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November 2018


From the 5th – 8th the Universe is going to see to it that you get some lucky breaks Scorpios – the kind that many of you really need right now too.  Does this mean you are going to win the lottery or marry a millionaire?  Maybe not.  Probably not given the odds of doing either!  It’s more important that you focus your energy on doing the right thing, regardless of the rewards.  That’s when you will reap the best results.


Venus the Goddess of love and beauty spends the first half of November in retrograde mode in your sign.  Through the 16th Venus is retrograding in your sign and makes it a tough time for those of you in a committed relationship.  Single? It’s a jungle out there as you know.  It’s easy to meet people, but to meet someone who fits into your ‘world’ and with whom you feel a strong connection, it’s simply like finding a needle in a cosmic haystack.  Once Venus moves direct on the 16th in Libra, she takes up residence in your past karma and self-renewal zone.  Some of you could hear from ex-lovers or people you had a connection with but it never developed into anything.  Maybe they will reach out to you via social media or you will run into them and realize that you should give it ‘another go’.


On the 30th, loving Venus will get into an astrological tug of war with starting Uranus, possibly forcing you to choose between making money and accommodating the emotional needs of your loved ones who might have been complaining about not spending enough time with you.  Maybe your other half will feel as if you are working too hard or spending too much time socializing with your friends and not putting enough time and energy into your relationship.  It’s vital that you work out how you can have your cake and eat it too Scorpios.


YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE IN NOVEMBER – Fortunately for you and your loved ones, you’re an expert juggler and with a little luck, you should be able to be the social butterfly you want and need to be as well as being the best partner you can possibly be.  If you’ve been at odds with your lover lately, Venus will see to it that you can easily settle up on an old feud – and maybe even prevent a new one from starting.  








October 2018

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)


Venus the Goddess of love and money – which can often be a deal breaking combination will spend October 5 – November 16 in retrograde mode in your sign Scorpios.  Out of phase in your 1st house of ego and personality, this is a time when you won’t be able to put off making decisions about those money and love matters you’ve been ignoring or simply unwilling to deal with Scorpios.  Now’s the time for you to face the facts and be brutally honest with yourself and the state of your relationship. If you feel you’re contributing more than your mate, now’s the time to work out how to make things fairer and for the both of you to contribute equally (or as equally as possible).


For those of you who are single, this is a tricky time for you.  Many of you may find that someone you dated or lusted after earlier in the year suddenly comes back into your orbit.  A second chance at love? Anything is possible Scorpios. You could hear from them or run into them around the 5th or 6th and it won’t take long for you to realize that they are hoping to stick around for a while longer this time.  Make sure the same issues that made it impossible for things to work out the first time aren’t still around this time.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE IN OCTOBER – The Full Moon in your opposite sign and relationship zone of Taurus October 24 is just the cosmic push you need to find closure with someone.  If you need to move on, this is the perfect time to do so. Or if you want to find it within you to forgive, forget and march onward, this is also the right time to just do it.

September 2018

The New Moon in your hopes, dreams and wishes zone September 9 combines nicely with the arrival of Venus the planet of love and relationships in your sign from the 10th – November 16.  Note to self – Venus retrogrades in your sign October 5 – November 16 so this is the month to make sure you and your life partner are on solid ground Scorpios. If you aren’t you have time to sort things out and fix whatever needs fixing this month.


If you need the perfect date to kiss and make up with your lover or partner, the 11th promises to be the best day of the month to do so.  While you’re not known for being big on compromise, it won’t take much to reconnect with someone and make nice. You’re known for being stubborn and holding onto grudges but it’s most definitely time to let go of an issue or grievance and move forward Scorpios before you get bogged down by Venus retrograde.


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE – Communicator Mercury in your hopes and wishes zone for most of the month makes it easier for you to express what your heart desires and what you expect from that special someone.  Don’t be afraid to ask Scorpios.





August 2018


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)


August is definitely a slow go in the romance department Scorpios, with Venus the Goddess of love and beauty transiting your 12th house of self-renewal and privacy please from August 6 – September 10. If you’re involved, this is the perfect time for you to spend some quality time with your partner – behind closed doors!  Sexy time is here for you sexy Scorpios!


Mars the planet of passion and lust and Uranus the planet of the unexpected and surprises of the good kind will get your month off to a great start singles.  You could finally meet someone worth meeting.  Someone you could see yourself having more than a fling with.  Especially when Mars moves direct in Capricorn, your communication zone on the 27th.  Added into the mix is a Full Moon in Pisces, your fellow water sign and 5th house of romance and self-fulfillment on the 26th.  This is the best time of the month to go on dates and be wined or dined (or do the wining and dining).


YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE FOR AUGUST – August could be a stop/start month for you lovewise, with some of you experiencing ‘technical difficulties’.  If you feel that someone a partner or lover is trying to prod you into some sort of volatile situation or get a rise out of you, resist biting/fighting back.

July 2018

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)


Solo? There’s no real reason for you to be solo right now Scorpios unless you want to be that is.  Someone is excited to set you up with a friend or acquaintance they feel would be perfect for you Scorpios.  While some of you may be nervous about being paired up with a stranger due to past painful experiences, try not to think about those dates and change your attitude.  Focus on how good life could be if you did indeed meet your perfect match.


For those of you in a relationship, a Solar Eclipse/New Moon on the 12th heats up your spirituality zone.  Along with Venus the lover in your hopes and wishes zone through August 7, this is the perfect time for you to reconnect with your other half if that is something you feel you need to do.  Every now and again love relationships needs to be course corrected and this is definitely one of those times.


YOUR LOVE ADVICE FOR JULY – Jupiter the planet of good luck and ‘right place right time’ lines up in your fellow water sign of Cancer. Timing is everything this month and experimenting socially – trying out new venues, festivals etc are always good places to find new and interesting people.


June 2018

If you’re single and looking for love, this is a great month for such a project. If you’re out and about with someone you feel is delicious, make the very most of it Scorpios. If you’re single and looking, don’t you dare stay home the weekend of the 9th. Be sure to head out and mix and mingle. It is a great time to meet someone worth meeting. Just don’t be shy about introducing yourself to anyone. They might be shy about coming over to say “hello” to you and nothing will come of it!

Someone you love and that is near and dear to you may prove to be a bit problematic around the 14th or 15th Scorpios – so much so that your feelings towards them could do a major 180 degrees. They may be acting out or acting up and causing you to get swept along with their erratic and unstable behaviour. If it really is overbearing, don’t put up with it any longer. Allow yourself to let go of the relationship and release yourself from any guilt involved as well. This shouldn’t rest entirely on your head Scorpios. It takes two to tango!

YOUR JUNE LOVE ADVICE – Now that Uranus the planet of the unexpected and from out of nowhere surprises has set up shop in your relationship zone, it’s sure to set the cat amongst the cosmic pigeons Scorpios. Be prepared!

Last Month’s Love Horoscope for Scorpio

If you’re sick of being single, good news for you with a New Moon in your relationship zone of Taurus occurring mid-month. Occuring in earthy, sensual Taurus it brings with it a great opportunity to cross paths with at least one person who’s irresistible. Your mission is to simply get out there and mingle. Your best matches are those people born under the sign of Taurus, as well as Pisces and Cancers.

This is great news for those of you who are attached too as it is a very romantic time for you. Once Venus the planet of love and relationships moves into your fellow water sign of Cancer on the 20th, and Uranus the planet of the unexpected moves into Taurus on the 17th (once again your relationship zone), a surprise engagement or announcement could be in the stars for you.

YOUR LOVE LIFE ADVICE: This is one of the best months lovewise for you Scorpios, so don’t waste it by not going out or not accepting dates when someone could be a really good match for you if you gave them a chance.

Love and Relationship Guide

Scorpio Love Guide

Scorpio: Masters of Seduction

Their intense nature demands a deep and powerful connection with a partner to keep the flames of a relationship going. They despise superficiality and desire to explore their partner’s mysteries and secrets. As sensual as they are intense, they are masters of seduction and tend to take control in a relationship. They can be very jealous once they commit, but are also extremely loyal.


Ruled by Pluto, the mythical Lord of the Underworld as well as co-ruled by Mars the planet of passion and libido. You’re impossible to ignore and when you focus your laser like eyes and charm on someone, they’re like a gazelle being pursued by a cheetah!

Your body language is the best in the cosmic biz. And you’re usually very good in between the sheets – in fact, many of your ex’s come sniffing around from time to time to see if you’re single and up for some action! You don’t like being asked too many questions too soon into the relationship, and if a first or second date is more like a job interview than a date, it will be the last. When you are interested in someone – really interested – you will go to any and all lengths to get their attention. The more they ignore you the better. You wrote the handbook on perseverance, willpower and tenacity Scorpios!

In finding a mate, you look for someone with depth, as well as a healthy libido to match yours. You need a partner who will accept that you are a flirt and attract attention wherever you go. Demure and seductive, you are extremely loyal when with the right person. And that person needs to be someone who is stable, comfortable in their own skin and above all, confident.

Cancers, Pisces, Taureans and Capricorns are your best matches – Cancer first and foremost. In this sign you find not only a sexual match but also a nurturing match. A lover that feeds your body, mind and soul – who is welcoming and loving when you need it and who knows when to leave you alone when you need some downtime. You can definitely be lost in thought at times and if you have someone continually asking you “what’s wrong honey? ” it will drive you bonkers!


Only a few trusted friends are in your inner circle – and that’s how it has always been for you. More than likely friends and family from way back – kids you went to kindergarten or high school with or siblings are those you trust in with all of your secrets. Taureans and Virgos are people you can call your ’shovel buddies’ (friends who would help you bury a dead body…hypothetically) while Aries are also ruled by Mars, so there is a certain fun factor there – they are people you always have a laugh with and get up to some adventures with.


Most of you are extremely tight with family. Especially your siblings – if they are Pisces or Cancers – fellow water signs – all the better. If you have controlling parents, you may have found it difficult to toe the family line and been the black sheep (or still are) in some ways. However you are probably the most loyal sign in the zodiac and would never talk badly behind someone’s back or do something to upset a family member on purpose. As mad, angry, upset as you may get, you have the ability to show up, smile that thousand watt smile and act like nothing is wrong.


Scorpios are the quietest of the signs – one never expects that you are going to be the life of the party – you are way too sexy for that! You are a great listener however and will never disclose or share a secret or words spoken in anger. Gossiping and ’mean girls/boys’ behavior is not your thing.


Another Scorpio – You are both people of few words, so the conversation could either be very light and easy or deep and meaningful – both all of it will be said in your own special code. Getting too deep is sometimes slightly uncomfortable for you, as you tend to hide your true pain close to your chest.

Sagittarius – Bubbly, chatty and overbearing at times, you find it difficult to keep up a conversation with Sags. They tend to jump from one topic to another without any kind of Segway – which can be extremely confusing. Great at a party or for a laugh though

Capricorn – This earth sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline, and like you, prefer to stick to the facts and not blow things out of proportion. Capricorn don’t like chitchat like you either and are always good people for you to talk to about anything

Aquarius – An air sign, this is one tough cosmic nut to crack. Very cerebral and not exactly an emotional crutch to lean on in any way, Aquarians are great people for you to debate with. Whether its politics, sports or philosophical threads of conversation, they are good for that.

Pisces – One of the best signs for you to have an enlightening and soulful talk with when you need to have one. Pisces really do have the right energy for you most of the time – the perfect ambiance to sit and discuss what’s on your mind and worrying you or giving you joy.

Aries – Your partner in crime sometimes – Aries like you are ruled by energetic Mars – Aries are fire signs however, so much more get up and go than you are. Aries are great people to stimulate you with words of encouragement and kick start your campaign – whatever that campaign might be!

Taurus – An earth sign, ruled by Venus the goddess of love and charm, Taureans are your opposite sign. While you’re very different in your approach to pretty much everything, you do find comfort talking to each other and will always be able to bounce ideas and theories off Taureans.

Gemini – Not such a great mix here – Gemini’s are straight shooters and always have great advice for you – but it’s basically advice they are telling you to do – more like a business meeting than a friendly chat! While they have their way of looking at things, you have a very different way of communicating.

Cancer – Your best match up in the zodiac for a friend/chat fest buddy. Like you, Cancers run deep and only want the best for you. They too don’t gossip or share information freely and if you have something ’big’ to discuss, they are the sign to go to.

Leo – Although Leos are warm and lots of fun, they are way too narcissistic for your liking. As much as you might want to talk about you and what’s going on in your life, chances are Leos will dominate the conversation and want to constantly interrupt you with their needs, thoughts and side snippets.

Virgo – An earth sign ruled by communications king Mercury, this is a great sign for you to get some much needed advice from and to enjoy long chats about anything and everything. Virgos don’t say too much – just enough.

Libra – An air sign, Librans can be way too distracted and chatty for you Scorpios. While you like their calm and cool demeanour, they don’t have the attention span most of the time and you end up talking about mindless things like celeb news and fashion tips.

Also see Zodiac LOVE Compatibility for Scorpio.

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