How Establishing A Sense Of Contribution Improves Esteem

Somebody once shared with me that if you want to feel empowered and develop a strong sense of self-worth that you need these four things:

I forget who shared this wisdom with me, so I cannot assign credit where it’s due, but they were some of the wisest words I had heard in a long time.  

Each factor has a huge influence on how we develop optimal esteem, but for this article, we are concentrating on developing a sense of significance which arises from the contribution we give to the world.  

The Profound Effect Of Significance

Significance is the need to have meaning, and pride,in your life; to feel needed and wanted.  So that you can fill your identity with the notion that you are important and worthy of love and we achieve this through the contributions we make in the world.  

The problem is most people don’t think about how they contribute too much.  Instead, they will achieve a false sense of contribution through their work, or as parents predominantly.  

Or people will fill themselves up with superficial activities such as shopping, eating, socialising.  Or even other forms of distraction that we might participate in to avoid an emptiness inside.  

As important as work and children are and as fun as some of the superficial activities we participate in are, the level of contribution we give is often significantly limited and frequently overlooked.  

Which means that our sense of fulfillment and esteem is also limited and overlooked.

You can only contribute as much as your workplace or position allows you to, and you can only contribute to your children while they are small, and when they are grown you’ll find that there is nothing for you to contribute to (at least not as much).  

Contribution As Children

As children, particularly in the western world we are not really brought up to contribute, we are encouraged to follow instructions, study, and then play.  

Most families don’t assign small tasks to their child to even contribute to the family home, and fewer families have discussions about how to contribute to something bigger than them.  

If they were to focus on this contribution factor, they would teach their children to grow up with a purpose that is bigger than them, bigger than their family and more significant than anything that they can do alone.  And also they’d know that  their contribution is vital.  

And if you grew up knowing this, you’d have a strong sense of purpose in your life and a confidence in your abilities and sense of self that by far exceeds how you might be today.

Of course, there are other factors in creating a strong sense of esteem such as those expressed earlier on in this article but these aspects of life are usually addressed naturally.  It’s the significant factor that is often missed.

How To Raise Esteem & Improve Your Sense Of Contribution

So what can you do to raise your esteem, or improve your sense of contribution?

It’s easy to build a sense of contribution, all you need to do is to find something that has meaning to you,  a purpose bigger than you, your family, your children and start to make that something that you start to contribute to.  And as you do, watch how your life and the life of your family or people around you changes for the better.

If you are a busy parent, you can make it part of your family culture and just do small things toward the goal as a family (it’s a great way to find healthy and wholesome activities for the whole family to do too and one that will create an extra bond and empower all involved).  

Below are some ideas for how you can contribute in a way that is huge!  But remember you might only be able to raise awareness for your cause, research, or support a charity to start off but as you grow in your commitment to this you’ll find other ways that you can contribute.

 If you can solve the problem yourself in this lifetime, you probably haven’t picked a cause big enough. So it goes without saying don’t pass on something that is important to you because you can’t see what difference you can make.  

As you start to do this you’ll find it easier to get through some of life’s challenges, work even becomes easier because you are always doing it for the greater good. And for something that you have a passionate and vested interest in.

Even if it’s to push yourself for that promotion so that you improve your life and can donate an extra £20 per month to your favourite charity who supports your cause.

Here are some ideas to help you find some inspiration:

  • Do something to stop animals from suffering, or to change the lives of animals.
  • Bring more love and joy into the world.  
  • Help people to learn how to raise their children so that they grow confidently.
  • Clear up the oceans.
  • Work to prevent social stigma or bullying.
  • Encourage others to connect.
  • Work to eliminate poverty.

The list is endless and can be entirely personal to you and your passions.  If you can pick something that is important and not superficial, it will have a much more profound effect on your esteem and on the esteem of those involved too.  

If you are suffering from a low self-esteem or lack of contribution and don’t know where to get started or who to turn to, there are plenty of empathetic psychic advisors online who can guide you.  

There are options for tarot readings, and even healing – all of which will help you find your unique contribution.  

Do you know what your great contribution might be?  Let us know in the comments below, you never know, you might inspire somebody else to join your cause!  

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