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November 2018

Great news for you all round this month Leos, with Jupiter the planet of good luck and opportunity returning to his home turf – aka Sagittarius – November 9 where he hangs out for a full year.  This marks the beginning of a very good year for you Leo, especially in the department of romance and meeting new people.  Single? You could meet someone in the most unexpected way this month.  Maybe browsing the aisles of the supermarket or pumping gas or waiting around for your car to be washed.  Jupiter is all about ‘being in the right place at the right time’ Leos and in your 5th house it is even stronger for you.


Jupiter will turn up the volume on your social life in general in a very big way.  If you’ve been toiling away for the past year or so you’ll finally have a chance to unwind – which will probably include opportunities to travel, take classes and expand your horizons in equally delightful ways.  If you’ve been hoping to get pregnant or finally get engaged or married, 2019 is definitely the year when that is far more likely to happen Leos.  Keep in mind that with Mercury the planet of clear thinking and communication out of phase in your self-fulfillment and creative zone November 16 – December 6 you will have to be much more careful about what you say to your other half and how you say it.  Tone of voice is everything.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – Jupiter the planet of good luck and opportunity in your 5th house of self-fulfillment and broader horizons provides opportunities for you to travel and expand your world.  Single or attached, this is a great time for you to see the world with the people you love.  Start planning your overseas odyssey now.  Keep in mind that Mercury the travel planet is out of phase in the same part of your chart November 16 – December 6, so try to avoid booking around those dates.  







October 2018


Leo (July 23 – August 23)


Watch what you say and how you say it around the 2nd Leos.  Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking will form a contentious square aspect with intense Pluto, the planet of death and resurrection.  Don’t bring up any issues that have already ‘been done to death’ this month Leos. Stop trying to come back around to an old wound or incident. Especially with Venus the Goddess of love and money retrograding October 5 – November 16 in your 4th house of home and family and all things domestic.  


Financially, you may have issues with your other half as well and once again you have to tread warily around such issues Leos.  Money can be an explosive issue between lovers and definitely a passion killer! If you feel a financial talk getting passionate and way too involved, think before you speak or shout!


For single lions, October is a month to stay single.  The odds of meeting someone, falling madly in love and sailing away together is not on the cards with Venus out of phase.  Through mid-November this is a time for you to focus on your domestic situation and family. If you have a roommate you are not gelling with, this is a good time to address that issue.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – If you are trying to rekindle an old love this month, make sure you have a realistic and practical plan to avoid reliving the less pleasant aspects of your time together.  You don’t want to repeat past painful mistakes after all.





September 2018


Leo (July 23 – August 23)


In your 4th house of home and family Venus the lover graces your sign from the 9th onwards Leos.  If you’ve been thinking about cohabitating with your lover, this is a time for you to think about it even more.  If you’re already shacked up, September is a month when you may well decide you need more space,or that it’s time to get a dog or talk about having a child (or another child).


Mars is the planet of passion Leos, so once he settles into Aquarius on the 11th through November 16, it’s the perfect time for you to crank up the heat on your love life, especially if you’re single and searching for the one.  The Full Moon on the 24th highlights your spiritual zone so you could find yourself searching for a kindred spirit this month. Aries, Librans and Aquarius and all great matches for you. If you’re happily attached, this is definitely ‘sexy time’ for you – so you might want to block out a weekend with no visitors, no plans and no phones!


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Venus spends the first 10 days in Libra, your 3rd house of communication and clear thinking, making it an ideal time for you to finally deal with something or someone once and for all by rationally and clearly spelling things out for them.

August 2018

Birthday boys & girls Leo (July 23 – August 23)


The Sun and chatty Mercury will both make their way through your sign this month, your 1st house of ego and personality Leos, which bodes well for fun and adventure.  A Solar Eclipse/New Moon in your sign August 11 could be a very interesting day for you – and a day when someone new presents themselves to you. Single? Aries, Sagittarians and Aquarians are all perfect match ups for you and for those of you in a relationship, the Solar Eclipse gives you an opportunity to plan something special for you and your other half.


Attached? Do keep in mind Leos that Mercury the communicator remains out of phase in your sign through August 19.  Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong will go wrong’ is in full force through the 19th and your motto should be ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say..don’t say it’.  Added into the mix is Mars the planet of passion retrograding in your one on one relationship zone through the 14th. Some of you might experience a dip in the ‘lust department’ until Mars moves direct on the 27th.  


Once Venus the Goddess of love and beauty moves into your communication and conversations zone on the 6th of August through September 10, you will have the right words at the right time to not only say what’s on your mind in a way that’s not confrontational, but also be much more flirtatious than you have been in some time.  


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN AUGUST – August is the most ‘scrambled eggs’ month of 2018 for you Leos.  There will definitely be some wonderful moments and some cringe worthy moments as well. As long as you remain true to you and follow your heart, you will get through the month relatively unscathed.



July 2018


Leo (July 23 – August 23)


Three planets in your sign this month mean that the good times will continue to roll for you Leos.  Mercury, Venus and later in the month the Sun all combine forces at some stage to bring some wonderful adventures your way.  As long as you’re open to adventure of course!


If you’re in a passionate relationship or about to embark on one, the Universe is going to be right with you Leos.  If you’re solo, this is the month to mingle. It’s a prime month for someone fabulous (even Mr or Mrs Right) to come along.  Be on the lookout for an Aquarius or Aries who takes your fancy this month. If you’re involved, spice things up and think of fun ways to hang out and re-establish intimacy with each other.  


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR JULY – The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on the 27th in your one on one relationship zone could very well present you and or your partner with some rather startling news Leos.  Prepare for a surprise and keep your fingers crossed it’s a good one!


June 2018

Mark down the 25th as being one of the most romantic days of June for you Leos. Venus in your sign and Jupiter will get together in an action-oriented square on duty in your very own sign on the 25th, making this a very special and romantic time for you. Jupiter the planet of expansion and gifts amps up the energy of any planet he encounters, so expect your heart to be quite full and to receive a whole lot of praise and admiration from the people around you who genuinely love and adore you.

With the Sun, Mercury and a New Moon shining in Gemini,your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship the first half of June is sure to be social – just the way you like it Leos. In your 11th house of friendship, hopes and dreams, you could find yourself playing matchmaker or setting friends up on dates yourself. If you have always wanted to start a business with your partner, this is a great time to really think more carefully about it Leos.

Once Venus the lover moves into your sign June 14 – July 11, single lions will have a much clearer idea of what it is they’re looking for in a match Leos. Venus alongside Mars the planet of passion in your relationship zone through the 25th makes this a month for singles to remember. It might be time to hit the refresh button on your online profile page and jazz it up a tad.

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – You may hit a snag or two around the 19th when it comes to your love life but there is no reason to become discouraged. No reason at all. As long as you can both recognize how little the snag is compared to the velocity of what else is going on around you, you won’t have any issues.

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Leo

Until the 19th Venus the planet of love and money will stay in lighthearted Gemini, a fun loving energy that’s sure to turn up the volume on your social life – and your curiosity – in a very big way Leos. Expect to run across some amazing people and to have some pretty interesting conversations too. Don’t hesitate to exchange ideas with others, even if you’re in agreement with your other half. It’s always good to stir things up Leos.

A New Moon in your career zone mid-month could cause you to work longer hours and you might not be able to spend as much time catering to the needs and wants of your other half. Try a balancing act Leos and don’t worry too much if your other half feels he or she is being neglected. You will make it up to them!

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Meeting new people is always something you enjoy Leos and this month, it’s going to happen more than usual. What way for singles to meet someone worth meeting too?

Love and Relationship Guide

Leo Love Guide

Leo: The Loving Entertainer

Leos are creative and playful, making them fun and passionate partners. They are aghast at boredom and will find ways to entertain and be entertained. They are natural entertainers and can light up a room with their presence. They need to be the centre of attention for their partner or they will lose interest in the relationship. Leos are naturally romantic and always find ways to spoil their partner.


Leos – male and female – are symbolized by the Lion in astrology. However they are also informally known as the peacock as well – due to the fact that they really do like to strut their stuff. Leos pride themselves on looking good and most of them are in great shape and love their hair to look a certain way.

Leos are definitely the hunters when it comes time to find love and a partner. They are ruled by their heart, so really have to feel a solid connection physically and mentally before becoming too involved with someone. And they love hard! Leos like to be in an exclusive relationship and can be very jealous if they feel their partner is checking someone else out. However they also need freedom within their relationship to hang with their friends and not be joined at the hip – so they have to be with someone they can trust and love unconditionally.

Other fire signs Aries and Sagittarians stimulate Leos and are good at being appreciative of the effort they take with their appearance. 2 Leos often hook up and can make it work as they both know how to make each other happy – and are probably the only sign that works with the same sign well.

Sexually Leos tend to have a strong sex drive and need to be constantly admired, praised and flattered – they thrive on attention, admiring glances and flirting from their partner – even if they have been with him or her for a while.


Lions like to have their pride around them and usually stick with the same friends throughout life. Leos don’t make new friends easily once they start to mature and get to know what works for them and what doesn’t. Leos are a fixed sign too – so can be very specific when it comes to who they want in their inner sanctum and whom they don’t want. Librans, Gemini’s and Aries are all fun friends for them and people they can let their guard down with. Sagittarians and other Leos are also people they feel connected to and enjoy going out with – Leos are usually fond of getting dressed up and going out to the latest hotspot in town with some good looking friends in tow.


Being the father of the zodiac means Leos have a very nurturing and caring side to them. If they are the oldest sibling, you can bet all the siblings have had to get approval from their Leo brother or sister before dating someone! Leos don’t mind helping out around the house either – they make great flatmates as they enjoy making a house a home – and usually enjoy family dinners and get togethers. Leos have a strong sense of belonging and if they don’t get that feeling from their own family, will seek it elsewhere.


About me! Leos like to talk about themselves – a lot. It’s not being conceited either – it’s just that they are interesting people and want to make sure everyone else realizes this fact. Leos make great public speakers and politicians because they are so confident and can hold people’s attention with their words. They love a lively debate and feisty back and forth is good too.


Another Leo – One of you has to call shotgun! You both have a lot to say to each other and can become very animated when you and another Leo get together. Both extremely generous with your money, time and energy, this can be a fabulous friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Virgo – Their need to be more humble than you can often make a Leo nervous to be themselves around a Virgo. Leos are flashy and confident. Virgos tend to prefer to take the backseat and be a behind the scenes type player.

Libra – Your love for fashion and style makes this a great friendship and you will enjoy spending time with a Libra as they tend to agree with you about everything – in order to keep the peace more than anything else.

Scorpio – You’re fascinated by Scorpios and their ability to be happy with just the basics in life and not be that impressed by your new bling or latest triumph. That and their honesty and loyalty make Scorpios one of the best signs for friendship for you.

Sagittarius – are the ones you have fun with! Go on holiday with, work with, go into business with and share a house with. A fellow fire sign, you feel super relaxed around them and love their sense of adventure and independence.

Capricorn – You admire their ability to focus and be completely present more than anything else. While you may never feel they are one of your bff’s you do like talking to them and having them in your circle of friends as they are smart and sassy.

Aquarius – While they might seem rather distant at times and not always up for a night out on the town – they are a constant puzzle you like to try to solve. Being your opposite sign they could care less about luxury which of course you desire.

Pisces – You can often say things straight from the heart and while you think it’s okay, Pisces may feel as if you’re having a go at them or being heartless. This relationship might require more upkeep than you’re willing to give.

Aries – are a match made in heaven for Leos. You are both fire signs and like action and adventure – so like Sags, Aries are great partners in crime for you. If you want a great wingman or wing woman, Aries is your go to sign.

Taurus – You’re both fixed signs, which means that you’re both stubborn and resistant to big changes. While that means your friendship can last for a long time, it might not grow as much as your other friendships.

Gemini – light up a room with their energy and networking skills and you love being around them. While they talk a lot and suck a lot of the air out of the room, you don’t mind because eventually they will get around to saying how fab you look!

Cancer – The sign of the mother in astrology, you may feel as if Cancers are all over the cosmic map and you never know what mood or who they are going to be when you hang out. They might be a bit bossy with you too – a definite Leo ’no no’.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Leo.

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