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Capricorn Love Horoscope
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November 2018

Even if you’re not particularly enamored of your other half’s family and or friends Capricorns, the weekend of the 9th is perfect for enjoying the company of them and the people you think of as family.  Not everyone has a ‘blood-related family’ to call their own and especially for an independent sign like yourself, you may have made your family elsewhere.  Keep in mind that Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking goes out of phase mid-November through early December in your 12th house of past karma, self-renewal, and subconscious.  Someone from your past that once meant a lot to you could reappear around the holidays (Thanksgiving in the US) and you could realize just how much you have missed having them in your life.


Motivating Mars in your money zone for the first half of the month and your communication zone for the second half of November makes this the perfect time for you to talk about any and all financial issues you may have with people you trust.  Taking advice from others is also a good idea this month – even though you tend to think you know it all.  Guess what?   You don’t!


Relationships that aren’t on rock-solid ground at this time could be problematic around the 30th when loving Venus faces off with shocking, rebellious Uranus.  This pair has been known to break up more than one relationship – so do be prepared.  Do keep in mind however that this face-off has also brought more than one couple back together again.  Enjoy the reunion, but before you do anything drastic or over the top, take some time out to think about it.  Is this really what you want or is it a permanent solution to a temporary problem?


YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – Your mission this month is to keep any and all sarcastic comments to yourself Capricorns.  Even if they are really funny.  Steer clear of political rants and anything other ‘hot button’ topics this month.  Mercury the communicator is out of phase in your career zone.  If you’re enjoying a tryst with someone you work with, this is a time when your secret could get out.  Be extra careful.  





October 2018


Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)


With four planets in Scorpio and your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship this month, your social life looks nice and action packed.  If you’re single, this is the perfect opportunity for you to be out and about more than usual and in a good mood to meet someone worth meeting.  Perfect matches this month are Taureans, Cancers and Scorpios.


Just remember that with Venus the Goddess of love and beauty turning retrograde in the same part of your chart October 5 – November 16, it could bring up intense memories about someone you’ve never really gotten over.  Even if you have never really admitted it to yourself before. Sometimes people make an indelible impression on us and as hard as we try, it’s impossible to let them go completely. If you’re available, reach out to them and see if they ‘bite back’.  If they don’t or their response is lack luster, you will have your answer goats. Don’t push it either. Some things are simply not meant to be.


For attached Capricorns, this is a good time to sort out what you want out of your life and your relationship with your partner versus what they are looking for.  It’s very easy for 2 people in a relationship to be on 2 totally different pages. If you would like to be on the same page, you might need to have a long talk. The Full Moon on the 24th in your romance zone is the perfect setting for such a discussion.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – The Full Moon on the 24th shines in your fellow earth sign of Taurus and your 5th house of romance, self-fulfillment and creativity.  This makes for a wonderful time for you to to let go of any and all anger and disappointment issues you may have with someone – someone you’re dating or have been in a long term relationship with.  





Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)


The New Moon on the 9th combined with the Sun and your ruler Mercury, the communicator, makes it a perfect time to hit the road or friendly skies and get away from your day to day grind with your other half.  It doesn’t have to be an extravagant vacation either. It can even be a ‘staycation’ where you simply line up your Netflix programs and sleep in! As long as you’re together that’s all that really matters.


For singles, once Saturn the planet of focus and life lessons moves direct in your sign on the 6th, you will be ready to really start looking for that elusive ‘someone’.  Scorpios, Virgos and fellow Capricorns are all good matchups for you in September. Keep it in mind that Venus the planet of love and relationships is set to retrograde October 5 – November 16 in your friendships hopes and wishes zone.  If you are thinking of taking a friendship to the ‘next level’ do it sooner than later.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – A Full Moon in full on Aries – your 4th house of family and domestic affairs could have some of you feeling more than a little cranky around the 24th.  Before you lash out at your other half, work out why you are feeling so frustrated and edgy.





August 2018


Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)


Venus the lover sets up shop in one of her favourite signs this month – Libra – the sign of relationships and mediation.  This will make it a lot easier for attached goats to say what needs to be said without causing a ruckus when speaking your mind.  If you need to step in on your partner’s behalf in some form or fashion, this is a great month to do so.  Keeping in mind that Mercury the ruler of words and meanings is out of phase through the 14th. Best bet is to hold that thought until after the 14th or you could bite off more than you can chew.  


Plus Mercury has been out of phase in your joint monies and resources zone since late July and this could have made things difficult between you and your other half.  Bickering about who’s paying what and if things are being equally divided between you and your other half could cause tension between you. Once again, after the 14th is a good time to try to work out a workable plan.


If you’re solo right now, this is not an especially great month for meeting someone worth meeting goats.  One date that does stand out is the 25th when the planets align in all the right ways. If you’re looking to plan a date with someone, that’s the date to do it.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN AUGUST – Knowing when to speak up and when not to verbalize your feelings is vital this month.  It’s definitely a topsy-turvy time romantically and not a time to take a chance on romance unless you really feel sure about it.  




July 2018

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)


This month’s Solar Eclipse/New Moon on the 12th could turn your attention and focus towards a romantic relationship that seems to be drifting away from you Capricorns.  Or losing its intensity all of a sudden – more than likely because you haven’t been paying it enough attention!


It may be time to make a big decision.  Are you going to continue to put in the time and energy to make things work or are you willing to let the relationship go due to lack of interest?  Maybe even lack of interest on both sides? Once Jupiter the planet of bigger and brighter outlooks moves direct on the 10th in your friendship, hopes and wishes zone, you will have a much broader picture of what you want in a relationship and what you have in your current one.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR JULY – For swinging single goats, July is not a good month to start a new relationship and go full on into it.  It’s more a time to stick your big toe in and feel out the temperature, especially around the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in your self-esteem zone on the 27th.

June 2018

2 distinct dates stand out this month goats. The 1st and 2nd look to be quite romantic indeed and even spontaneous. You can get out of bed early if need be or stop staring at tbhe computer long enough to hit the beach, go for a hike or enjoy a long leisurely lunch somewhere fun – just the 2 of you. Sometimes you lie around watching reruns on TV all weekend and then go to work and hear about all the fabulous things your friends and coworkers did. It will make you feel as if you’re not using your time wisely at all.

The 2nd date is your annual Full Moon on the 28th which helps to bring something full circle Capricorns. An ongoing debate about something between you and your other half needs to be squashed once and for all. As long as you’re both willing to be open and honest, it will be.

Love maker Venus in Cancer through the 14th in your opposite sign makes it a great time for singles to connect with those that are looking for love as well. Mercury the planet of chit chat spends the 2nd half of the month in Cancer and makes June a great month to meet someone worth meeting. Cancers and Scorpios are both excellent matches.

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – It’s all about having fun this month goats and not taking anything or anyone too seriously. As long as you are willing to be as open and forthcoming as possible, June will be an eye opening and ultimately satisfying month for you.

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Capricorn

Jupiter the planet of bigger is better in your solar 11th house of friendships has definitely shaken things up this year. Especially considering he’s decked out in Scorpio, possibly the sexiest sign in the zodiac. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that a friend has turned into a lover or vice versa – that you have decided you’re better off as friends. Which is great if you can go back of course. If however you are thinking about changing things up and making a friendship turn into something more, make sure it’s just not your libido talking and you’ve really thought this through.

You may need to get something off your chest with your partner this month and once Mercury the planet of words and communication moves into Taurus, your romance zone on the 14th, you’ll be able to find the right words at the right time. Just be super careful how you word things and the tone of your voice as well.

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – If you and your other half haven’t had any alone time in a while (due to kids, work, family etc), the first half of the month is ideal to take a long weekend somewhere quiet and romantic.

Love and Relationship Guide

Capricorn Love Guide

Capricorn: The Pragmatic Lover

Practical and committed, Capricorns express their affection in their actions rather than in what they say. This give them the appearance of being gruff or unromantic, but don’t be fooled; this formal manner is a mere representation of their seriousness when it comes to matters of the heart. Naturally ambitious, Capricorns aim for success both in their professional and personal lives, endeavouring to be a great provider for their partner. As such, they can be quite demanding, but this is only because they intend to stay for good.


Ruled by Saturn, the most serious and stable planet in the zodiac, you rarely involve yourselves in fly by the night relationships or booty calls. You are a ’dater’ and tend to have one long and monogamous relationship after the other – until you meet the one and many of you remain married for life when that happens. Male goats especially do their fair share of dating and mating but are all for settling down when the time comes – usually choosing someone who is perfect for them in every way.

You usually only become involved with someone once you know someone is really worth it and until that point, you usually hold them at arm’s length, giving just enough of yourself to keep them around and holding back enough to keep safe. And if you have a few bad experiences in a row, you are apt to ’interview’ all prospective partners more deeply in the future. Nursing a broken heart isn’t for you! While this might sound calculating, as an earth sign, you have learnt to protect yourself and keep your emotions on hold unlike other signs who tell the world when they have a splinter!

It’s important that you do find someone who is going to make you happy for a long time goats. If you don’t like the idea of jumping in and out of many beds, you’re better off solo until you do meet someone worth giving up your freedom and time for. Saturn’s gift to you is his ability to plan for the future – whether you choose a career path, devote yourself to raising a family or like most of you, both.

Other earth signs – Virgo and Taurus get your need for stability and structure, and they are signs that also understand that you are building a future – financially, emotionally and physically. Cancers are your opposite sign and are a very nurturing sign which is good for those of you who can be in need of some TLC. Scorpios however are your perfect match as they are a sign that continually seduces you and makes you want to ’crack their shell’ more and more!


You’re a busy person and don’t have time for a lot of friends and their lives and anxiety – you tend to keep a tight knit crew around you – and rarely have acquaintances. Friends have to prove themselves to you at first and you often find that your longest friends are the only ones you can really trust and rely on. Not one to share your most intimate secrets, you have one ’go to’ person that knows ’where the bodies are buried’ and that’s it. Taureans and Pisces are both good friends for you – Taurus for their earthy sensibility and Pisces for their emotional and creative spin on things. Scorpios will take your secrets to the grave and vice versa.


You sometimes care so much for your family that you end up taking on their debts, burdens and responsibilities – particularly later in life. You’re the aunt or uncle who steps in when your nieces and nephews need money for Uni or are embarking on their overseas adventures. You are the ’rock’ of the family in many ways and whilst you may not see it that way or feel appreciated that way – if you ask around and really dig deep, you will find that family members know that they and their families couldn’t get through the trials and tribulations life brings on a daily basis without your calm and steady influence. If you have family born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio, you will connect best with them – especially during family turmoil.


Another Capricorn – you love to chat about business, money and the latest news – you’re not usually a chatterbox and sit around gossiping – you’re much more interested in real estate, stocks, work and how to climb the corporate ladder that much faster.

Aquarius – This sign can be rather ’hippy – dippy’ for you – you’re not quite sure if they’re serious half the time or playing mind games with you. Aquarians think outside the box – while you definitely think inside of it. Fun for a minute but not someone you can always trust.

Pisces – This sign is the deepest and meaningful sign in the zodiac – and talking to them is often like talking to your School Master/Priest or shrink! If you have an emotional issue or need spiritual guidance, this is your go to sign.

Aries – Rams are hot headed and always in a rush. While fun to hang out with socially, you are never going to be great friends, as you find them to be way too impulsive and needy – while you are much more reserved and quiet.

Taurus – One of the best signs in the zodiac for you to have a real heart to heart with. Like you, Taureans are an earth sign and truly get you and what you’re trying to say, do and want to do. A great person for you to talk business with and go into business with as well.

Gemini – The twins are a confusing lot to you! They say one thing and do another much of the time – while you like to say what you mean and mean what you say. Plus they are scattered and working on a thousand things at once – speaking a mile a minute while they’re at it…

Cancer – Tour opposite sign and someone who totally gets you and what you want out of life. Organized and ambitious, Cancers are the ying to your yang and complete you in many ways. In fact, you may find that you finish each other’s sentences more than once during a conversation.

Leo – This sign likes to grandstand a bit too much for your liking. Bragging rights are claimed early by Leos and you tend to find it all a bit too much – keeping up with the ’Jones’ is something you do too, but in a much more low key, understated way.

Virgo – Another earth sign you will instantly connect with and have lots to talk about with. You like the fact that Virgos are more on the conservative side, smart, tidy and efficient. You work well together and if you like someone who is punctual and always up for business talk, Virgos are your go to sign.

Libra – You enjoy hanging out with Librans and discussing fashion, interior design, real estate and even cars for some – but they have ’pie in the sky’ dreams sometimes which you find hard not to pick apart and point out all the flaws in.

Scorpio – One sign you can totally be yourself with and let loose with – and know that nothing will come back to haunt you or trouble you. Scorpios are the sign of discretion and are always good signs to go to when you want to whine about your partner or boss or sister or…

Sagittarius – You enjoy spending time with Sagittarians – they are always up for anything and everything and have a very wide and open friendliness about them that you find irresistible. Great sign to play sports with or watch sports with too.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Capricorn.

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