress, to shy schoolgirl and everything else between, this man will never feel the need to look elsewhere. You will have fun too, and you’ll both enjoy the interesting and never mundane sexual enjoyment you have together.

The Gemini man will enjoy “pillow talk” as well, and so sparking a conversation before, during and after suits these men well. They are often very playful and light in bed, never taking it too seriously, and so lovemaking never needs to be something overly intense or emotionally charged. Like everything, they see it as another wonderful and interesting aspect of life to be curious about.

Dating a Gemini Man

Dating a Gemini man is like dating a different person every day – they are always changing, a laugh a minute and incredibly interesting. They are wonderful to talk to, and they simply love a good conversation. Dating a Gemini man will move fast – they don’t necessarily wait around, but they will quite enjoy the “dating game” – innuendos and word games are par for the course here, and these men simply adore the virtual dating world. It won’t be unusual to find your Gemini man on Tinder, for example.

These men will prefer chatting to immediately jumping into bed, and that applies to any stage of the relationship. It can be tough for a Gemini man to settle down and commit, and they don’t generally respond very well to pressure – they become a little touchy when they are pushed, and so handling them gently is important here.

Socialising is important to these men, and they may enjoy dating you and spending time with their friends at the same time. The Gemini man is not necessarily romantic, but they are wonderful companions and the very best of friends to have around, and they will never fail to make you laugh or make light of a heavy situation. Sometimes, dating a Gemini man can be tiring as they have such need for change and novelty, but at the end of the day, they are fresh, youthful and always new, never becoming too boring or living a life that is mundane or ordinary. Dating a Gemini man is like dating someone new every day of your life.

The Gemini man doesn’t need the red roses and gushy sentiments – and they won’t really give it either, and so putting away those expectations will be very important when it comes to dating. Gemini men prefer doing things that stimulate their minds, and so arranging an evening at a book opening, some time at an art gallery or a show for a new and popular band will be much more preferred than a restaurant – although with a restaurant, they can get talking, which is appealing to these men.

Gemini men will also love movies that make them think, that are intelligent and are somewhat edgy – the Gemini man likes things that are complicated and spending their time challenging their brains is a great night out.

Spoiling a Gemini Man

Gift wise, these men like books, intellectual movies, new technology with plenty of colours and things to figure out, and man toys that demand a lot of problem solving. Be aware though, that even if they love it at first, they will move onto something new that captures their attention, so don’t spend too much on these men – for them, variety really is better than anything else.

The Gemini Man’s Career and Finances

Gemini men need careers that challenge them intellectually, and so they are often found in professions that require a huge amount of brainwork, analysing and are very data intensive. They balance that out by usually having a very active social and physical lifestyle, and although they might jot be the types that are particularly ambitious, they can get to the top of their game simply due to their cleverness.

Gemini man won’t necessarily spend long hours at work, as that would be too boring for them. They need variety in their day, and so they are the types that will usually have a few things they do on a day to day basis – if they can have three or more jobs at the same time, they would, although that’s not always the case.

Gemini man don’t really subscribe to the stay at home wife and provider husband roles. They like a woman who is smart enough to do her own thing and not cling to them for stimulation. Because the Gemini man isn’t necessarily corporate driven, they won’t mind a woman who isn’t a boardroom queen either.

Don’t be surprised if your Gemini man changes jobs often, because if they are unsatisfied at their current job, if it doesn’t give them the challenge and change they need, they will look elsewhere.

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