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   The AstroGirl Horoscopes - Free Monthly Love Horoscope - Leo
Speaker, author, magazine writer and radio presenter - AstroGirl specializes in writing about Astrology and Relationships. More about AstroGirl.
September Love Horoscope for Leo
You might be a bit more prone to critical of the little things that drive you nuts about your sweetheart, Leo, but even close friends won’t be entirely safe. Before you go off about the little things in very big Leo way, aka dramatic, keep in mind everyone has irritating habits. Including you Leos.
Venus the planet of love and relationships remains in your sign through the 21st, making this a wonderful time to meet someone new and exciting. Dress to impress singles and be on the lookout for an Aquarius or Libra – both are air signs and both are excellent matches for you this month.

Jupiter the planet of ‘right time, right place’ spends his last month in your communication zone so it’s all about what you say and how you say it.

YOUR SEPTEMBER LOVE ADVICE – Money could be an issue this month with you and your other half. If you feel a heated discussion coming up, try to bring some light and laughter into it Leos.
By AstroGirl
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