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November 2018


An easy trine between loving Venus and passionate Mars will make for quite the weekend on the 9th.  Single?  Looking?  Stop procrastinating so much and being too picky – so picky that you take yourself out of the running for anyone and everyone.  The right person won’t simply show up on your doorstep.  You have to be out and about and being chatty and open to anyone.  if you have an online dating profile, it’s time for you to redo your profile and spend some time putting up new photos and redoing your profile.  It’s amazing how a few tweaks here and there make all the difference.


If you’re attached, the 9th is a perfect ‘stay in date night’.  Cuddle up on the couch, cook something yummy and pop some popcorn and settle in for a Netflix night.  Sometimes you don’t spend enough time simply being quiet with each other and relaxing and unwinding with each other.  Life pulls you in all different directions.  Work, exercise, friends, family, kids etc.  it’s vital that those of you in a relationship make time to ‘check in with each other’.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – Mars – the god of war and arguing spends the first half of November in your 8th house of joint resources and projects.  It’s hard not to imagine you becoming embroiled in a testy and possible even volatile situation regarding money and your other half.  Be careful that a money oriented issue doesn’t spill over into other parts of your life.   




October 2018


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


Loving Venus, the Goddess of love and relationships stops to turn retrograde October 5 – November 16 in your fellow water sign of Scorpio, your 5th house of romance, self-love and creativity.  While she spins backwards, it’s highly likely that someone from your past could reenter your life in the most unexpected way. You could bump into them in the supermarket or while putting gas in your car.  Whether wonderful or not so wonderful memories come flooding back. For those of you who are single, you might consider ‘getting back together’ with your ex – if only to see if the flame is still there and something special could come of reuniting.


For attached Cancers, October thru mid-November is definitely going to be a time to examine your partnership – for flaws – warts and all.  Choose your words carefully around the 15th – when chatty Mercury (also in Scorpio) collides with relationship oriented Venus in Scorpio. You’ll want to discuss the finer points of your relationship and the subject of intimacy may come up.  If you feel as if you’re more roommates than bedmates, this is the time to address those issues. Obviously talking about intimacy and sex can be tricky and sensitive. Picking the right time, place and tone to discuss these issues is vital. Don’t bring it up when your other half is stressed out from work or dealing with some sort of personal crisis.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – It’s a tricky month for you romantically – whether you’re single or loved up Cancers.  Venus retrograding is definitely going to affect you and if you want to stay attached, you will have to navigate some very choppy waters in order to do so.





September 2018


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


Once Venus the Goddess of love and romance sets up her romance and matchmaking service in Scorpio September 10, things will fall into place for many of you.  If you’re in a relationship this is a time when you will forgive, forget and move on. While this is not always the easiest thing, but in many cases, it’s the best thing for you.  While you may feel your other half did something unforgivable or something he or she needs to ‘pay for’ a while longer, is this really necessary? Saturn’s move forward in Capricorn, your relationship zone zone on the 6th along with Mercury and the Sun in Virgo your communication zone for most of the month are other reasons why you should rethink your stance.


Venus in Scorpio is great news for singles too.  She has a great way of presenting you with people that you will get along with and bond with.  This month, your purrfect matches are Virgos, Capricorns and Scorpios. You could meet him or her when you least expect it too, so if possible, always be primped and ready to go!  A bit of tinted moisturizer, lip gloss or hair product never hurt anyone right?


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – On the 10th Mars the planet of passion and energy storms in Aquarius, your solar 8th house of joint finances and resources Cancers.  Some of you could feel as if you are carrying more than your fair share of the money load and this could turn into feelings of resentment. Talk it through before that happens Cancers.




August 2018


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


Jupiter the planet of good luck and opportunity remains in sexy Scorpio moving in perfect and direct movement this month.  In your 5th house of romance and self-fulfillment, Jupiter’s presence is like winning the love lottery -for both single and attached Cancers.


Fiery Mars – the most impatient of all the zodiac signs – stops in his tracks on the 27th in your one on one relationship zone.  He’s been out of phase in your relationship zone since August 14 and you are sure to have had some major ups and downs in the love department.  If you are trying to work things out with your partner or someone you have just started seeing and started falling for, there is hope in sight. If you’re both willing to work at the relationship, compromise and walk a mile in each other’s shoes, this is the perfect recipe for things coming together the way you want them to by the end of the month.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR AUGUST – The emotional Moon, your ruling planet is in your sign August 8 & 9, right before the Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th..  This build up of lunar energy could have you feeling more emotional than usual. If you realize you are not being as rational about something or someone as you should be, now’s the time to rein your feelings in.


July 2018


Birthday Girls & Boys Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


The first week of July looks to be a truly fun time for you Cancers, with the Sun in your sign, your first house of personality and Jupiter, the planet of bigger is better in your romance zone.  Even if you and your partner or lover haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately, this is the perfect month to forgive, forget and move forward.


Think of your birthday month as an emotional cleanse.  A New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 12th is an important time for you to make new and exciting plans for your love life, particularly for those of you who have been feeling as if it’s been rather stale or flat lately.  Venus the planet of love and romance takes up residence in your 3rd house of conversation on the 11th so if anything needs talking or sorting out, this is the time to do it.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR JULY – If finances are coming between you and your other half this month, find a way to work through it.  Money problems come and go, but a good relationship is harder to find.


June 2018

Venus the Goddess of love and money settles into your sign through June 14, giving you an ample chance to take advantage of her skills Cancers. With the Sun, Mercury and a New Moon transiting your 12th house of privacy and self-renewal alongside Venus, many of you will be rethinking certain things about your relationship. On the 15th a very serious discussion between you and your partner could end up leading to unexplored and rather treacherous places. Luckily Mercury the communicator picks up where Venus leaves off, moving into your sign on the 14th. Nip whatever angry energy you might be carrying in the bud Cancers. You will wish you did if you don’t. Especially if money matters are involved, which they may well be. Mars the planet of motivation in your 8th house of joint resources could be the reason behind the dispute.

Venus in your sign through the 14th brings with it a great time for singles to meet someone worth meeting. Capricorns, Scorpios and Pisces are all excellent matches. Around the Full Moon on the 25th in Capricorn, your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship especially, many of you could meet someone worth meeting.

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – Mixing money with your other half can often lead to drama Cancers as it seems to be doing this month. If need be, create seperate accounts or be 100% transparent with each other.

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Cancer

You might hear from someone you haven’t spoken to or heard from in some time this month Cancers and this might stir up quite a few memories. If you and this other person left things on less than great terms, it might not be such a good idea to let this person back into your world – and maybe even impossible for you as you are such an emotional person at times. Just don’t allow yourself to be pressured into doing anything you really don’t want to do.

If you get into a silly argument with a partner around the 12th or 13th, forget about winning the argument – and try to get your other half to see the point in not getting too upset Cancers. The Universe has arranged for a stalemate of sorts and no matter how much you might be upset and whine, your partner might not fall into what you want them to do. Try negotiating things around around the 18th when Saturn and Mercury will help you iron things out Cancers.

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Quite an emotional month for you this month Cancers, so you have to be prepared for that and try to go with the flow as much as you possibly can.

Love and Relationship Guide

Cancer Love Guide

Cancer: Forever Lovers

Deeply emotional beings, Cancerians are very intuitive and carry with them a sense of comfort that will help you open up and share your feelings with them. They are nurturing and supportive in a relationship, and they seek a partner who will take care of them in the same way. They are part of the remaining few who still believe in forever, and they make for very devoted partners once they make a connection.


Ruled by the Moon, which changes signs every 2-3 days, Cancers are usually quite the unknown quantity. Sometimes they’re on top of the world, sometimes they just like to nest at home and recuperate from whatever is going on in their life. Cancers are extremely generous and giving – sexually, emotionally, financially and time wise when it comes to their partners and their partners’ family and children if they bring them into the relationship. That’s why they need someone strong, someone they can depend on and someone who is sensitive to their sensitivity.

Capricorns, Scorpios, Pisces and Taureans are all great matches for Cancers. Earth and water signs can handle the mood swings and the need for a lot of attention – Cancers give a lot and expect a lot in return when in love. Sexually you are into the whole lead up too – having a bath together – cleanliness is a turn on – having couples massages or massaging each other is another thing you enjoy. Cancer women are often fond of sexy lingerie and toys too – anything to make their partner into their sex slave! Cancers are possessive – once they’ve made love they can become rather fixated on you – if the intimacy is good of course.

Not usually one night stand kind of signs, Cancers like commitment and monogamy so don’t expect more than a good night kiss on the first, second and third date – they tend to be old fashioned about that.


For those super on point Cancers – being needy and emotional means you seek out like-minded people – friends who understand that you need a hug; you need a lifeline at times and are there to give it to you. Pisces, Scorpios, Capricorns and Virgos are all great friendship signs for you as they too can come rather tightly wound and sometimes need to talk it out and hug it out. You demand loyalty from your friends and if someone disappoints you, talks behind your back, spills secrets etc., you are likely to ban them forever. You have your friend’s backs and are a very generous, loving and playful friend who cherishes their friends and genuinely cares about them.


You love being part of a family unit and being the sign of the mother astrologically means that you tend to be the nurturer and baby-sitter for your siblings. You can also be controlling and abit judgmental at times – but if you’re called out on it, you’re the first to back off and let others work their stuff out their way. You make great parents, step-parents and easily slide into the extended family thing that is so prevalent in our lives today. Cancers are usually the first to arrive at a party of function to help set up and relieve the host and one of the last to leave – often doing dishes and sorting recycling before you do.


You tend to be a very spiritual and deep person at times, however you do need to pick your times for such intense discussions. Mixing alcohol and a party atmosphere with talk of your former lives and déjà vu can be a little heavy going for some! Being around other people and being social is something you love but you also like your own downtime when the only conversation going on is inside your head.


Other Crabs – You feel you can relax and let the real you shine through. If you’re annoyed with your partner or bff you can tell another Cancer and know that it will go no further – they are as loyal as you are.

Leos – The sign of the father, Leos have their own agenda and it’s completely different from yours most of the time. They too can be controlling and bossy and you don’t like it one bit. You do however like their often OTT personality and bravado.

Virgo – An earth sign who is diligent and comes through when they say they are going to come through – that is a good friend for you. You like reliable people and Virgos always have a solution – no matter what your problem is.

Libra – Librans can be too flippant and easy breezy for your liking. They like harmony and rarely take sides in any kind of dispute – preferring to sit on the fence than pick a team.

Scorpio – Probably the best sign for you as far as friends go. They have a mouth and mind like a steel trap and you always enjoy walking and talking with them – shopping with them or just sitting and flipping through gossip mags while getting a mani/pedi together.

Sagittarian – can be rather bold, loud and brash for your liking. You are usually polite and charming, while Sags don’t mind talking loudly or drinking a few more drinks than they should.

Capricorn – are a great match for you friendship wise. They are your opposite sign and make you feel good about yourself – no matter what mood you’re in or how you look. Definitely your go to ’booster friend’ of the zodiac.

Aquarius – are difficult for many of you to understand. They operate on a cerebral level while you operate on a more emotional, straight from the heart level. They can make sense of pretty much everything while you don’t always want to.

Pisces – A fellow water sign and great friend for you throughout your life. You will know and love many Pisces and enjoy holidaying with them – especially by the beach. Pisces share your spiritual side and are also sensitive – so you have to watch you don’t step on each other’s feelings.

Aries – Ruled by Mars the planet of action, Aries seem to have no radar for trampling on other people’s feelings at times. While you are very aware of not being gracious and generous, Aries tend to be takers and not very aware.

Taurus – You enjoy the fact that they love the finer things in life – nice wine, food, flowers and candles plus they are often foodies and you too are often foodies – meaning you don’t mind spending a small fortune on a fabulous dinner.

Gemini – Somewhat scattered and disorganized for you to really make part of your circle. While you admire their energy levels and get on with it attitude, you often feel exhausted just spending an hour with them.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Cancer.

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