Leo Lucky NumbersLeo is symbolised by the Lion, and like these powerful animals, they possess a great deal of pride and strength. They are often very warm, sunny and optimistic, and in Astrology, they are the signs that can be the most successful in life.

This sign may be stubborn at times, willful and determined. They love to be the very centre of attention, and they command respect and authority. Leos make excellent leaders and managers and are very king/queenlike.

They may not always need luck, but let us see what special horoscope lucky numbers, colours, and gems may help them attract more fortune into their lives:

Leo Lucky Numbers:

Any numbers adding up the number 5 can be very lucky for the Leo. For example, 23, 41 or 50 is great for these signs. The number 1 is also extremely lucky for this fire sign who loves to be first in everything.

Why Is Your Lucky Number Important?

The numbers 1 and 5 are very specific and unique to the sign of Leo and should be used as often as possible to increase & attract positive events for this sign and give them greater success.

How to Make the Most of Your Lucky Number

If the Leo uses these numbers above to play the daily lotto, or to choose a house number, or even to customize a number plate, they can increase their chances of luck. They may also pick dates with these numbers to start a new venture that they want to be successful, such as opening a business.

Leo Lucky Colours and Gems

In addition to Leo Horoscope Lucky Numbers, there are colours and gems that benefit the Leo and help them to increase their chances of positive benefits. The colour that the Leo should wear is Gold, and the gem that they get the most luck from is the royal Ruby.

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Date: Nov 14, 2018
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