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November 2018


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


With fiery Mars, the planet of energy and action through the 15th, there’s not much you can’t accomplish during the first 2 weeks of the month.  Add in a trine aspect between Mars and Venus on the 9th and it’s not hard to imagine you coming across a lucky break – particularly in the financial part of your chart.  The main thing to do this month, especially with a Full Moon shining on your fellow air sign of Gemini on the 23rd is to pay attention to your intuition. When you feel lucky, go for it.  When your gut tells you to put the cosmic brakes on, do so.


Speaking of the Full Moon on the 23rd which transits your 5th house of romance, creativity and self-fulfillment, November is definitely a month when you should focus on making yourself as happy and fulfilled as you can possibly be.  Doing the things you love to do – solo or with your other half – is in your stars for the month. November is a nice mix of fire and air energy for you Aquarius, with Venus setting up shop in your fellow air sign of Libra mid-month. Make sure you read up on my LoveScopes for the month to find out more!


The 16th looks to be a mixed bag day for you Aquarius.  If you can manage it, laying low at home, bingeing on Netflix shows and even going as far as turning your mobile off would be the best way to spend this day when Mercury the planet of clear thinking goes out of phase in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship and you bid adieu to Mars the planet of energy.  Many of you could feel deflated and something you have been really looking forward to could be delayed or put off completely. Luckily you are a resilient person and after a day or two of licking your wounds you will be back on top and ready to go again!

Your Lucky days in November – 2, 9, 14 & 22

Your not so Lucky days in November – 7, 16, 19 & 28

Friend – Libra

Foe – Scorpio




October 2018


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


In what could be the biggest retrograde news of the year, Venus, the Goddess of love and money goes out of phase October 5 – November 16.  In your 10th house of career and higher-ups, this could have most of you feeling the need to retrace your steps with regards to a recent career decision.  If you left one job to start another and are now having second thoughts, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that you will be able to go back with ‘cap in hand’ and get your old job back.  Or at least get back into the good graces of the company – even if you have to start from the bottom up all over again.


Venus out of phase in your 10th house also targets your social status zone.  You could fall out of favour with a friend or more than one friend over the next 6 weeks.  It could be a disagreement over money as Venus rules money as well as love. Added into the cosmic mix is the presence of passionate Mars in your sign, your 1st house of ego and personality.  You’ve never needed any help being exactly who you are – an original for sure. So with assertive Mars on duty, your personality might just be cranked up a little bit too much. If you feel that you are coming on ‘too strong’ in some way, slow your roll Aquarius.  No one likes overbearing people or bossy boots!


October 11 Mercury the planet of communication sets up his workshop in Scorpio as well – joining up with Venus in your career zone.  Once again it’s vital that you think before you speak at work and if there are major differences of opinion, be open to changing your mind or at least ‘agreeing to disagree’ Aquarius.  


A Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th transiting your 4th house of home and family will inspire you to get the ‘clan together’.  If you haven’t seen certain family members and friends that are like family in some time, it’s a wonderful date to get everyone together for a feast!  Or some good take out! Just make sure you give people plenty of notice of your plans. Venus retrograde is sure to play havoc with any and all social plans.


Your best October days are: 6, 13, 22 & 24

Your challenging October days are: 5, 11, 23 & 31

Friend: Gemini

Frenemy: Scorpio


September 2018


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)



Get out there and whoop it up early in the month Aquarius.  Especially if it’s with someone you are super attracted to and excited about seeing.  Leos and Librans are perfect play partners for you this month Aquarius. Even if it means having to take a sick day or a personal day it will be well worth it. The 3rd is the perfect date for doing something you love to do with someone you love to do it with.  


Venus the Goddess of love and money sets off for intense and often relentless Scorpio on the 9th, putting her in your 10th house of higher ups and career related people.  You will definitely be more concerned and adamant about getting whatever it is you want from those above you at work, but you can handle that. Keep in mind that Superpower Mars moves back into your sign on the 10th where he remains through mid-November.  It’s time for you to work every and any connections you have and your friends have. Luckily with Venus in your career zone your coworkers will be so charmed they won’t realize they’re doing your bidding until it’s already done.


Dutiful, responsible Saturn will finally move direct on the 6th in your past karma and secrets zone.  If you are feeling guilty about something and haven’t yet made amends, you will need to do that sooner than later.  Especially if you want to be able to relax and sleep! On the other hand, someone who has upset you in some form or another could very well come forward this month and try to fix things. It will be up to you how to receive them.


Your Lucky September days: 7, 11, 19 & 27

Your not so Lucky September days: 6, 18, 25 & 30

Friend: Gemini
Foe:  Scorpio



August 2018

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Don’t bank on any plans you make before the 19th to actually happen Aquarius.  With Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking retrograding in your one on one relationship zone, the chances of everyone being available and coming together is slim to none.  Some of you will be all set to do something fun when a work matter/crisis occurs and fun is off the table for the time being. Save your plans for later in the month when Mercury moves direct.


This Mercury retrograde period, although only the usual 3 weeks will seem to go on and on as it’s in flashy Leo, the sign that doesn’t like to be restrained in any way.  If you’ve been having major misunderstandings with the people in your life, this is the reason why. Try not to ‘fix things’ before Mercury moves direct or it could backfire bigtime.  The 25th is the best day of the month – not only for you but for every other sign. It’s a day to meditate, be patient, be kind and thoughtful.


The next day, the 26th, a Full Moon in Pisces will light up your 2nd house of personal finances, urging you to take a long hard look at a financial situation that you might have been letting someone else deal with.  On further inspection, it could be an issue with your financial advisor or accountant who has led you astray in some way. Make sure you focus on what’s been going on and if you need to course correct your money trail, this is the time to do so.  


Your most rewarding August days: 14, 19, 25 & 29

Your most unrewarding August days: 1, 8, 11 & 16







July 2018

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


The first week of the month a Sun-Jupiter aspect and an emotional Moon in Aries will see you surrounded by fiery, interesting people.  You won’t be bored at all which is perfect as there is nothing more you hate than being bored and uninspired. However you could use a bit of downtime to enjoy the people around you – so if you can take a long weekend the first weekend of July, that would be great.


Thinking of storming/walking out of your job and never looking back?  That’s the power of aggressive and action oriented Mars in your sign – even in retrograde mode.  For some of you, this has been coming for some time – and if you feel as if you simply can’t stand it a minute more, the Solar Eclipse/New Moon July 12 could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Just make sure you have a Plan B, C and D ready to go if you do decide to ditch your 9-5, or go into business for yourself. You have the drive and determination to make a go of self-employment at this time.


Avoid the 24th to tell someone something you’ve been deliberately holding out on telling Aquarius.  Keep in mind that communicator Mercury is going out of phase the last week of the month through August 19.  While you might be trying to clarify something that is confusing to both yourself and others, there is wisdom in waiting until Mercury moves direct and then dealing with it.  Words can be weapons after all.


Your lucky days in July:8, 13, 22 & 28

Your unlucky days in July:1, 9, 16 & 27
Friend: Gemini



June 2018

With the Sun and communications master Mercury spending time in your self-fulfillment and creative zone this month, along with a New Moon in the same part of your chart on the 13th, this is set to be one of most fun and enjoyable months for you Aquarius. If you are dead set on starting something creative this is the time to do it (like writing a book or learning a new language). Mars the planet of motivation and stamina spend most of the month in your sign before turning retrograde on the 26th where he will remain through the 27th of August. This will give you time to backtrack and play catch up on something you may have put in the ‘too hard’ basket of late.

Early in the month the Pisces Moon could make it tough for you to see things clearly financially. Don’t commit to spending money you don’t have or spending money on something you’re unsure of. You might even need to consult a financial advisor in order to figure things out rationally and without any sort of need for you to plunk down your hard earned cash.

More money matters with Neptune the planet of illusion stopping in her tracks in your 2nd house of money and self-esteem on the 19th where he will stay retrograde through late November. Steer clear of committing yourself and signing things that might come back to ‘haunt you’ in the future Aquarius. If you do have to sign something or make promises that might not be able to be broken you’re better off to keep stalling and biding your time a much as you can..

Your best days:7, 11, 17 & 27
Your worst days:6, 9, 22 & 30

Last Month’s Horoscope for Aquarius

May is definitely going to be a fun month for you, with Venus the planet of love and relationships in Gemini, your 5th house of self-fulfillment and creativity. While you are in the mood to play and have fun, be careful not to shirk your responsibilities or be late for work or obviously tired at work. Or calling in sick one too many times. Your co-workers won’t miss a trick!

If you’re financially strapped right now, don’t refuse help from anyone who offers a loan or financial help. Don’t let your pride get in the way of accepting money – especially from a good friend or family member. Who knows? Somewhere down the line you might be able to help them out financially too.

If you have something that is a secret or of a sensitive nature, don’t trust just anyone with this information. You have to think about sharing this information with someone you know will ‘take it to their grave’. If you feel that you can’t trust anyone at this time, hang onto your secret just a little bit longer Aquarius.

Motivator Mars the planet of action and ‘just do it’ takes up residence in your sign mid-month, remaining there though mid-November (going in and out of retrograde mode in the months between). Mars will help you kickstart any and all projects and you will feel energized and much more in control about certain things in your life. Mars can make you aggressive and over eager as well, so watch for that Aquarius.

BEST DAYS: 11, 16, 22 & 29
WORST DAYS: 5, 7, 16 & 28

Also see monthly LOVE horoscope for Aquarius.

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