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We often hear about white magic and black magic, but what is the difference? Basically, the distinction revolves around the ethics of spell casting and there are some general rules of thumb that can help you to determine what makes a white spell.

White magic is for the benefit of humanity and seeks to uplift the energies to resonate at a higher frequency. Do you want to use spell casting to transform your life, but don’t want anyone or anything to get hurt? Then you might be a white witch.

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What is white magic?

  • For the greater good
  • Not selfish
  • Doesn’t manipulate others

A very simple definition for white magic is – spells that are cast for the greater good and not for selfish purposes. These spells use positive energy, love and the sacred respect for Mother Nature. Wicca and white magic are almost interchangeable because they are both based on the same principles, although Wicca is a religion, whereas white magic is a kind of magic making. All Wiccans do not cast spells, and not all witches who practice white magic, consider themselves members of the Wiccan religion. However, they do uphold the same core beliefs.

Why is white magic associated with the color white? Basically, it comes from a long, long history of associating white with good and black with evil. These correlations come from days when the dark night was a dangerous and frightening place. The absence of light brought fear and trepidation. In the same way that we associate red with love or green with abundance, many of these color relationships stem from things in nature.

White magic vs black magic

If white magic is the magic of good, then black magic is often regarded as evil magic, magic such as voodoo and satanism. It is spell casting that is used to pursue selfish motives without regard to how it affects others. The term is quite broad, and many people simply use it to describe magic that they think is morally unacceptable.

White magic creates positive energy to grow, support and uplift. Black magic is destructive, taking energy away. It creates chaos and serves the purposes of the spell caster. But these definitions are also hotly disputed. You can read more about black magic and its different definitions and throughout history and various traditions.

The white witch’s code

girl nature white magicHere is a list of principles that embody white magic and the white witch practicing white magic.
You can read more at about Wiccan and white magic best practices at 8 Habits of a White Witch!

  • She Respects Nature: Nature and the elements are fundamental to white magic. With a devotion to the elements around us, from the smallest ant to the largest mountain, the white witch respects nature and life.
  • She Casts White Magic Spells: A white witch will take the time and care to be certain that the spells she casts are well within the realm of white magic. Because she follows the tenet of “An ye shall harm none,” she will take the time to study the possible outcomes of her actions and practice.
  • She Knows the Value of Silence: meditation and taking space for solitude, reflection and centering is very important
  • She Clears Her Energy: white witches are often empaths who are very susceptible to absorbing the energies around them, whether good or bad! A good practice for any white witch is to clear your energy regularly through sage or copal cleansing, meditation and release.
  • She Recognises the Divine All Around Her: white magic respects the divine of everything in our universe. From the glimmer of the moonlight on the ocean to the unfurling of a leaf, the divine is all around us.
  • She Acknowledges Personal Responsibility: a witch practicing white magic takes responsibility for the law of threefold return.
  • She Respects the Beliefs of Others: a white witch is not judgmental and allows all living beings the freedom to choose their own path. It is the only way that we give all living things equal respect.
  • She Knows That She’s Just Human: while taking the time and care to follow the practices of white magic, a white witch understands that she may not always see the full consequences of her actions before taking them. With a strong heart and an effort to improve, the white witch will never stop learning and growing. She must love herself as she loves the world.

Is it a white magic spell?

A starting point for determining if a spell is white is by looking at the Wiccan Rede. This wisdom outlines the central tenet of the Wiccan faith and Wiccan spells LINK. ‘An’ it harm none, do what ye will.’

Fundamentally this means that so long as your actions don’t harm other people or things, you can act as you will. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation though, so let’s take a closer look and dig a little deeper into what this might mean.

Maybe you are thinking about casting a love spell to make your Ex come back to you. Well, you are certainly not trying to hurt your lost love, so this must abide by the Wiccan Rede, right? The answer is probably not.

When you cast a spell that impinges on someone’s free will, like making them come back to you when they had already chosen to leave, you are manipulating them to do something you want. This is not what is necessarily best for them and could possibly cause them harm. This kind of spell would not pass the smell test for a white magic spell.

How to keep your spells white

butterfly white magic

  • Cast spells on yourself
  • Only cast spells on others with their consent
  • Add ‘An it harm none’

What you could do instead, is send your lost love beams of your love and light. This might prompt them to remember you and feel your love again, and perhaps it would cause them to reach out to you if they miss you. However, it would be totally in their control and would not impinge on their free will at all. And if they still didn’t want to be with you, receiving love cannot harm them.

But you still have to be careful here. What if you broke their heart and receiving your love and memories brings up past hurts and pain and causes a rift in their current relationship? This would no longer be considered white magic because it does not follow the rule of harming none.

The absolute safest way to make sure a spell is white is if you cast the spell on yourself and it only affects yourself, or if you cast a spell on someone with their full permission and that spell only affects that person. For example, spells of protection will not harm others, they will only protect the person within its reach. Spells of healing also are typically considered white magic so long as they are cast with full consent.

Spells that are not specifically targeted at one individual (unless it’s yourself) are also generally safer, as well as spells that are broader. Casting a spell to attract abundance to yourself is a pretty safe way to bring prosperity into your life. Casting a spell for a promotion at work, however, could result in harming someone else if that promotion should have gone to them but you meddled with the natural order of things and it came to you instead.

White spells also often will specify in the spell itself ‘an’ it harm none’ at the end of the spell. It’s just one more way of covering your tracks in case you overlooked something! If your intentions are pure and you specify no harm in your spell, you are probably safe within the realm of white magic.

Spells that are not white magic

Revenge spells LINK and curses are definitely not following the code of white magic. Even though it may be tempting to make someone pay for something terrible that they may have done, try to look at it from another side. Did someone mistreat you in a relationship and make you feel bad about yourself?

Instead of casting a revenge spell on them, how about you cast a spell of attracting true love into your life? Perhaps you will attract someone who makes you feel so good about yourself that you can put all of those terrible memories behind you and move on happily. There is always a way of addressing a problem or situation from another angle while staying true to the Wiccan Rede.

Another tenet of Wicca that can guide you is the Rule of Threefold Return. This rule says that any energy you put out into the universe will return to you threefold. Therefore, if you send love into the universe, it should return to you threefold! But if you send anger or greed out into the universe, it will come back at you to hurt you. Imagine every bit of energy you send out being magnified and bounced right back at you. Are you happy with the results? If the answer is yes, you are probably working with white magic.

The downsides of white magic

How could something so noble be dangerous? How can someone who is working selflessly only toward the greater good be dangerous? We are all human, and even in noble efforts, the right-hand path of white magic can lead to problems. Here are a few:

  • Ego inflation: being so focused on doing good can lead people to forget their place. They can begin to see themselves as saviors whose work is more important than others’ because it is righteous. To be true to white magic, the ego must always remain in check.
  • Spiritual arrogance: once again, be careful of being better than others. Just because other’s pursuits may not be as ‘pure’ as those practicing white magic, humility must remain a central tenant. White magic is only white if it remains humble and selfless.
  • Cultism: an even worse result of ego inflation and spiritual arrogance is that people can come together and become arrogant in groups!
  • Taking on too much: the goal of healing the world and bringing benefits only to the rest of humanity can become overwhelming. Is it our work to solve world hunger? End all wars? We must remember that even though we practice white magic, we are only human.
  • Spiritual bypassing: another negative side effect of spiritual elitism is the sudden belief that the practice of white magic is the solution to everything! We still need doctors and hospitals and we still need to live in the real world. White magic cannot become the solution to all problems, bypassing real-world practical issues with philosophical and spiritual declarations.
  • Polarity: extremism of any kind can be dangerous left unchecked. So, even in the pursuit of harming none, we can become judgmental and oppositional to those that do not follow our teachings. Anyone who is not purely white becomes bad. This is not true to the selflessness and non-judgment that white magic espouses.

If you feel that you want to bring white magic into your life to effect positive change, but aren’t sure that you have enough knowledge and experience to be sure you don’t stray into the domain of black or even grey magic, then reach out to a spells advisor for guidance.

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Pros of white magic

  • Can bring positive change into your life
  • Will not harm others
  • Will benefit the greater good while you are at it!

Cons of white magic

  • Negative consequences if not practiced correctly
  • Be careful of spiritual arrogance or cultism