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November 2018

Have unfinished business with your partner or lover that needs to be put to bed once and for all Aries?  if you do and it wasn’t adequately solved last month, now is the time for you to have another go/try and fixing things and building a bridge that you can meet on halfway.  November really is an extraordinary month, with Venus finally moving direct in Libra – your opposite sign and relationship zone November 16.  Venus moves direct in Libra, your relationship zone and through December 3 makes this the perfect time for you to fix whatever needs fixing.  On top of that Mercury, the planet of communications and clear thinking takes his final nap of the year.  Retrograding in Sagittarius November 16 – December 6, your fellow fire sign and 9th house of higher education and thinking for 3 weeks, it will have some of you severely doubting your life path and realizing that you need to make some very necessary changes.


Whether you’re single or attached, November is definitely a month to sift through all of the things that are going on in your life and seeing if anything needs tweaking.  Mars, the planet of passion remains in Aquarius, your 11th house of hopes and wishes through November 15.  The 15th/16th are extremely important dates for you and everyone else in the zodiac.  If that’s not enough planetary play, Jupiter the biggest planet in the zodiac, the planet of good luck and opportunity finds his way home into Sagittarius, your fellow fire sign and 9th house of spirituality and higher thinking.  A Full Moon in Gemini, your think-tank zone on the 23rd helps you make a very big but necessary decision about your future as we come to the end of 2018.  If you’re single and looking for love, Mercury retrograde could definitely be a fly in the cosmic ointment.  If you’ve been hoping to seal the deal somewhere along the line, an unpredictable opposition between Venus and Uranus on the 3rd could stir up the dust once again between you and a loved one -despite your best efforts.  This too shall pass.  The one thing about November’s planetary play is the fact that it is intense and all at once, but will free itself up to make life that much more easier for you Aries.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – If you need to make any kind of relationship change, this is the month to do it Aries.  Things may have been off kilter for you with Venus out of phase in Scorpio, your joint resources and projects zone for the past few weeks.  It’s prime time to ask for what or whom you want and make sure you are specific when asking and meditating.













October 2018


Aries (March 21 – April 20)


It’s a loved up month for you Rams astrologically with the Sun, a New Moon on the 8th and Mercury the planet of chitchat and communication all transiting Libra, your one on one relationship zone throughout the month.  The New Moon October 8 will set up shop in your solar 7th house of relationships, urging you to make nice with anyone and everyone you’ve recently been warring with – even if you’ve been at odds with them for some time.  The point is Aries, if closure, forgive and forget type scenario is really what you’re after, it might be up to you to make the first move towards reconciliation. While this might not be your strongest personality trait (forgiveness), think of how much better you will feel when you are speaking again.


Single and attached Aries could run into someone from their past – quite possibly the one that got away or the one you threw back!  An opposition between Venus the Goddess of love and startling Uranus could bring along an encounter you weren’t expecting, most likely with someone from the past you hadn’t planned on seeing or even speaking to again.  Stay calm, be pleasant and keep it moving.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – Keep in mind that with Venus the lover going out of phase in Scorpio October 5 – November 16 in your 8th house of joint resources, chances are you and your other half will have some rather intense discussions about money.  If you do need to set some limitations on jointly held funds, this is the perfect time to do that.

September 2018

Aries (March 21 – April 20



A square aspect between loving Venus and assertive Mars your ruler on the 8th is the perfect cosmic recipe for “if you love me, you would” type passive aggressive behaviour many of you often resort to Aries.  Later on in the month, the 11th – Mars moves into Aquarius, the sign that is more emotionally disconnected. You may very well find that you are on your high horse the first week of the month and then realize you’ve acted way too irrationally and then have to back down the second week.  Be as calm and rational as you can and don’t jump before the starting gun!


Single?  Holding a love torch for someone you work with?  Be careful that you don’t get into a full on love fest and end up losing your job or being moved to a different department when things go sour or HR catches drift of your relationship and steps in.  Saturn the planet of focus moving direct in your career and ambition zone on the 6th could be the reason behind your decision to push forward with that love connection. Just understand it comes with more than a few risks.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Mars your ruler in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship from the 11th on suggests that you could decide you want to turn a friendship into something more this month.  Like a relationship. Is it worth risking your friendship for a chance at romance Aries? Think carefully before making your love.





August 2018

Aries (March 21 – April 20)


If you are out to impress a lover this month around the 5th or 6th be extra careful Aries.  You’re one of the cosmic risk takers but with Mercury the communicator out of phase in your fellow fire sign of Leo, your romance zone, it might not be the best time for you to take an unnecessary risks or put your lover through any kind of tests.  You’re known for being overly aggressive at times and as much as you might want to ‘test’ out your other half and find out just how much they love you, August is not the time.


On the 9th, a testy Venus-Saturn square will make it extremely easy for you and your partner to have a silly argument about how much time you’ve been spending at work versus how much time and energy you’ve been putting into your relationship.  Keep in mind that jobs come and go but good, solid relationships are not easy to find. If you have one, you best hang onto it.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN AUGUST – Communicator Mercury will turn direct August 19 in your lovers zone.  This will be a clear indication among those of you who are single that you need to forge ahead and find new potential partners versus looking back at ‘the ones that got away’.  ‘The past is history, the future a mystery’ Aries.



July 2018


Aries (March 21 – April 20)


It could be love at first sight for some of you Rams this month.  On the 22nd Venus and Jupiter – a wonderful cosmic pairing will get together in a vibrant sextile.  These 2 have been known to be in the vicinity when love at first sight occurs. Keep an eye and an ear out for some with an interesting and unusual accent, and make that one of your pick up lines!  Not that you need a pick up line Aries. You’re not shy when it comes to romance!


If you’re attached, you might very well run into an old flame this month Aries.  While you may find yourself reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ remember the not so good times as well.  If you’re madly in love with your other half, some quality time alone is a good idea early in the month, as the Sun and lucky Jupiter form an easy trine, with Mercury opposing energetic Mars your ruler.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR JULY – Keeping the flame alive is never easy Aries.  You get into a pattern sometimes which is hard to break free from. Going to the same restaurants, watching TV in your pajamas (no more sexy lingerie) and becoming more like roommates than lovers can happen.

June 2018

Single? You might just run into your own Prince this month – someone who seems just perfect for you early in June, especially after the 14th when Venus moves into Leo, your romance and creative zone. Just don’t rush into anything or rush anyone Aries. They’re not going anywhere. You don’t want to scare them off with your ardour or impatience. Enjoy the first stages of your relationship – the courtship. Leos, Geminis and Aquarians are all good matches for you.

Attached? The Sun, Mercury and a New Moon on the 13th in Gemini transits your communication zone mid-month making it much easier for you to talk through anything and everything that is bothering you. Now is the time to work things out Aries. On the 14th Venus the Goddess of love and money shifts gears and moves into Leo, your fellow fire sign and romance zone. Venus will definitely help things along and it’s a good time for you to mix and mingle and have your eye out for anyone who seems to be out and about mixing and mingling too.

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – You’ll be tempted by Venus to impress your other half or the person you’re dating with extravagant gifts that you can’t really afford at times. That’s the influence of Venus in your 5th house Aries. It’s the thought that counts.

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Aries

Uranus the planet of shock and surprise will set off for your 2nd house of finances on the 15th Aries, where he will stay for the next 7 years. Expect your monetary situation to change many times over the duration and for those of you in a relationship, this planetary change could have a trickle down effect on your relationship. Mercury the planet of words spends the first half of May in your sign, making it the perfect time to discuss many important matters and how the best way to approach them will be.

Mars your ruler and the planet of unexpected events leaves your sign mid-month after being there for the past 7 years, moving into your friendship, hopes and wishes zone. Not only does it make it a great time to finally open that business with a friend you’ve been talking about forever, but it also makes it the perfect time for turning a friendship into something ‘extra’ if you’ve had that on your mind for some time. Just be careful Aries. You don’t want to lose a great friend over coming on too strong!

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Venus in Cancer from mid-month on indicates the majority of you will be in nesting mode this month Aries. Renovations and buying new sheets and towels and cooking meals for your and your partner will definitely be on your to do list.

Love and Relationship Guide

Aries Love Guide

Aries: The Energetic Lover

Fire and passion are words that best describe people born under this sign when it comes to love and relationships. They are courageous enough to take action with regard to their feelings, making them straightforward in their relationships. They will let you know if they’re into you and will walk away if they feel there’s no chemistry in the relationship. Once they find the right partner, however, they give their all, and expect nothing less in return.


Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, lust and courage, you need to have that instant animal attraction in order to get any romantic relationship going. You don’t have a type as such. Dark, blond, exotic or cookie cutter… it’s about the intensity you feel when you’re around that person.

You’re looking for a sense of urgency when it comes to your partner. Someone who is willing to go that extra yard. Call when they say they’re going to call. Be home when they say they are going to be home. Within reason of course. But you are waiting for them, dinner on the table, you in bed naked with dessert or good news – and you don’t like to wait! You are always on time for your lover, always ready and willing to please and go to great lengths to make sure he or she is happy. If that is not reciprocated you lose interest – quickly! And then your passive aggressive side can come roaring out. Where you feel as if you’ve wasted precious time on someone who hasn’t rescinded that time and energy back.

That’s why it’s vital you stick to passionate signs who are up for the challenge of YOU and pleasing YOU. Leos, Gemini’s and Sagittarians are all signs that like to live life in the fast lane. You need someone who is happy to drop everything Friday afternoon and drive to the beach or the mountains – to hell with the traffic! Or someone who will sneak into the bathroom for a quickie with you at a crowded restaurant – you like the thrill of people banging on the door or your friends wondering (and knowing full well) where you are!! And what you’re up to.

Obviously this type of passion can’t go on forever – there are going to be lulls and dips – but you do need to know that it’s there to be picked up whenever you want to pick it up.


While you are very independent and don’t need to be out and about every night, you like having a handful of very close friends you can turn to for help and advice. Leos, Scorpios and Librans all make excellent friends for you – you can trust them, and Librans always offer the other side of the coin for you and show you where you might have been a bit over the top. You tend to keep in touch with people too – on Facebook etc. – and even if you haven’t seen someone in 10 years, you find it easy to pick up with them as if you had just seen them. You have a good memory and can usually remind them of fun times you had together which they may have forgotten.


Being the first sign of the zodiac, you can be rather immature at times. Aries either cling to their family or get as far away from them as possible. You tend to leave the nest early – and often come back to rest later in life when you simply need some TLC. Depending on what signs your siblings are, you can be connected or not. You have a super busy life so don’t like feeling as if you are indebted to someone or have to entertain someone just because they’re related to you. If you’re a female Aries, you probably gel better with the men in the family and vice versa.


You are a big talker Aries – sometimes you offer the Moon and the stars and then come up short. However you often talk over other people and instead of listening to what they have to say, put words in their mouth – the words you want to hear. Stop finishing other people’s sentences, let others have their say and then you can take the floor!


Other Aries – It’s not a dual talk off! Set aside enough time for you to both have your say and then correct everything the other has to say and then have your say again!

Taurus – Signs of few words. Prefer action so you work well with them in silence or at the very best, at a minimum of words. They won’t change their minds either!

Gemini – You and chatty Kathy get along like gangbusters. However your conversation tends to steer all over the road and it’s hard to stick to one topic and get it resolved.
Cancer – Depends on what mood he or she is in. Sometimes you can talk for hours; sometimes you get off the phone quick – as they are obviously having a bad day! Or offering you way too much advice!

Leo – 2 fire signs is a great match and you always find things to talk about. Sex being one of them! You like nothing more than a chardonnay in one hand and a gossip mag in the other when you get together. Or a beer and the footy on TV.

Virgo – Way too practical and make way too much common sense for the majority of you. However if you need help with business stuff or work stuff, they are great. Good at guiding you through IKEA furniture set ups too!

Libra – Probably the best person for you to lay your troubles out and for them to fix them. They see things you don’t see because you’re always in such a rush and so impatient to get onto the next big thing.

Scorpio – You will probably find you do all the talking while they do most of the listening and observing. While frustrating at times for you, it does help you learn to how to edit your convo so you don’t come off as being so needy.

Sagittarius – You’re both fire signs and you both love adventure. You also enjoy a bit of gossiping – just make sure you can trust each other and that what you say won’t go any further.

Capricorn – Goats are grounded and refuse to get their feathers ruffled about pretty much anything or anyone. They have patience and perseverance too – 2 traits you are lacking much of the time.

Aquarius – Light, breezy and easy – you and Aquarians laugh at everything and anything – you enjoy people watching together and while Aquarians tend to turn off your chatter at times, you don’t mind in the least.

Pisces – A tricky character for you –emotional and sensitive – you don’t exactly know where you stand with Pisces – although they can often become your bff as they are spiritual and intuitive which you find fascinating.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Aries.

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