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November 2018

The New Moon November 7 will occur in your solar 9th house, urging you to expand your horizons and learn something new.  This is a great time to return to studying something you are passionate about.  It’s also a great way for you to make yourself the best possible person you can be for your other half and for yourself.  Love and passion are on your cosmic agenda on the 9th, thanks to a fun-loving sextile aspect between loving Venus and fiery Mars.  If you’re attached, plan something new and exciting with your other half.  Maybe a long weekend away?  A class you can take together?  Finally scheduling in time for bungee jumping or hot air ballooning?  Or spending time catching up with cuddling on the couch watching Netflix?


Single?  Try a new activity this month.  No one is going to come knocking on your door (well maybe the mailman!).  Grab a friend and check out the hottest new spots in town.  Maybe a new bar or restaurant that just opened?  Try something that interests you.  Go to some book readings and see who’s there.  Political rally’s and having coffee in the business part of town are all ways to meet people.  Even if you just check out the scene for a time when you are feeling more like getting dressed up and chit chatting to others – it’s a good time to plot out your journey.


YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – Both Venus and Mercury, the 2 personal day to day planets of the zodiac will change direction mid-month Pisces.  This could make for some confusing and possibly problematic situations for you.  Now isn’t a good time to make any major decisions or make promises you know you won’t be able to keep.  


October 2018


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


On the 8th a New Moon in socialite Libra along with the Sun and Mercury the communicator will encourage you to get off the couch and get out there and mix and mingle.  Singles should be on the lookout for someone born under the sign of Scorpio or Taurus. With 4 planets in your long distance travel zone, those of you traveling for work and or business need to scan their fellow passengers for a potential mate/playmate.  


Lovely lady Venus the Goddess of love and money will stop in her tracks to retrograde through November 16.  This could bring with it the possibility of getting back together with an ex – someone from your past that you have always felt could have been someone you could have built a future with.  It might also be that you could hear from someone who hasn’t forgotten about you. It’s up to you whether or not you’re ready to give him or her another shot at the title!


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – The weekend of the 20th will play host to the emotional Moon in your sign Pisces – and she will be making contact with a number of planetary bodies.  Your feelings will be running on high and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to express them. However if you have a secret you don’t want exposed, keep it close to your chest.


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


September is one of the best months of 2018 for you – particularly love and relationship wise Pisces.  The Sun, a New Moon on the 9th and Mercury all spend time in your one on one relationship zone – the sign of Virgo (one of your perfect matches this month along with Scorpios & Capricorns).  


On the 7th, chitchat Mercury will get into a Grand Trine with serious Saturn and innovative Uranus – definitely the stuff that happy new beginnings are made of.  Combined with the New Moon on the 9th this could be a time when someone new who’s recently entered your life delivering a message. Make sure you listen up Pisces.  


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – The emotional Moon will contact no less than 6 planet on the 1st, all of them perfectly ready to provide you with plenty of astrological reasons to kick back and enjoy the company of the ones you love Pisces.  Someone you know and trust could introduce you to someone fabulous. Make sure you are open to someone who may be completely different from the people you are usually attracted to.

August 2018

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


Your once a year Full Moon lights up the skies August 26.  This is the perfect time for you to set relationship goals and figure out certain things.  Like where you see yourself and your partner in a years time?  Or do you not see your partner in your life in a year’s time or less?  Full Moons are all about coming full circle after all Pisces and that’s exactly what you’ll do through the end of September.  


Change and about face is in the air for all of you right now Pisces and for those of you who are single, you could do a complete 360 with regard to the type of partner you are looking for.  Whereas once you might have been on the search for someone who is as whimsical and romantic as yourself, you may know realize that you in fact want someone who is much more grounded and realistic than you are.  Capricorns and Virgos are perfect match ups for you if these are partner characteristics you’re looking for.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN AUGUST – The Grand Earth Trine August 25 is definitely a date to write down in your journal.  It’s right before your Full Moon and combined, the 25th & 26th are excellent dates for you in every way Pisces.


July 2018

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


Venus – the Goddess of Love herself, will set up her beauty and love department in Virgo July 9 – August 7, all done up in no nonsense, earthy Virgo.  Romance and relationships are going to be very much on your mind at this time and now is a good time to let others know exactly how you feel and more importantly, what you expect from them. Keep in mind that the Sun lights up your romance and self-fulfillment zone through the 22nd too.  Every little bit of cosmic help is a blessing!


This is definitely a time to celebrate being in love or being single and enjoying all that comes with being able to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want Pisces.  A Solar Eclipse/New Moon on the 12th highlights your romance and fun zone and combined with lucky Jupiter moving direct July 10, this is the best love month of the year for you.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR JULY – You deserve a break Pisces so if you and your lover/partner can grab a long weekend away together (possibly around the 14th), it will be very special indeed.


June 2018

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and a New Moon mid-month all passing through your fellow water sign of Cancer this month, the most home and family oriented sign in the heavens, June is set to be a special month for many of you. In your 5th houses of romance and self-fulfillment, this is a time for attached Pisces to relish their relationships and do something special together. Maybe even plan a vacation together? Or lock out the rest of the world and spend special ‘alone’ time reconnecting. Turn off your mobiles/cells and the TV and all other electrical noise waves and just relax.

This planetary activity works wonders for single fish as well. June is set to be a good time for you to be out and about and meeting new people. Cancers, Capricorns and Taureans are all good matches for you Pisces. You’re an extremely romantic sign and love to be in love. You could meet someone and sparks could fly quickly. While it’s wonderful to have that happen, make sure that you aren’t trying to force anything.

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – June is set to be one of the most romantic months of 2018. If you need to redo your online profile or ask others to set you up on dates this is the month to do so.

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Pisces

The Goddess of Lover herself – Venus – will pass into your solar 5th house of lovers on the 19th – June 14 Pisces, giving you a good month hunting for your soulmate…if you haven’t already found them that is. You will be exuding a very feminine presence and people will automatically be attracted to you. Make sure you visualize the kind of man/woman you want to meet this month – and be specific.

The Full Moon on the 29th could have you trying to balance work, home and your relationship – not an easy task Pisces. Maybe your family is interfering in your partnership or your partner’s family has plenty to say about it? You have to stick to your guns Pisces and be true to your partner and to your relationship as well. Stick close to home and deal with family matters as best as you can And plenty of snuggling too!

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Don’t feel pressured into trying to please everyone all the time Pisces. It’s simply not possible. Instead you should do what you can and let everyone else work it out on their own.

Love and Relationship Guide

Pisces: The Spiritual Lover

People born under this sign are deeply spiritual in nature and, therefore, possess a sensitive and compassionate type of love. They are also very emotional and sensitive, seeking a partner with whom they will feel safe, secure, and free to open up their heart. They can be moody at times, but they love unconditionally once they find their true soulmate.


Your sign is the property of woozy, dreamy Neptune, and your love life consists of daydreaming, romantic whims and poetry. You tend to fall in love a lot and are constantly on the lookout for that deep, invisible and unspoken connection – ’the one’. You may however have to kiss a lot of toads before you meet the right Prince or Princess – and you will have your sensitive heart squashed many times in your hunt. Luckily you learn as you go and when you’re older you use your intuition more wisely and start to see how something that seems perfect is nothing but a perfect illusion.

The good news Pisces is that if anyone out there can find their true soul mate, it’s you and more often than not, you’ll “recognize” them when they do appear. You usually find your ideal match in intense Scorpio or caring Cancer, whose instincts rival your own. Virgos can draw you in but can be rather critical of you, which hurts your sensitive fish feelings. Taureans are ruled by Venus and you are often very attracted to them – even if they can be rather cool and aloof at times and make you work for it.


You are very deeply involved in your friends and their lives, so it makes sense that you pick people who will do the same. Scorpios and Cancers are both water signs like yourself and help you over those life speed humps that take us by surprise. If you feel depleted emotionally, a Capricorn or Virgo can help you get back on your cosmic bike and start peddling again while a Taurus is one of those friends who understands your need for a calm environment and can always be relied upon to do some redecorating for you if need be.

Enjoy the company of kindred spirits at a play or concert and get involved with a spiritual or metaphysical group. Check out yoga and meditation classes too – you’re sure to meet some likeminded people there.


Most of you feel the safest and fulfilled when you’re around your family. You tend to live at home for longer than other signs and you can be a real ’mummy’s boy or daddy’s girl’ well into your 20’s. Since your family has known you the longest, you feel at your best when in the nest and you often meet your partner through family or family connections. If you have Scorpio or Cancer siblings, you will be the tightest and share secrets long into your later years – secrets you will happily take to the grave with you and vice versa.


You can’t deal with overly bombastic people or harsh people. You are often involved in charitable causes and rarely raise your voice – so it makes sense that you are drawn to those who are soft spoken and humble. You like to be handled with kid gloves and that includes words – which can be a weapon at times.


Pisces – You love to discuss art, entertainment, your spiritual and philosophical beliefs and yoga or Pilate’s instructor. With a fellow Pisces the talking subjects are endless and you love discussing everything or simply watching a movie together in sheer silence. It all works with another you…

Aries – Way too energetic, bossy and loud for your taste! Mars driven Aries tend to want to talk at you versus listen to you and converse with you. Plus Aries talk at a mile a minute and you have trouble keeping up or even understanding their cosmic language!

Taurus – Taurus is an earth sign, and you do work – you’re a water sign and earth and water makes mud – which sticks together! Taurus can be conservative in their outlook at times and this is something you are not, however you can definitely have a good chat with them and enjoy what they have to say.

Gemini – Not such a great match here – you are symbolized by 2 fish swimming up and downstream, they have the twins as their symbol. So all in all, there are 4 personalities and 4 conversations going on with you two – which can get very confusing. Plus being an air sign, they don’t filter their conversation at all.

Cancer – A great match for you in every which way. For a conversation partner, they really are the best because they get your need to be loved and cared for – emotionally, spiritually and physically. Cancers are very intuitive also and can know when you’re about to call or need you.

Leo – The King of the Jungle tends to be way too opinionated and flashy for you. Subtlety is not a Leo’s strong point and you don’t like ostentatious people or events. You would rather sit in a dive bar talking about philosophy and your creative endeavours than sipping champagne somewhere fancy.

Virgo – Your opposite sign, an earth sign ruled by ’facts oriented Mercury’ can sometimes get on your nerves with their need for perfection and for everything to be ’just so’. If they don’t like what you have to say, they will tune you out and move on to other more interesting subjects/people.

Libra – While you enjoy their company, you don’t necessarily have much to chat about with a Libra. An air sign, they tend to want to discuss the same thing over and over again, with you barely getting a word in edgewise. They can be rather self-conscious about fashion and how they look too, which aggravates you.

Scorpio – One of the best matches for you in every way – and when talking to a Scorpio, you will feel as if you are talking with someone who totally understands you and believes in you – which is always nice. Plus Scorpios are great confidants for you and not a sign to gossip.

Sagittarius – While you love their rambunctious nature and never ending energy, you don’t like that fact that while they are talking to you, they are texting, looking around for the waiter or even talking on the phone! Multitasking isn’t a great conversation for you Pisces

Capricorn – Goats can be hard on you as they tend to look at things very analytically, with no feelings and with very little compassion. So if you are looking to cry on somebody’s shoulder or talk about a break up, goats are not your go to person.

Aquarius – While loyal to a fault, Aquarians don’t usually go in for heavy conversations. They like to ’save the world’ instead of talking about it and if you want to join Greenpeace of their charity, they will definitely be up for a chat. If not, you might find they are hard to pin down.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Pisces.

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