Is A Psychic Who Doesn’t Use Tools Better Than A Psychic Who Does?

When you are searching online for a psychic reader, you’ll frequently stumble across psychics who claim that they can read for you without the need for tools.  They make it seem as though it’s an advanced skill which sets them apart from other psychics.

And it sounds like a pretty cool ability right?

Because it seems as though the psychic might have some advanced skills many people might click on the psychic’s profile to book a reading. Just because of such claims.

But the question is, does the use of tools such as tarot, or the crystal ball make you less skilled than a psychic reader who doesn’t ‘need’ the tools? Or is it all just a marketing strategy?

Let’s make no bones about it you have to be good if you can perform a twenty minute or even hour-long psychic reading without tools that’s for sure.  

Divination Is An Advanced Skill Too

But, you also have to be good to work with the tools and use them well.  

Using divination tools is a skill in its own right, and depending on what tools are used you often need to be advanced to read them professionally.  

For example;  It could be said that learning to read the tarot is the equivalent to learning more than one different language.  And readings also improve as the tarot reader develops and maintains a personal relationship with the cards over many years, which seems to encourage a deeper connection with them.  .

Reading tarot is not as simple as reading the guidebook that comes with a deck of tarot, not for a professional anyway. And it’s the same for other types of divination tools too.  

Challenges A Psychic Who Doesn’t Use Tools Faces


There’s also a potential problem for the psychic who doesn’t use tools.  For they are only limited to what information they receive and that they can filter in their minds.  

Which means that sometimes they might not be able to fully see the entirety of a problem (psychic ability isn’t as clear as watching a movie, or reading a book about your life).  They have to rely on this information coming through, and then have to translate it for you. If either of you are tired or your connection drops they might not receive any further insight.  And If you ask additional questions, and they get nothing they can’t really help you any further.

But if a reader also uses tools such as tarot cards then if the messages run dry (which they often do) then a tarot reader can pick up the messages and answer your questions, often in much greater detail than a reader who only relies only on psychic ability.  Divination tools can often bring different perspectives and intricate details to a reading too.

Which is why if I were looking for a new psychic to book a reading with, I’d always look for a psychic who also uses divination tools. So that I can get the most out of the session and attain more depth from the reading.

You just have to make sure you pick a psychic who is skilled at reading the tarot or using other forms of divination tools.  And you can easily do that by checking out the feedback on our recommended psychic sites.

Do you prefer a psychic who uses tools, or one who doesn’t and why?  Please let us know in the feedback below.


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