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November 2018

Venus the lover and planet of harmony finally gets her act together, moving direct in Libra, your fellow air sign and 9th house of spirituality and overseas travel mid-month.  At the same time, Mercury, the other day to day personal planet of the zodiac takes his last retrograde trip of 2018 in Sagittarius, your 11th house of hopes wishes and friendship. Easy does it with your friends and if you and a friend have often talked about going into some sort of business together or going on vacation together, NOW is NOT the time to plan it or book it with Mercury out of phase.  Mars the planet of ‘just do it’ in your sign through the 15th will be pushing you to do something you might not be ready for Aquarius.  If that push involves your other half and you know that he or she is pushing back, this is a good time to listen to your intuition and take a few steps back.


Single? November is a tricky month for you.  On the one hand you have passionate Mars in your sign through the 15th and Venus moving direct in Libra.  However with these 2 planets both choosing the 16th to move forward and retrograde and for Mars to leave your sign, mid-month is set to be confusing and a web of intrigue for even the most confident of you.  You might be better off sitting this one out and not getting involved with anyone until December when the planets settle back down. These 2 day to day personal planets stopped dead in their tracks usually indicates stalls, delays and long lasting miscommunications for you.  No matter where you are or who you are with, discretion is everything.  As is judging the ‘temperature in the room’.


YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – The Full Moon in Gemini on the 23rd lights up your fellow air sign of Gemini, your 5th house of romance, self-fulfillment and creativity.  You will be in a situation where you can nip an issue in the cosmic bud and make sure that you and your other half are on the same cosmic page.  If there are any pressing issues, address them but don’t over do it.  






October 2018


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Fiery, feisty and passionate Mars will storm through your sign all month long and if there was ever a time to make your mark – as a single Aquarius or as one in a relationship – it’s now.  You’ve never had a problem about being exactly the person you’ve wanted to be so this is just an added, extra bonus for you. Understand that with Mars in your first house of personality and ego, your personality might be more intense than usual.  You may come off as being superficial if you’re not careful. Mars is in your sign for the next 6 weeks and you might scare off potential suitors by coming on way too strong.


If you have something important to convey to your other half, this is the month to do so.  If you’re involved with someone that you work with romantically, Venus the Goddess of love and money spends October 5 – November 11 out of phase in this part of your chart.  If you’ve managed to keep your clandestine love affair a secret so far, it may not stay so secret much longer. A simple slip up or someone spying you out on a date could have the relationship on blast.  Venus retrograde tends to force everything to the surface when it comes to our love life.


If you’re in a relationship, this is going to be a month when you will need to make sure your need to be out and about on the social circuit doesn’t interfere with your love life.  You have a wide and varied group of friends and you like to see them. Particularly with Mars in your sign, you are more active than ever. Just make sure you check in with your other half every now and again!


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – A Full Moon October 24 in your 4th house of home and family will make the end of the month a time when a deluge of family and friends could descend upon your front door, whether you want them to or not.  Or your partner’s family could announce they’re coming to stay…yeah! You can handle it!





September 2018


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Got more than friendly feelings towards a friend?  This is the month you could find out if those feelings are mutual Aquarius.  Particularly around September 3 when you are invited to hang out with someone you are friends with and see if sparks fly or not.  You’re not one to push things so play it by ear and trust your intuition. It can be an awkward transition going from friend to lover, so if you feel it’s going to ruin a good friendship is it worth the risk?


Much of this wondering is a product of passionate Mars setting up shop in your sign September 11 – November 16.  Mars in your 1st house of ego and personality will give you much more confidence when it comes to going after what and whom you want, especially around the time of the fiery Full Moon in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars and transiting your communication and conversations zone.  Keeping a lid on your anger might not be as easy for you as usual after the 11th, so make a conscious effort to take things in stride Aquarius.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Venus the lovemaker of the zodiac lights up your 10th house of career and ambition from September 10th on.  If you’ve got your eye on someone at work, you are much more likely to find out over the next few weeks whether or not the feeling is mutual.

August 2018

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Despite Mercury retrograding in Leo, your opposite sign of relationships through August 14, you have an ally in Venus, the Goddess of love, who sets up her mediation workshop in Libra August 6 – September 10.  If you’re flying solo, now is the perfect time for you to take time out to explore new places and faces.  Get a group of like minded friends together and take the city by storm (not literally but you know what we’re getting at!)  Librans, Gemini’s and Leos are all purrfect matches for you this month.


If you’re already in a relationship, misunderstandings and communication misfires have been frequent in your love life.  Mercury the planet of conversations has been out of phase in your partnership zone since late July.  You may have argued about the silliest and strangest things of all time over the past few weeks. Once Mercury moves direct on the 14th, make it a point to address anything and everything that needs discussing and tweaking.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN AUGUST – The Full Moon on the 26th shines a light on your financial zone.  If you haven’t been feeling as if things are working out on the money side of things in your relationship, this is a good time to sit down and work things through so that you both feel happy and protected.




July 2018

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Communications Director Mercury takes a cat nap at the end of the month in your relationship zone.  Through August 19 relationships will be tougher and much more difficult to sort through and sort out.  On the 25th shocking Uranus and the Sun get into a testy square, which suggests that many of you shouldn’t ‘count your chickens until they’re hatched’.  Some of you could break up to make up while others of you will try their best to mend broken relationships by being as open and receptive as possible. Hopefully your willingness to work with others is reciprocated.  


Mars the planet of passion and enthusiasm has a cosmic dog in this ‘fight’ too, retrograding in your sign through mid-August.  You just might not have it in you to deal with a shaky relationship any longer. If your intuition is screaming at you to stop fighting it and simply let it go…then do so.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR JULY  – Now is not the time to make any sudden moves or make any major decisions once Mercury goes out of phase in Leo, your one on one relationship zone on the 26th – August 19.  As much as you might want to ‘pull the plug’, many of you will have regrets if you do.


June 2018

The Sun, communicator Mercury and a New Moon on the 13th will make it easy for you to enjoy yourself during June Aquarius, since they will all be passing through playful, fun loving Gemini and your solar 5th house of recreation, playmates and casual lovers. Single? You’ll be super busy socially and this makes it an excellent time for you to mingle and mix and keep your eye out for someone interesting. If friends suggest setting you up on a blind date (look what it did for Meghan and Harry!) say “yes”.

If you’re with someone and happily with someone, know that a bit of temptation could be on the way. Nothing you can’t handle of course. Flirting is fine and fun as long as it’s within the boundaries of what you feel and know is acceptable. Mars the planet of passion in your sign through the 26th before retrograding through your sign until August 27 is the reasoning behind any flirtations. Once he goes out of phase however you might hit some stumbling blocks in your relationship which have to be sorted out.

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – Venus the lover in your relationship zone from June 14 – July 11 will be just what the love doctor ordered this month for both single and attached Aquarians. Venus can quell even the deepest and darkest dramas Aquarius!

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Aquarius

Mars the planet of passion and often explosive encounters moves into your sign on the 18th of this month, where he stay for the next 7 years. So it’s a slow boil for sure. Things aren’t going to happen overnight. For partnered up Aquarians, just make sure you’re reading the situation correctly before overreacting and taking offense to something minor. It could cause a roll on effect that is hard to stop once it gets going.

Venus the planet of love and relationships spends half the month in Gemini, your fellow air sign and 5th house of romance and self-fulfillment,making it a great time to meet someone worth meeting. You can often come across as aloof sometimes, so make sure you are friendly and warm. Those that know you would disagree with the (aloof thing) but it’s simply part of your cosmic makeup. Your best matches this month are Gemini’s, Leos and Sagittarians.

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Have fun this month! Venus in Gemini and Mars the planet of passion moving into your sign halfway through the month signals you’ll have a lot of extra energy.

Love and Relationship Guide

Aquarius Love Guide

Aquarius: Natural Charmers

Aquarians are unique in their perspectives and quite opinionated. Their experience of love must be one of freedom and individuality. As such, they seek a partner that can introduce something new and rejuvenating into their life. Aquarians possess a natural charm that can be hard to resist, making them stars in their own right. For a lasting relationship, they seek to make a connection with their partner’s mind, body, and soul.


A fixed sign, you Aquarians know what you want, when you want it and rarely take “no” for an answer. You realize the enormous gift you have of being rare and different you can be – a free spirit, dancing to the beat of your own drum – a huge challenge – all of this plays right into your games of seduction and snaring!

This may mean you attract a host of different lovers/partners – from Wall St type tycoons to Harley Davidson tattooed bar flies to athletes to landscapers.

Nonconformists like yourself are what you find attractive – someone who like yourself dances to the beat of his or her own drum. You’re ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion, the radical rule breaker and you are known to challenge the status quo – from a young age on.

In relationships, falling into a rut is the kiss of death for you so you often keep it interesting by not committing to someone all the way until you believe he or she is the right one for you. Sagittarians get your need for freedom and for having a less rigid partnership than most others – some of you might even find a Sag willing to have an open relationship in the beginning which could work out just fine for the both of you. Gemini’s and Librans are two other signs that like to do their own thing and won’t want to know where you are at all times – tracking you like a GPS on their iPhone!


You tend to find family wherever you are. In the middle of a busy city or on a deserted island. You love socializing with people from different countries and backgrounds – especially people from different races. Your unbiased views towards race, creed and sexuality make you an exciting, open minded companion. You don’t care what other people do behind closed doors and feel they shouldn’t care what you are doing either. Aries are a great source of friendship for you as they love to do things in large groups like you do. Leos are your opposite sign and will be your biggest cheerleader/defender. Gemini’s are very social and accepting too – another great zodiac friend.


You are definitely the ’odd bod’ of the zodiac. Ruled by rebellious Uranus, the planet of shock and awe, you tend to be the black sheep of the family – especially in your younger years. Then we you grow up and remain happy, carefree and independent, your family realizes what a gift you truly are! Many of you leave the nest early – taking off overseas or shacking up with your latest of many lovers you usually have in life. You tend to make your family with whomever is around you at the time and while you might not be the best at keeping in contact with your blood ties, when you are around them, you are present and happy to be back in the family fold – if only for a short time. Your closest family will be Gemini’s, Leos and other Aquarians – who simply ’get you’ and your need for total independence at times.


You have enough wit and sarcasm for a busload of people and others are drawn to your funny tales and witty repartee. You always have something to say about the state of the world to those around you and many of you can often ’stand on your soapbox’ and rant about political agendas and social issues for hours on end.


Another Aquarius – You can debate and toss around ideas with another Aquarius for hours/days. Like you, they understand the need for discussion and for also being politically and socially active. It’s all very well to talk about something, you’re all about doing it!

Pisces – Nothing much to say between you and the most sensitive sign in the zodiac. You can tend to stomp all over people’s feelings, while Pisces are emotional and needy – which you can’t stand. If you’re creative and artistic however, you will enjoy talking about that.

Aries – A fire sign ruled by take charge Mars, you do enjoy talking to Aries. Like you they are inquisitive about the world and always like making new friends and being in the social scene. They can however be a bit ’chatty Kathy’ for you at times.

Taurus – Like you, Taureans are a fixed sign and can be stubborn! While you may enjoy talking to them about money and investments and even fashion, you will find that they can be pretty heavy going at times.

Gemini – This is a great match up for you in all ways. A fellow air sign, Gemini’s love their independence too and are always up for intense conversations or fun and flirty ones. They are great go to signs for advice.

Cancer – Usually way too moody for you and way too sensitive as well. You tend to say what’s on your mind – no filters – and they can take umbrage to your words and feel as if you are picking on them.

Leo – Another great match up for you – your opposite sign and your relationship zone – you like their passion and strength however they can be a bit ’showy’ and materialistic at times for you.

Virgo – An earth sign, you and Virgos don’t really have that much in common. Virgos can be judgmental at times and you are so not judgmental that you can feel as if they are being very unfair. You on the other hand can be politically incorrect at times, something they don’t like that much.

Libra – Your fellow air sign and a bit of a space cadet at times – Librans can frustrate you with their rather preachy love thy neighbour approach to things at times. However they are always up for a chat (no matter what time of day) and will always have your back in a crisis.

Scorpio – Way too secretive and dark for you – they carry their secrets with them like a wallet – always tucked away and they can be extremely mysterious and aloof – both of which you abhor. Scorpios are however the beset keeper of secrets if you have any you haven’t already spilled!

Sagittarius – is one of the best talking matches for you in the zodiac. They too are interested in all range of subjects and like you collect friends from all walks of life and all over the globe. You travel well together and probably have friends in common when you first meet.

Capricorn – Way too serious for you and way too worried about money and status as well – 2 things you aren’t that concerned about at all. Plus being an earth sign, they tend to stick close to home and family where as you like to spread your wings and have adventures.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Aquarius.

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