Top 3 Black Magic Spells – Find a REAL SpellCaster

Top 3 Black Magic Spells – Find a REAL SpellCaster
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woman black magicWhat is black magic? The traditional definition is the use of supernatural powers, magic or spells for selfish or evil purposes. They are spells that are cast to benefit the witch, wizard or mage casting them without regard for the well-being of others, or alternately specifically in order to cause others harm.

Black magic, or dark magic, is sowing chaos and destruction. It includes things like revenge spells, some types of voodoo, satanism, and devil-worship.

There is some discord over the definition, with some people arguing that the “left-hand path” definition of black magic was distorted or confused by people who wanted to label magic that they did not approve of morally as wrong. In order to understand this better, let’s take a look at white magic and the differences.

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Black vs white magic

The definition of black magic is viewed in contrast to white magic, which is a benevolent form of magic used to benefit the greater good. White magic has been incorporated into the religion of Wicca which follows the Wiccan Rede. This Wiccan Rede is a rule or a moral compass that generally states “An ye shall harm none, do what ye will.” This is a very general moral code and is the traditional standard of white magic.

What is white magic and Wicca?

Wiccans who practice white magic believe that any energy that is sent out into the world must not harm another person or thing’s free will. Any magic that seeks to manipulate another and force them into any kind of behavior that they did not choose, would go against this code. This includes many love spells and binding spells, even though they may not seek to actually harm anyone. This is because, for example, a spell that forces someone to fall in love with you, would be disregarding what that person wants for him or herself.

The Law of Threefold Return

three wooden crossesAdditionally, Wiccan white magic incorporates the “Law of Threefold Return.” This law states that any energy that is sent out into the world will return to you threefold. It outlines many unintended consequences that spell casting may have, whether white or black magic.

Imagine for a minute that you cast an innocent spell to get a promotion at work. White magic would advise you to be careful, because if that spell causes someone else who was in line and perhaps more deserving of that promotion to not get it, then you have indirectly caused another harm!

Therefore, white magic will advise the spell caster to rather cast spells of attracting general abundance into your life. Additionally, a white magic spell would allow you to send someone your love in a love spell, which could, in turn, result in them thinking of you in a new and positive light. But it would not force them into any action that they did not desire or choose.

Black magic, or dark magic, on the other hand, does not follow these tenets of Wicca. White magic practitioners would already consider a protection spell that binds someone who is hurting you away from you as unacceptable because their free will has been restricted and negative magic of that spell will be returned to you three-fold. They believe the spell may result in the spell caster receiving that binding energy back in their own lives, multiplied.  Black magic would not prohibit such a spell.

Grey magic

grey mist pierTo confuse things even more, there are areas of grey magic. There are self-ascribed Wiccans who believe that the Law of Threefold Return actually allows you to return other’s energies to them threefold!

This means that if someone has wronged you, it is perfectly acceptable according to this law, to cast a mirror spell or reflective spell that would bounce this negative energy back to the person three times over. So even within the Wiccan religion itself, there are disagreements about where to draw the line between black and white, dark and light.

Curses, hexes and revenge spells

forbidden love candleFinally, there is magic which clearly seeks to hurt others for personal gain. From revenge spells to hexes to curses, any magic that causes injury or suffering to another intentionally would fall into the black magic category.

This includes spells to cause bad luck to befall someone or spells that bring illness upon another person, whether mental or physical affliction. Luciferian witchcraft or Satanic spells fall into this category. They are forms of dark magic that revolve around the Biblical figure of Lucifer, but the idea is basically the same.

Demonology, ritual magic, and Satanism

demon and girlDemonology is the study of demons and the means of controlling them. It is an advanced black magic practice that seeks to make a spiritual connection with demons in order to advance a personal agenda.

Ritual magic, or ceremonial magic, is a broad term used to describe High Magic that depends on complex ceremonies and necessary materials and supplies for casting spells and doing magical work.

Satanism or devil worship is another kind of black magic that maintains the belief that Satan is an actual deity or force that is revered and worshipped. Many Satanists practice magic via ritual, though it is not a requisite, much like with Wiccanism. Luciferianism can be seen as an offshoot of traditional Satanism. It is a belief system that venerates the characteristics commonly associated with Lucifer.

However, some Luciferians consider Lucifer as the “light bearer” the illuminated aspect of Satan, others argue that Lucifer is a more positive idea. Either way, these are belief systems which may incorporate black magic into their practice, much in the same way that Wicca incorporates white magic, although the core beliefs are quite opposite.

Folk magic and witchcraft

rune stonesWitchcraft is not a religion (as opposed to Wicca) and so there are no fast rules that a witch or wizard must follow. It is a practice that has grown out of folk magic and years of tradition. Although Wicca strives to create a code of conduct around the use of witchcraft, it is only one belief system. As we have seen, there are also many belief systems that incorporate black magic as their vehicle.

However, there are many old traditions of spell casting such as voodoo and folk magic that do not follow any belief system at all. In fact, witchcraft is a practice and does not require adherence to any religion.  There are many practicing witches who believe that spells affect others (of course they do!) and that spell casting is simply another tool in the toolbelt.

What we can all agree on is that the spell caster better be ready to accept the consequences of his or her actions. It is wise to do due diligence and this the repercussions of a spell through before casting it. Some witches will even use divination to illuminate possible outcomes and unforeseen consequences.

But in the case of dark or black magic, this is for practical reasons rather than moral ones. If you cast a strong love spell on someone and then you decide you actually don’t like them very much, you might be stuck with a very persistent paramour!

Black magic spells

I will share some basic black magic spells below, but remember, never try these on your own! As we discussed earlier, these spells are very powerful and should only be practiced by a serious, professional spell caster, if at all. Sometimes we really have a powerful negative force in our lives that needs banishing. Perhaps you yourself are the victim of a curse or hex and need powerful dark magic to remove it.

kasamba logoSome spells removal may require a foray into the dark side, but never try this on your own! To learn more about dark or black magic, and if these kinds of spells might be necessary for your survival, reach out to one of our trusted advisors. At Kasamba you can speak with a professional and get the guidance you need without running the risk of causing yourself even greater problems down the road.

And for those of you who want to learn more, even if you are a practicing white witch, it is important to understand black magic, even if you decide not to use it. Here is a beginner black magic spell. These two spells are from the Free Witchcraft Spells site. Feel free to check out more!

Darkness Dreaming spell

darkness dreamingThis beginner black magic spell causes another person to have nightmares and trouble sleeping.

Materials and supplies:

  • Large clear glass
  • Pure water (rainwater is best)
  • Black ink
  • Black candle

Timing: Anytime you have privacy and solitude without distractions. For gathering dark energies, nighttime is most effective, as well as the dark moon.

Spell casting:

  • Fill the glass with water and light the candle
  • Set the glass of before the lit candle
  • Focus your dark energy as you watch the flame through the glass of water
  • Drip 3 drops of black ink into the water and watch it dissipate
  • Chant the following:

Darkness falls and darkness flows
Wonder what a dreamer knows?
Fear and pain and things that scare,
Magick brings [person’s name] a nightmare.

  • Drip one drop of ink on the tip of your left index finger.
  • Repeat the chant again.
  • Touch the inked finger to the water, and repeat the spell chant for the third time.
  • Leave the water overnight

Jinx spell

black ink waterA variation of the bad luck spell, this beginner black magic spell causes just a little unfortunate luck to befall someone. It works best on a specific event that may be coming up for your victim such as a job interview, date, or exam.

Materials and supplies:

  • Piece of white paper
  • Black marker
  • A dead leaf

Timing: Anytime you have privacy and solitude without distractions. For gathering dark energies, nighttime is most effective, as well as the dark moon.

Spell casting:

  • Draw a pentagram on the paper with the marker
  • Focus your energies on the person you are targeting and the specific “thing” you want to jinx
  • Set the leaf above the top point, and say “I jinx your [whatever], [name]”
  • Use visualization to manifest the jinx
  • Move the leaf to the next point (going clockwise), say the statement again as you draw over the pentagram with the marker.
  • Do this for all 5 points, so your leaf ends up back at the top point again.
  • Say it again, then fold up the paper along with the dead leaf in the middle.
  • You can bury or burn the leaf when you want the spell to end

For more black magic spells, check out this site of free witchcraft spells. But remember, dark magic can be dangerous, not just to the target of the spell but also to the person casting. It is best to stick to white magic spells and consult with a professional either to do the casting for you or at least to check for unintended consequences.

Experienced spell casters have learned the hard way how unintended consequences can surprise us! We might have innocent intentions and wind up with a mess on our hands. And if we are dabbling in the dark arts to try to solve a problem, we might just end up worse than before.

Study on sisters and brothers! The more we learn, the more experienced we become. Enjoy your journey and comment below. We would love to hear from you about these spells or any new ones you may be writing. And if you ahve any questions about this content or other, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Pros of black magic

  • Powerful magic
  • Spell removal
  • Banish evil entities
  • Remove hexes, reverse curses

Cons of black magic

  • Considered morally wrong by many
  • Can backfire via Law of Threefold Return

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