Cancer Lucky NumbersCancer is a water sign and in Astrology, is the most sensitive and caring out of all the zodiac signs. They are nurturing and empathetic, very emotional and sometimes a little moody!

The sign of Cancer is symbolised by the crab, and like these sea creatures, they have a tough shell which they use to defend their vulnerability. They can be loony at times, always in a state of change and they have a strong attachment to home and family.

Let’s explore some of the horoscope lucky numbers, colours and gems for this sign that help them get the most from life:

Cancer Lucky Numbers:

The Lucky numbers 2 and 7 are best for the sign of Cancer. Any numbers that add up to these two numbers are also great and increase their chances of success. For example, the number 11 is great (adding up to 2) and the number 34 (adding up to 7). As you can see, there are many numbers they can work with!

Why Is Your Lucky Number Important?

The Numbers 2 & 7 are special to Cancer; they should be used as often as possible to increase & attract positive events for this sign.

How to Make the Most of Your Lucky Number

Cancerians can use any numbers adding up to 2 & 7 when, for example, playing the daily lotto to choosing their all-important home to live, or when they want t pick the best date to start something important. They can also simply use the single digits 2 & 7 if they prefer.

Cancer Lucky Colours and Gems

In addition to the Cancer Horoscope Lucky Numbers, there are colours and gems that work really well to increase the fortune of the Cancer. Their lucky colour is silver or blue, and their lucky stone is Moonstone.

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Date: Nov 14, 2018
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